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Today in the USA the Most Unfortunate President Is Elected

Today in the USA the Most Unfortunate President Is Elected
Semen Sladkov 05.11.2008

Voices are not counted up yet, the name of the new president - John or Barack - is not known yet but the fact that it's the most unfortunate for last hundred years President of the USA - penetrates into the minds of the increasing number of clever people.

They can say that there were even more unfortunate: John Kennedy was rascally killed... It's so but it took place on the third year of his presidency. While at the moment of election John Kennedy was the happiest of mortal. They say that when he arrived with the first official visit to Paris and went to the journalists, he said unforgettable phrase: "All of you know me well - I'm husband of Dzhekki Kennedy!" The hall howled from delight: there were Frenchmen there...

He could say so because there was a prospering country behind his back which promptly went upwards in all directions. All knew that, there was nothing to do but to be proud of the wife. While present Barack/John, no matter how proud he is of his wife, has no right to speck so: there is not simply financial crisis and not even financial trouble is before America - there is a precipice ahead of it which will reject the country 80 years back, to the epoch of the Great depression profound with wildness of the present American inhabitant.

While listening to speeches of both applicants an impression appears that both of them don't imagine dramatic nature of the situation and repeat: all will remain as it was till now...

The divide between them in words run in insignificant question: whether to leave the American armies in Iraq or to throw them to Afghanistan? If you remember, in Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" in the country of liliputians there were two political parties - "little-endians" and "big-endians". The first broke hard-boiled eggs from the sharp end, while the second - from the blunt one, that's all the distinction. Full analogy.

While when the question on acceptance of measures on rescue of the ruined banks appeared, both applicants were at one in thinking that a big chunk - 700 billion dollars - should be thrown into the chaps of the financial monster. It didn't help...

What will Barack/John do further? To create commissions, to call financial "gurus" to help, up to introduction of the state control and search for "a whipping boy"?

There is in our country big experience in searching for "a whipping boy" - both CIA, kikes, masons and "manipulators over consciousness" and Gorbachev with Yeltsin, in Ukraine - "Muscovites" and so forth. Actually the Soviet inhabitant is guilty!

Who is guilty in coming of Hitler to power in 1933 in Germany? The German inhabitant.

The same way in the USA the American inhabitant is guilty in forthcoming crash of the system! This American inhabitant lived unduly rich, consumed unreasonably much. And all this on the borrowed money...

There is an unsolvable task before the new President of the USA: to stop financial crisis - catastrophe the Americans should reduce consumption. And return debts at the same time... Or the new President of the USA returns debts to the creditors, first of all - to China. Then he would receive heavy cold war with own people. Or he refuses to pay these debts that can lead to hot war with China.

At that in 8 years, i.e. in two presidential terms China will rise to a level when its forces will be comparable with the American ones on the majority of parameters. Add to this actual de-industrialization of the USA, unemployment extending as forest fire and ruin of many funds.

Recently I spoke by phone with one acquaintance of mine from the USA. She swore bad words: "Thieves, robbers - I could have retire on pension because of age but 40% of my pension fund have vanished. While the credit for house hasn't been paid yet. It's necessary to work few years more. It is good, that they don't dismiss me!" That is a family of safe "average" Americans.

The American inhabitant should forget about life on credit and to pass into a mode of rigid economy. The Ukrainians are good now - they have already got used to a beggarly life: my native uncle receives military pension of 350 grivnas a month (45 euros), it's enough only for a porridge from marrows! (I can show you a briefing note).

The American inhabitant till now was not interested in such a detail as who and how provided him a high standard of living. Soon he will lose it... The first who will be accused of it will be his president. But even if the new President will not feel distressed for his grown poor citizens, a problem how to keep the country even in such condition, not to let it get lowered even more will rise before him.

Once wise F.D.Ruzvelt appeared in the same situation. Whether Barack/John will have enough wisdom?

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