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Pate de foie gras

Pate de foie gras
Alexander Majsuryan 18.05.2011

Outstanding figure of "Edinaya Russia", the founder of TV channel russia.ru Yury Gusakov declared: "The country is inhabited by beast-like crowd which simply couldn't be given chance to elect freely. This crowd should mumble in the horsebox instead of break clearness of my cozy conditioned office with their dirty hoofs. We have for this purpose "Nashi", "Young Guards" and other cattle-youth. If it's not clear that in case of free elections and equal access to mass-media some Movement Against Illegal Immigration or other nationalists will win? Now is not the time to run abroad, now is the time when "Nashi" and other sovereign dickheads marsh. The time to run will come when beast-like mass will be allowed to elect itself worthy power. Then I will be the first in the turn to the American embassy. While now everything's ok - it is possible to earn money, to bark at the Kremlin in LJ, to go everywhere. It is not necessary to change surname to the child from the Jewish to the Russian one so that he could enter the Moscow State University. Now we have full freedom. Simply one shouldn't take propagation personally. It's used not to fool us but to protect us from aggressive-stupid-poor mass which will devour everything if given a chance".

No, I don't want to call the author of these remarkable revelations "actual goose" as once one Gogol hero called the other. All the same it is pleasant to deal with frank enemies! While some listen to the governmental lies with open mouths and start seriously believing all this constitutional chatter that ostensibly "people - unique source of power in the Russian Federation".

At that very moment one of these very ruling ganders appears and full-blast gabbles:

- Not people rules in our country for it's - beast-like crowd! We - high flyers - rule here!

The most amusing is that exactly the same thoughts about people can be heard all day long from different sources - from moderate-liberal opposition. Like people is "cattle", "animal-like biomass", it's "aggressive-poor-stupid" and loves breathtakingly nationalists, it will "eat up all just give it chance".

Almost the same things took place, by the way, about century ago, in the beginning of XX century. The power didn't doubt that it's in Russia - "the only European", while people - Black-Hundred cattle. Liberals confidentially mutter in the ear of red revolutionaries:

- Believe us, we are also for progress, for constitution in the spirit but whether we can in general have equal suffrage, come to your senses! If this biped crowd will be given chance to vote, they would elect such bisons in the Duma, such monarchists-trashers that it would be impossible to breathe freely! They will organize not progress but such reaction - just hold on!

There was even a moment when under the influence of similar autohypnosis imperial power decided to lean against peasantry - it gave peasants a casting vote on elections to Duma. What did happen next? The Russian peasant immediately elected not monarchic and trashing but red and revolutionary second Duma - "The Duma of National Anger"!

The myth about reactionary-trashing preferences of the Russian people burst with a crash. Authorities had to change quickly elective law, transferring voices to their reliable support - to well-founded owners of "cozy offices"...

In the second time that myth burst in 1917 when the Russian people organized the most red of all revolution on all planet. Now this ancient, moth-eaten myth is again pulled out from naphthalene as a scarecrow for fools.

May be it‘s enough? All nationalists-trashers as well as "Nashi", "Young Guards" and other, as Mr. Gusakov gracefully told, "cattle youth" are necessary only for one purpose - for protection of "cozy conditioned offices" where geese of various breeds are getting fatter. According to sirs gusakovs, correct world order looks as follows: hungry poor cattle lows hungrily wallop with dirty hoofs in horseboxes, while they enjoy refined viands in cleanliness and coziness.

Sirs gusakovs don't know that sooner or later every feeding cycle comes to its end. Then respectable feathery sirs can, of course, as Mr. Gusakov told, "to go everywhere" thus wildly guffawing. Only it won't help... As he himself predicted, "aggressive-stupid-poor mass will devour everything".

Exactly. Unless only money-bags can eat fua-gra, simple people also should once in life try real goose liver paste. So, no matter where our geese fly - they would still come across the roaster...

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