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Putin and Medvedev Brought Russia to Strasbourg Court

Putin and Medvedev Brought Russia to Strasbourg Court
Alexander Golovenko 26.07.2011

Two seemingly not connected events happened in the middle of July, however, I believe they are directly connected with each other. Liberal mass-media by tradition started yelling about "execution of imperial family by Bolsheviks". Heart-rending howl was adjoined by the great expert of history of the Civil war, former member of the trade union committee and a member of the CPSU, nowadays chief party-member of "United Russia" in the State Duma B.Gryzlov.

"On July, 17th, 1918 the last Russian emperor Nikolay II and members of his family were shot in Ekaterinburg," - he repeated with pathos insinuation invented by Yeltsin "democrats".

There just passed information that certain "relatives" of the captured Polish officers shot under Katyn filed claims against Russia to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg with the requirement to recognize our country guilty.

I will not repeat this delirium. It's important that claims are accepted to consideration. Claimants insist that "Stalin People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs" shot captured Poles.

What is the connection between these two events? One year ago senior criminalist of Central Administration of Criminalistics of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation V.Solovjev on the air of radio "Echo of Moscow" made real sensation, having declared:

- We have no documents testifying that official decision about execution of imperial family was made. They tried to coordinate actions only in relation to Nikolay II but the telegram addressed to Lenin and Sverdlov came when nothing could be changed already... That is executors entered cellar of Ipatevsky house at the same time when... the telegram to Lenin and Sverdlov was sent.

The following conclusions can be done from Solovjev's explanations: far not in all concordant with the center deputies of Ural Regional Committee at own discretion proceeding from military-political conditions (Civil war, approach of Czechoslovak Legion, rumours about preparing runaway of Romanov family) made the decision. They sent to Moscow via Petrograd dispatch to the chairman of Sovnarkom Lenin and the chairman of VTSIK Sverdlov, however then made their mind to carry out sentence without waiting for the answer (as you see there[‘s no saying about children and servants). They informed those two about it post factum.

- What's the difference after all? - The reader drugged by 20-year liberal propagation will object. - The main thing is that Bolsheviks killed the tsar.

There's very big difference. We heard a lot from different svanidzes and gryzlovs about "Lenin's cruelty" who ostensibly gave the order to end up with the last Russian tsar. However today even foreign researchers recognize: Lenin wanted citizen Romanov appeared before court. For that purpose in conditions of the most complicated perturbations of Civil war he put the task to deliver him alive and safe to Moscow. For that reason he was at first delivered from Tobolsk to Ekaterinburg in strict confidence...

The second exposure of myths consists in the fact that Bolsheviks didn't shoot the tsar. That was citizen Romanov renounced a throne under the pressure of "democrats" of that time who was shot. That is of some Yeltsin, Sobchak, Gabriel Popov and Co of that time. Of course I don't want to justify murder of children but here, as they say, all questions should be addressed to the group of "security officer Yurovsky". Who and what he is - all know ...

I want to tell different thing. Objective historians underlined again and again: coward renunciation of Nikolay II of the throne - in every respect coward and unworthy act. After all he was blessed by church and was considered the Lord's anointed. How could this shameful renunciation justified?

Thereupon his canonization in 2000 by hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church is political step, it is possible to say - "anti-Soviet" but it hasn't ceased to be silly. How could be "sacred" a person who entered history of the country as the one who renounced throne, moreover acquired a title "Nikolay the Bloody".

So who and for what purpose constantly exaggerates question about "Lenin's evil deeds" and "responsibility of Bolsheviks"? It's well-known that none direct descendants and relatives of Nikolay II remain. However, more and more cousins, nephews and other relatives appeared abroad. They declared about their consanguinity with former majestic relatives. This self-appointed "Imperial House" constantly wants something from Russia and even has already received a lot. Today it tries to achieve not only recognition of family of the ex-tsar "victims of political repressions" but also demands to return the property belonging to it. It means millions rectorial tithes of land which now belong to other owners. If so, it demands compensation in hundred millions dollars for them.

That is why Putin and Medvedev should cease making advances to impostors of "Imperial House" and tell it clearly: not a fig! As Lenin as the head of the Soviet state isn't privy to execution of the ex-tsar, present Russia doesn't bear any responsibility for that action.

Really, hardly a year ago "tandem" "confessed Katyn", accused Stalin of executions of captured Polish officers in reality shot by Hitlerites, results are not long in coming. Despite all assurances of friendship, of "new relations", of "oblivion of old insults" Russia started receiving claims of "relatives" of those captives from Poland. Here you are! Playing in "destanilization" ended up in a bad way, sirs.

As it is known, Russia is on the 1st place in Europe under references of their citizens in the European Court of Human Rights. The majority of them - frequently even doubtful - are unconditionally satisfied. I will not be surprised if claims of these "relatives" also will be satisfied. Precedent is important. Then, as Victor Ilyukhin wrote in his letter to president Medvedev, claims of Poles to the Russian Federation will fall down in abundance. Their cost already now makes 100 billion US dollars and all wait in the wings.

It's not late for Putin and Medvedev to get the track of historical truth. To declare publicly: as execution of captured Poles under Katyn in 1941 - is work of the Hitlerites, we aren't going to recognize any claims of their relatives. For now representatives of Russia in ECHR should request at least detailed data about such "claimants" because even children of "innocent killed" fascists should be today 70 years. So what relatives are going to charge our arms and legs? Personally I refuse to pay ...

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