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"Е... Russia" on Example of GOODBYELENIN Shows How It Carries out Elections

"Е... Russia" on Example of GOODBYELENIN Shows How It Carries out Elections

Offers on a burial place of the leader of proletariat Vladimir Lenin are private opinion of separate members of "Edinaya Russia" but it is not excluded that the party would further act with similar initiative. The head of central executive committee of "Edinaya Russia" Andrey Vorobyev informed about it today news agency RIA Novosti.


"It is the initiative of separate party members of Edinaya Russia. But it is actual in society", - Vorobyev said.


He noticed that the theme is being very widely discussed and the voting organized on a site the same results, as social researches carried out earlier.


A question "If you support idea of reburial of the body of V.I.Lenin?" is placed on Internet site goodbyelenin.ru. It is possible to answer "Yes" or "No". At present 257 thousand people voted. 69.73% from them supported Lenin's reburial, 30,27% - against.


"Now there is a discussion stage. It is difficult to say something definite. It is not excluded that there will be some initiative put forward. All the same it follows Christian customs and the logic of life, sooner or later it should happen", - Vorobyev told.


Vladimir Lenin died on January, 21st, 1924. Discussion about burial place of his body inflames in society practically every year on the threshold of memorable dates connected with the leader of revolution.


From editorial board: If it's not clear that all project "GOODBYELENIN" is pure and simple scam? That there's nothing to discuss here?


Let's start from registration. Here you are what data base of Rosniiros states:



created: 2011.01.21
paid-till: 2012.01.21
source: TCI

Everyone who dealt with site promotions will be astonished if he sees that domain which has been registered only on January, 21st by January, 24th was visited by already 257 thousand people!

Thus there are no traces of registration in news search systems on the site itself, there's nothing in general - almost empty page. Moreover, "Captcha" is such curve that it's impossible to type coded words either from the first, or from the second attempt - they are very curve. So, it's simply ridiculous.

It's clear that skilled functionaries of "Еdinaya Russia" are not in hurry to associate the party with such frank scam for suckers. Though they don't hurry to refuse they have anything to do with it - if the idea will receive "the highest approval".

Actually, they carry out elections the same way. All ideology of "controllable democracy" with inevitable result in 70% for "party in power" is being revealed with tremendous apparency on a voting example on "GOODBYELENIN".

Here you are situation with voting (one IP - one voice) on FORUM.mks which has been existing for already 12 years, not 3 days:

If it's necessary to reburial of the body of V.I.Lenin?:


No (780)


Yes (753)


Don't know (36)

The lay of things is quite dramatic but there's no saying about prevalence of one point of view over the other. The quantity of voted speaks at least about statistical reliability (one and a half thousand for a day), there are no hundreds thousand users unexpectedly rushing to vote on not the most, let's say, fatal question.

If you understand how voting turnout is being made? If no, "Еdinya Russia" goes to you.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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