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The Federation Council and Duma Confined Themselves by Next Appeal to Recognize

The Federation Council and Duma Confined Themselves by Next Appeal to Recognize

The Council of Federation unanimously accepted appeal to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with the request to recognize independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As "Gazeta.ru" transfers referring to a telechannel "Vesty", 130 senators voted for the benefit of acceptance of the appeal, there were no one against or abstainers.

The speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov also expressed confidence that Duma would sign the corresponding appeal to the president Medvedev unanimously today. Anyway, the building on Ohotny Ryad is surrounded on perimeter by OMON agents, employees of patrol and inspection service are also on duty. As employees of patrol and inspection service informed in informal conversations, militia is afraid of non-authorized actions from the part of pro-Georgian active workers. It's the true attribute that someone oustanding - either the president, or prime-minister - will arrive to Duma.

Let's remind that the State Duma once with so much pomp accepted similar appeal to the president. In March the deputies recommended the president to consider "an opportunity of acceleration of objective process of sovereignization of Abkhazia and South Ossetia up to recognition of their independence according to the will of the population".

Official recognition of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia is necessary for the Kremlin to prove the stay of the Russian armies there. The matter is that peacemakers can be in a zone of the conflict only in case of mutual consent of the parties, that is including approval of Georgia. Meanwhile Michael Saakashvili already on the 12th of August declared denunciation of the agreement on accommodation of the Russian peace-making forces. Besides, the present status of peacemakers in Abkhazia and South Ossetia assumes that they stay there under aegis of CIS. However as soon as Georgia has left CIS, there are no bases for stay of peacemakers in the region, letting alone presence of "peacemakers" in the territories which never in general entered their mandate - for example, Poti.

From the point of view of international law recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia breaks a principle of territorial integrity of the sovereign state Georgia. Besides, there is resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations on situation in Abkhazia where it is written that the conflict should be solved at observance of the principle of territorial integrity of Georgia. Most likely, it's impossible to wait for recognition from the United Nations, while for condemnation - more than probable.

It is obvious that the closest analogue of recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Russia will be a problem of Northern Cyprus. This part of Republic Cyprus proclaimed its independence unilaterally in 1983, nine years prior to it Turkey entered armies on the territory of Northern Cyprus having declared about necessity to protect the Turkish population of the island. Independence of Northern Cyprus was not recognized till now by anybody, except for Turkey which has its armies on the island according to the contract signed with authorities of self-proclaimed republic. The world community considers Turkish military presence in Northern Cyprus occupation. Safety Council of the United Nations on a regular basis accept resolutions calling the countries of the world not to recognize self-proclaimed republic of Turkish Cypriotes.

FORUM.msk already expressed skeptical attitude on a question of recognition by the Kremlin of independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. "The matter is not that we are against in a way recognition of independence - we, on the contrary, are strongly for it and we think that it was necessary to do it much earlier, - editor-in-chief of FORUMmsk Anatoly Baranov considers. - But we very much doubt that Moscow is really ready to recognize their independence, instead of continuing to speak about this independence indefinitely. Thus today both chambers of the parliament will accept the next appeal and then will forget about it till next time. Let me remind - only 3 days back all semi-official organ burst from delight on the occasion that on August, 25 the Federal Assembly would necessarily recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We've already been shamed for scepticism. 3 days passed and here you are - appeal... By the way, the committee of the State Duma on affairs of CIS already in March suggested the government of the Russian Federation to define the procedure of recognition of independence of unrecognized republics - things aren't moving. Still there is no procedure".

- The Kremlin diplomacy cornered itself with foolish and absolutely illegal procedure of issuing of the Russian passports to all interested persons, - Anatoly Baranov reminded. - Naturally all Ossetians and Abkhazians appeared to be interested. The fact that passports - phony and after a while the procedure of recognition of their invalidity will start is a separate question. We "simply pull the plug". Whom or what we are going to recognize now? We shall recognize independence of the Georgian territories (we officially recognized these territories not one time Georgian) for unknown bases occupied... by citizens of Russia! Legally it turns out that citizens of Russia have gathered in the Georgian territory and declared its independence from Georgia. Besides, some clear head pushed the Russian officials into the government of South Ossetia like my namesake from FSB of Mordovia. It's clear that Georgia will operate with these circumstances in the application to Safety Council of the United Nations, to the International court and so on.

"Though, I shall repeat it is necessary to recognize independence, - Anatoly Baranov said. - But illegality and absurdity of actions of the government of the Russian Federation will deligitimized both them and procedures which they carry out. In such situation appeal directly to people of Russia would be the only correct decision. But the Kremlin will not have the nerve to organize referendum on recognition, while to carry out referendum against the will of the Kremlin in Russia is impossible - it has already been proved to practice. It is necessary to address people through unique national representation - through National Assembly. Session of the Council of National Assembly will take place on August, 29, there I shall suggest to consider the problem of recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and appeal to the parliament and people of Georgia to admit obvious fact of exit of these territories from under jurisdiction of Tbilisi. Recently, if somebody recollect Lenin, it's made  in connection with his point of view on defeat of the Russian empire in imperialistic war, while nobody recollect about formulated Lenin the right of the nations to self-definition up to alienation. Let's be consecutive and shall recognize the right to alienate behind the nations on the fact of their obvious self-determination. Let's not help a mode in the Kremlin to get new colonies and half-colonies under covering of the uncertain status of such territories. The Kremlin needs "muddy water". While we need clearness and transparency".

- I shall bring only one example, - Anatoly Baranov ended. - Few people understand that having received the second passport with the Russian eagle, Abkhazians and Ossetians get also personal immortality. Certainly, on a paper and not in reality. In fact after the death of a person the passport is being handed over and "Certificate of Death" is given out to family instead. But it concerns only one passport, while the second continues to be kept in the family of the dead. Such things already happen during mass emigration of the Chinese in the USA when "immortals" were found in the Chinese quarters - using external for the Americans ("all as one person") the passport was transferred from father to the son or other relative. So, in a while Abkhazia can strongly improve demographic situation in the dying out Russia. Thus in fact these "dead souls" will continue to vote at elections of all levels including presidential elections of the Russian Federation. "Immortal" vote for Меdvedev!" Whether it's bad slogan?

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