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Time of Clowns

Time of Clowns

According to Dmitry Medvedev, competition between him and Vladimir Putin on presidential elections in March of next year can do harm to the aims and tasks which they together have been realizing during last years. Such opinion was stated by Dmitry Medvedev in the interview to the British edition of The Financial Times.

"I think it is difficult to imagine at least for one reason: I and Vladimir Putin - my colleague and old companion - all the same appreciably represent one and the same political force and thus competition between us can do harm, actually, to those aims and tasks which we have been realizing during last years, - Medvedev told. - Therefore, probably, it would be not the best scenario for our country and for a concrete situation".

Thus Medvedev disagreed that in this case healthy competition could be useful. "Participation in elections after all is not in promotion of the slogan of free competition but in winning them", - he added.

Medvedev hasn't answered a question, whether he intends to offer himself as candidate in the president on elections of 2012. "Though I will tell you one thing: I think that every head on such post as the president is simply obliged to want to compete", - he told. "It's different question, whether he will make this decision or not - the decision he makes and his desire are different things", - the president explained, having reminded also that recently in reply to this question he "suggested to be patient and to keep intrigue for some time".

"I believe we should wait just a little now, I hope it will be correct decision for the Russian Federation and for me personally", - Medvedev declared.

He also informed that he would like re-election of US president Barack Obama for the second term. "I can openly tell that I would like that Barack Obama remained for the second term to the post of the president of the United States of America - may be, more than someone else", - Medvedev told, answering the question about the Russian-American relations.

From editorial board: We have already written and explained the reasons why direct competition between Putin and Medvedev on elections is impossible. Nobody argued. Here you are Medvedev personally acts in one of the leading world mass-media with detailed explanation why Volga runs into Caspian Sea.


Certainly, the role of Mitya-president was always a little bit clownish. The clown - is not a fool, it's such a trade and Mitya is undoubtedly a clever guy. It's simply such work - "to play dumb". Mitya copes with his work well, we can give him four grades with plus.


So it's clear what and how the Kremlin wants to have on this elective cycle - that all was quiet "as at granny". In reality casting for the role of the future president will end somewhat in between election day in the parliament and the date of announcement of presidential election campaign. Following the results of parliamentary campaign real rating of Putin and his "United Russia" and "Popular Front" will be clear and, accordingly, more or less real rating of expectations of a society from Medvedev changes.


Certainly parliamentary elections will be boldly forged and participation in them is a shame for each citizen. That is that not be elections but the finest farce and if someone wants to be "the clown" - he should go on elections and vote. Though as the size and mechanics of falsifications in the Kremlin will be precisely known, it possible to use these "elections" as sociological poll.


But our regal clown Mitya hints that "elections" in parliament won't have any value for definition of results of presidential casting at all, they will have exclusively external factor - whether Obama receives the second term or not. It is clear that president Mitya is more for democrats and Vova - for republicans. That is "elections" of the president of the Russian Federation take place not in all RF but exclusively in metropolis. It seems that for the history of the country there were no more shameful words than the ones pronounced by though nominal but still head of the country.


While it's possible to agree with Mitya-president in one thing - by and large there's no difference who from two clowns will be the president. They really represent one political force, however the name of this force is so indecent that I won't risk to mention it.

In the light of this and other statements of our regal clowns it is necessary to say, of course, something about activity if opposition in political circus. There's no doubt that we are in circus. One shouldn't consider it a theater - there's no high art in it. Though we are not in a brothel - there there's true sex, while here everything's is for fun. So, it's definitely circus.

Now imagine that you sit in the first row, near to arena edge and see the red-nosed clown with ballot box running to you - make a choice, dear, your choice influences... and so on. But you understand that it is circus, that a bird will fly out of the box or a rabbit will be pulled out from there. Well, vote...

However it's serious danger for opposition - to take part in a clownery inadvertently. To give in to the general mood, to take red nose and pants with a hole on the ass on - and start somersaulting together with Mitya, Vova and other members of United Russia.

For example, to organize "anti-forum" on Saturday in Petersburg, to collect there 70 people and to listen to Stas Belkovsky as the main lecturer - that it is necessary to separate Caucasus and to establish monarchy in Russia. To go on Sunday to Khimki to take part in "anti-Seliger" and to listen there to the same Belkovsky talking the same things under the rain. It's possible also to swallow reasoning of prominent Russian political scientist Artemiy Troitsky about possible union of "musician Jury" Shevchyuk with Prokhorov-from-Courchevel and appointment of Navalny the prime minister.

People are surprised why police didn't break up either "anti-forum" in hotel "Pulkovskaya", or "anti-Seliger" near a bog in the village Mandyukino - while it was busy, they protected circus - that's the reason. This time oppositional circus. Modern mass-media unanimously write: if we have such opposition, then the authorities should not forbid but to permit or even compel it as it was done with Limonov who was forced to participate in permitted meeting on Alekseevskaya.

Certainly, to get exposed to light in information field against the state circus with old chapiteau is very big temptation. Though one shouldn't get tempted. Say, not a grammar-school girl...

Once the country will get tired of clownery and this moment can come very soon - well, how long can we laugh without interruption? Even comics with Ravshan and Dzhamshud got annoyed, while Mitya and Vova are much less talented comedians, than Galustyan and Svetlakov (you can choose whom to appoint the president and whom - the prime minister).

Therefore - we don't need circus. The clown is - a worthy trade but there should be in the country not only carpet clowns but also doctors, teachers, engineers, military men. There also should be politicians - representing interests of these doctors, teachers, workers, peasants. Not only televiewers of "Comedy Club".


Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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