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European Parliament Recognized the Soviet People As Executioner of the Ukrainians

European Parliament Recognized the Soviet People As Executioner of the Ukrainians

European Parliament recognized Holodomor as a crime against humanity and expressed sympathy to the Ukrainian people. It's stated in resolution of European Parliament approved at yesterday's session in Strasbourg. The majority of deputies of European Parliament voted "pro".

The resolution consists of two items. In the first item Holodomor is recognized as an awful crime against the Ukrainian people and mankind; such actions, in particular, against the Ukrainian peasantry which were accompanied by mass destructions of people and infringements of the rights and freedom are severely condemned; sympathy is expressed to the Ukrainian people which went through the tragedy of Holodomor and also the respect to those who died as a result of artificial famine of 1932-1933; there's also an appeal to the countries of the former USSR to open archives which had relation to Holodomor for carrying out of researches concerning organization of the tragedy.

In the second item of the resolution it's offered to charge the president of European Parliament to send the text of the resolution to the Council of EU, Eurocommission, the government and parliament of Ukraine, to the secretary general of the United Nations, the secretary general of OSCE and the secretary general of the Council of Europe.

Ukraine insisted on recognition of Holodomor as genocide against the Ukrainian people, however, formulation of the final declaration appeared more streamline. Similar situation was also on a question of recognition of genocide against the Armenian people.

Earlier the press-secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Kylylych notes that the question of Holodomor was examined not only within the framework of the United Nations. "The work is carrying out behind the scenes, the work is being carried out effectively", - he added.

From editorial staff: The most essential in the given question is that the Ukrainian diplomacy officially recognizes as it's paramount task to achieve recognition of Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people. That is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has no more important task than that. European Parliament in spite of the fact that practically all peoples of the USSR suffered from famine in the beginning of 30th years recognizes only the Ukrainians as victim of Holodomor.

Naturally if there is a people - victim, there should be a people - criminal. In spite of the fact that official Kiev convinces society that ostensibly only "bloody communistic mode" is exposed to condemnation, everybody realize which people from peoples of the former USSR will be immediately declared criminal as soon as the United Nations will make the final decision on Holodomor of the Ukrainian people. Well, as to the criminal people - it is possible not to make ceremonies with it.

But even if to pretend that we do not understand rural cunning of the official Kiev, then what do we have from recognition of 70 years of the Soviet authority - the same as 12 years of the Third Reich? Actually it means refusal of the greatest period in our history, recognition of an epoch of the first five-year plans - as the time of Gulag, great war - bloody massacre over heroes of URA, epoch of Gagarin and Korolev - gloomy period of Lavrenty Beria. There is no strain in it - everything is interconnected in our country, there is nothing separate that would be possible to separate and to show students. There is no Korolev without his youth spent in "fly-by-night" and without supervision of People's Commissar Beria over his project.

By the way, there are no "crimes of a bloody mode" without participation of the Ukrainians Khrushchev and Rudenko, Коsior and Chubar as well as the Georgians Stalin and Beria, Armenian Mikoyan, Jew Kaganovich. As there is no great victory without the Ukrainians Shtemenko and Ribalko, Pole Rokossovsky, Armenian Bagramjan. Or "people - criminal" is all multinational Soviet people?

Clearly, that is exactly the fat line which the European members of parliament would like to put under the Soviet period of history, their fathers and grandfathers courageously struggled in the ranks of SS and Wehrmacht and also of the Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Bulgarian and Croatian armies, not speaking about numerous ethnic parts and divisions being formed from the best sons of the Polish, Ukrainian and Baltic peoples. Both Oswiecim, Babi Yar, Trostenets and Salaspils remember their bright deed.

But how did descendants of mean invaders from the first, second and third Ukrainian fronts get there? Those whose grandfathers and fathers were noticed in bloody crimes against future countries - members of EU (Germany, Romania, Croatia) in Kiev and Odessa, Sevastopol and Kerch which "bloody mode" named cities - heroes? In fact they postponed on the whole half of a century introduction of Ukraine into Uniform Europe and Crimea - in the structure of Reich!

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk


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