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Boycott of Elections - the First Bloodless but the Most Frightful Blow against Invaders

Boycott of Elections - the First Bloodless but the Most Frightful Blow against Invaders

That crowd - which I don't represent and people call by striking word "invaders" - will not go away themselves. It's proved by the fact that as true invaders to protect themselves they invented policemen. The last are given immense privileges, they don't answer for anything except protection of invaders from national anger.

People call by the word invaders first of all "United Russia" - the party of thieves and swindlers because after themselves they leave burned out, plundered Russia, poor, deprived of civil rights population. Besides, as true invaders they hide stolen by them in foreign banks, their real estate and families is for a long time in the territory of "hostile West". They are connected with Russia by umbilical cord through which without stopping for a minute they suck the juice and forces from the exhausted body of the country.

The leader of this party of thieves and swindlers - is special question. Invaders name him national leader. Trough they don't say the leader of what political nation he is. It becomes clear if to look at the ratings of "Forbes". The Russians don't have heart to name him their leader. There's no desire even to talk about other "leaders". Mental debility - is progressing and infectious illness.

There several main reasons why invaders will not go away by own will:

- Invaders perfectly well understand that having missed the reins of government they will instantly appear on trial. Severe verdict of the National Court won't keep waiting: long imprisonment terms and confiscation of values and property earned by "back-breaker".

- Invaders realize that they've got not all profit from the country, there still is what is possible to steal, new stage of privatization has been just declared. They cherish hope that forthcoming parliamentary and presidential elections will pass following their, thievish concepts, not according to the Constitution and they will again "have" stupid people who have trusted in their unselfishness.

Forthcoming "elections":

Parliamentary "elections" in the State Duma will take place in December, 2011. In March, 2012 - presidential.

As the lawyer I will be extremely short.

Article 32 point 2 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation:

Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to elect and be elected in public authorities and local governments, as well as to participate in referendum.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation - is organic law of the country. It has the strength of direct action. Without withdrawals and infringement of the rights of citizens.

However elective legislation accepted by the power completely crosses out item 2 of the article 32 of the Constitution. According to bylaws, only parties have the right of promotion in authorities. Members of all pro-Kremlin parties in the country make 1% of the population. It means that 99% of citizens of Russia have the right only of a mute "voting and approving" one and the same puppets offered by the power. Other parties which are not under control of the Kremlin - aren't registered. It is clear why. Invaders don't need competition. "Feeding trough" is not bottomless.

Besides, worked out system of falsifications allows the state sharper Chyurov to draw the result necessary to invaders. Not for nothing people say: No matter if you vote, or not you will receive nothing...!

So: People agree that 1% of party people of the country will define our future and the future of our children? People like to play with marked cards with the sharper, where future of our country - Russia - is on game? People want changes? Or they like experiments of invaders with their country and survived people? Forthcoming "elections" will show it.

My opinion is categorical: Participation in forthcoming shell game - crime. The crime before country, people, our future.

The only adequate answer to invaders - BOYCOTT of "elections"!

I will be objected that there is no voter turn-out and even if candidates will vote for themselves - "elections" will be recognized as taken place. Yes, there's no voter turn-out on parliamentary elections. But it's 50% + 1 voice on presidential. Already now we should using lawful way make invaders understand our relation to them and their policy.

The main thing is: whether people are ready to feel themselves really free and fair and not to take part in sharper's game. Alien game. In which it is impossible to win. In which loss is our future.

Whether invaders are afraid of BOYCOTT of "elections"?

Yes! Because voter turn-out is necessary to them for recognition of their occupational power both in Russia and abroad. The power becomes illegitimate when voters "vote with feet". Also are ready to say: we haven't elected you and we aren't going to submit to your cannibal laws. The modes which have not become legitimate will be "non-shaking hands" abroad.

What do empty polling districts in the day of "elections" mean?

1. It is a worthy estimation of activity of "galley slave" and his party of thieves and swindlers by citizens of Russia. "Slave owners" don't need such "slaves". The price for their imaginary "merits" is too high.

2. it's relation of citizens to the elective legislation in Russia.

3. It's expression of mistrust to the power and the requirement of changes. Readiness of citizens to take responsibility for the country on themselves.

4. It is fact ascertaining that citizens don't agree with policy of oligarchy headed by their national leader.

5. Empty polling districts are the FIRST but the most frightful, bloodless, blow on invaders.

Honor I have.

Read out of veterans of external intelligence

Pavel Basanets


Note: Given article is written in close co-authorship with participants of discussions on FORUM.msk 



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