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Quasi-elections and Quasi-state

Quasi-elections and Quasi-state
E.Kornilov 20.03.2011

Single voting day passed on March, 13th in Russia, elections in Legislative Assemblies of 12 regions took place within frameworks of this day. Regional elections which are for civilized countries rather considerable and discussed event in backward godforsaken Russia, I think, were noticed by few. At that election of R.Abramovich in Chukchi Regional Duma with result 93% became the most appreciable result of elections.

The number of odd fellows who followed a course of elections and worried about their results was even less. It's great achievement of our power: they are assured that all will pass like clockwork, thus concrete results of elections will not excite citizens of our country very much.


Why does event that is a subject of special concern of even not very active citizens in not very civilized countries (let's recollect actions in Moldova and Iran) mean practically nothing in Russia? Because in reality not elections but quasi-elections are being carried out in Russia - as though elections, pseudo-elections which mean NOTHING.

First of all, elections in Russia are extremely corrupted as well as everything that still breathes and moves in our country. We don't have true political parties, there are only quasi-parties where deputies are appointed by party leaders (Putin, Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, it is unimportant). I don't mention Core Russia which in general represents exotic mix of "rich Burattinos": deputies who have grown fat on lobbyism, officials and ministers - on tenders, governors and mayors - on kickbacks and "telestars", actors, sportsmen and others lured by them ...

Other parties as if exist but actually they "have no program" (because all the same they can't realize them) and struggle not for power (it's not present in Duma), they struggle for places in the sun in Duma.

Secondly, the State Duma, regional- and city Dumas as a matter of fact solve nothing. They don't have the right not only to form executive power but even control it. Parliamentary power is so defective that Putin in due time had to invent such "unknown beastie" as Public chamber. Naturally, it didn't help.

Thirdly, even the basic function of every parliament - legislative is being executive in Russia defectively. Dumas actually stamp decisions of the president, the prime minister and governors on places, sometimes bringing such amendments which make life of poor people even worse (let's recollect amendments of deputy Nazarov to the law on extremism).

Fourthly, a number of parties and their political focus mean nothing. If you remember, at Yeltsin the communists had the majority in the Duma for whole 5 years. What of it? At last, fifth point. There could be any other elections but quasi-elections in such state as quasi-state.

Well, it looks as if all attributes of statehood are present in Russia but all these are in such so perverted and corrupted view! The economy is based on the criminal-oligarchical property which confidently destroys the state industry, having transformed it into a raw appendage (according to Putin - "power superstate") of not only the West but also China.

There is president appointed by higher power and not admitted to the budget distribution. For this very reason he is compelled to shift time zones, to change bulbs, to cancel winter time, to rename militia into police, to call corrupted business for modernization of the rests of the collapsed economy for long, to think of the ungrateful people day and night...

There is also machinery of state administration called "power vertical" but it is corrupted wickedly: budget distributions, tenders and kickbacks became primary activity of ministers and officials, while governors and mayors are placed "on feed" to appease those who have placed them. They say, there's such ideology "sovereign democracy". A pair of thesis is its basis.

  • 1. There's prominent by its laconicism law formulated once by Minister of Finance Livshits: "It is necessary to share!"
  • 2. To steal little is dangerous in Russia. You can be caught and imprisoned.

Besides, there is also army and police. But martyred army isn't replenished with people for long (officers aren't necessary there, while soldiers run away), modernized police after certification all the same will continue its favourite business - protection racket. Courts and Office of Public Prosecutor are deprived of independence. In the corrupted state this element is absolutely not obligatory.

So, there is everything. Everything is present. But as though artificial. Because, it's impossible to keep real what in its core essence has such wild level of corruption without which state elements simply can't exist (bring away corruption - and everything will be ruined!). We exist in quasi-state where quasi-elections of quasi-president and quasi-parliament are being held, in quasi-state which passes such super-corrupted quasi-laws, where there's quasi-government and quasi-governors, quasi-courts and quasi-police ...

Only one thing is bad (bad or good - it's different for all). Quasi-elections and quasi-state based on wild corruption and generating boundless social stratification, poverty, lawlessness, political apathy of people inevitably create conditions for other forms of influence of people on power, inevitably generate PRESENT not quasi-resistance of populace. Let's recollect that in Egypt only recently for the party headed by Mubarak voted 90% of voters (from those who voted). Mubarak is far away now ...


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