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Biden Brought "Black Spot" for Putin With Him. As Well As a Label for Medvedev

Biden Brought "Black Spot" for Putin With Him. As Well As a Label for Medvedev
Anatoly Baranov 16.03.2011

Harry Kasparov in his blog on "Echo of Moscow" under the heading "Straight Talk in Spaso House" told what the vice-president of the United States Biden told the Russian oppositionists at a meeting:

"It is indicative that Biden despite necessity to attend lecture in the Moscow State University continued asking questions and in the end frankly informed us that during his meeting with Putin he told the last about inexpediency of promotion for new term. Russia, according to the American vice-president, was tired of Putin and that weariness would accrue and inevitably lead to the events similar to the ones occurred in the Arabian world. It is obvious that dynamics of these events forces the USA to begin revision of relations with all authoritative modes, including the Russian one. Stability of Putin vertical ceases to be a constant for the American foreign policy".

Kasparov can be anybody but he has two features:

- he always tries to tell truth, at least I never heard him being convicted of the return;

- he is one of the most sensible people in liberal camp owing to this fact it is impossible to imagine that he understood something in different way or misunderstood something.

That means that Biden told what he told.

The second thing - why did he tell it and why did he do it in this audience?

I think it is necessary to set aside just indignation that the question of promotion or non-promotion of "the national leader" is being solved not in the Kremlin but in the White House. Firstly, whether promotion unknown to all official from the Petersburg mayoralty occurred somehow publicly and democratically - he was just promoted and voted for without our participation. Why not to push him away the same way? Secondly, during the board of the "national leader" Russia has got stronger and has risen from knees to such an extend that promotion of the president directly by the White House can be perceived as obviously undeserved respect - in some "banana" republics of the former USSR the power question was solved at a level of the commander of brigade.

It was known even before Biden's visit that he should bring "black spot" for Putin. After he met Medvedev in the very day of arrival and Putin only next day it became clear in general who in the opinion of the White House would be quite suitable successor.

Though all this is just observations of the analysts, there are no proofs under it. Why the American administration did consider it necessary not simply to "bend" the Kremlin but also to make it publicly, that is to give such hint after which there couldn't be any doubts as to "who the master in the house".

Opinion of the Russian voter who as if doesn't like intervention from the outside in general and especially the American one also, probably, in a pointed manner interests nobody - either in the Kremlin, or beyond the seas. There's no such question "will they vote - or won't": it is simply surprising that Mr. Biden didn't meet Mr. Churov whose role in the near future would be much more significant, than of the president or the prime minister. He is after all the main executor of the will of "Washington Local Committee".

That is future mode in the Kremlin is seen by our American owners as clearly liberal and the same way distinctly pro-American up to the delight condition at representatives of the higher civilization. Approximately as it is in Georgia, where the names of the American presidents are used to name central streets.

Further we have the most interesting. It's possible to imagine Medvedev as exemplary Russian liberal - it is ridiculous but no more than that. But if "Edinaya Russia" will become the party of a new liberal course? If no, than what party? "Fair Russia Supporter" about which one prominent party member of Edinaya Russia in attack of frankness said: "They are like us, only even worse!" Or Zhirinovsky's party as though liberal one? Perhaps, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation? No, all it looks unsuitable but there are no other variants...

Perhaps, Mevedev will give tomorrow the go-ahead for registration of the party of Nemtsov-Milova-Ryzhkov? But then there appear the question at once: what do we need this Medvedev for? Three specified above together with Kasparov look much more attractively no matter from where to look at - from Washington or from Zadrishchensk.

It's mysterious story in general. Perhaps Biden made a leak purposely so that all united round Putin? It doesn't look probable. Perspective leader isn't humiliated. Well, after all it's true - Russia got tired of Putin and that weariness would accrue... But it's also bad to expose the new leader as the same puppet. Or it's already all the same: "Let sergeant-major serve you as Voltaire"?

Though we were already given sergeant-major...

It's even interesting to me how a person going in such situation on elections could feel himself, if he goes to vote for the appointee of Washington, no matter how he votes in reality.

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