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Are You Not Tired of "Call-In Shows" of Vladimir Putin with People?

Are You Not Tired of "Call-In Shows" of Vladimir Putin with People?
Alexander Golovenko 21.12.2010

Carrying out of "call-in shows" with V.Putin after his leaving presidential post more and more reminds me an aphorism: it is necessary to talk a lot, when there's nothing to say. It was announced that "Talk with Vladimir Putin" will take place. Not as with the chairman of the government, so one shouldn't wait for the yearly report on work. And not with the chief of "Edinaya Russia" that at least will mean reaction to the words of the president about outlined political stagnation and unreasonable domination of "sweet party". No, all these themes were meaningly avoided. Questions should be addressed to citizen Putin. That is to the private and, hence, to a certain extent, irresponsible person.

Then there's a question: who will pay for next translation lasting many hours on the air of two TV channels and three private radio stations? It seems it will be again done for the state account? More precisely, at the expense of the tax bearer and I, for example, don't agree with it.

Firstly, it's not clear, why this "historical meeting" again will be carried out during working hours - from 12 o'clock in the afternoon, when a great bulk of people works, studies at schools, institutes. What's its audience?

Secondly, I consider, free of charge air provided to to the private person Putin abuse of position from his part. It will be much more useful to give millions spent on organization of translations to orphans of children's homes and old men.

Thirdly, this fake meeting with indispensable "distribution of sweets" neither I, nor my neighbors, friends and acquaintances, people in the whole haven't ordered. Last time "Vladimir Putin" made public speech on December, 3rd. In the night on December, 5th there was big fire in Perm brothel "Lame Horse". According to the president Medvedev, it became consequence of general "slovenliness" reigning in the country. At that it reached such scale that became already "national threat". These words contained as well estimation of "Vladimir Putin's" flows of words, result of his 8-year reign on presidential throne and to year stay on the post of the prime minister.

I'd like to remind that "Lame Horse" carried away lives of 156 people, 80 people became invalids... People at once forgot about "call-in show" with citizen Putin. It also fired in the flame of slovenliness.  

I remember only one phrase, say, if all criminals imprison, who will work. If you need comments?

The most curious is that we already don't wait from Vladimir Vladimirovich any answers to painful questions. Actually we don't even wait for any actions. It seemed after deaths of people in the Perm night tavern and presidential blast of "power vertical" order will be put in all spheres. Alas, good words remained words.

Two explosions which carried away lives of 40 passengers thundered in Moscow underground on March, 29 as a result of "slovenliness" of special services. At that one of them took place under the staff of FSB - in underground station "Lubyanka". What conclusions were made by Vladimir Putin and the president? It turns out none, for no one was punished for deaths of people, no one removed from his post, no one degraded from generals in lieutenants. Why? Whether we would as little children wait for the answer through "call-in show"?

The answer is known beforehand - the answer's a lemon.

After two explosions of methane in the night of May, 9th the Kemerovo mine "Raspadskaya" became communal grave for 90 miners. 17 bodies (just think!) aren't lifted from blockages and aren't committed following Christian custom to earth till now. At that whether it was not mister Putin who forbade the speaker of the State Duma Gryzlov to create the parliamentary commission for investigation of the accident? Though it was demanded three Duma fractions twice. So, - now "Vladimir Putin" will tell to us why after the tragedy no one from owners of the mine hasn't been punished, prosecuted, no exhaustive measures on safety of miner's work haven't been taken?

Or, maybe, Vladimir Vladimirovich will tell, under whose dictation he pushed through the State Duma "Forestry Code" which, according to experts, became one of the main reasons of big fires captured last summer the central part of Russia? There was utter heat in Belarus but none village was on fire there and not a single person died afire of "slovenliness". Here - 60 people.

Why nobody took responsibility for death of inhabitants of burned down villages. As well as for death of 75 workers and employees who died as a result of chubajs's as well slovenliness on Sayano-Shushenskaya HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.

In the call of duty I saw, likely, all V.Putin's "call-in shows" with people. I never saw sincerity, care of simple worker, pensioner, student. Slyness and subterfuges - its his trade dress.

To take, for example, Housing Code scandalously pressed through the State Duma. It deprived of citizens of a constitutional law on free habitation. Now they can get it only under extortionate quotations and through mortgage servitude. Started up at gallop «housing reform» meant one thing - annual impetuous and unpunished increase of the rent by 20-25%. As though it's not we who give oil and gas to Europe but on the contrary. After New Year we again should wait for rent jump ...

Unless it is possible to wait for the fair answer to question from "Vladimir Putin": when this robbery will stop? Thus, according to Vladimir Vladimirovich, every time it turns out that the next robbery is created for the sake of our blessing. It is counted up by experts that under the reign of "the national leader" our country got 1-2 place in the world on the use of heroin, abortions, teenage suicides and prostitution, homeless and consequently staying without education "guttersnipes". As well as on sale of children-orphans in the USA and other countries under the pretext of the international adoption. The number of children-orphans stably keeps on a mark of 750-800 thousand. The number of homeless children is more than after Civil and World wars.

ANother acute pain: having no active service Commander in Chief Putin started the Second Chechen war, apparently, having no representations about its consequences. The Chechen Republic, maybe, became pacified by huge financial injections but almost all North Caucasus is on fire. Explosions thunder there almost every day, people die. Attempts at the first persons of republics - ordinary everyday life. "Death notices" from there go across all Russia. The country feels consequences of this slaughter-house action every day.

Vladimir Vladimirovich! You are making war prime minister. Can you report, when war in the North Caucasus will come to the end? After all it lasts already 16 years. 4 World Wars.

... Whether casually or purposely the following question filtered through chorus of the rehearsed questions during last teleshow: say, whether you, our dear VVP, are going to leave politics?

You won't live to it - the last quickly reacted.

Again playful hint that in 2012 he can apply for the main post of the Kremlin again. I thought: may be it's high time for Vladimir Vladimirovich to calm down at last? To continue playing the piano in solitude. The more so, as last year one analyst noticed, all Russia under his sensitive management turned out into "Lame Horse" long time ago. It is possible to say - into a village Kushchevskaya.

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