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Party of Swindlers and Thieves Is Going to Extend Pension Age аfter Elections

Party of Swindlers and Thieves Is Going to Extend Pension Age аfter Elections

The deputy minister of finance Sergey Shatalov declared inevitability of extension of pension age in the Russian Federation. The official considers that the Russians will apprehend the news easy enough. Pension age will be extended stage by stage, the state intends to act gradually, "adding half a year, maybe, third of the year annually having spent 15 years to reach the level of 65 years". It will give people the chance to get used to such thought.

"People who are already close to pension age won't practically feel anything. While for young people this prospect is far enough. I think they will treat it with big understanding", - the deputy minister considers.

According to S.Shatalov, after 2013 the government of the Russian Federation will face a question of revision of all pension system and including increase of pension age. It will be necessary to solve this uneasy problem somehow. "All states agreed to it, though it passes with certain difficulty. Recollect, for example, how it passed in Ukraine", - the official told.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Finance declared that now deficiency of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation makes nearby 900 billion rbl. "Disbalance will only accrue. Deficiency in the inertial scenario will grow and to 2020 reach 5% of gross national product", - S.Shatalov considers.

From editorial board: On FORUM.msk we have already written that in the country where average life expectancy of men is below retirement age in 60 years, to speak about extend of pension threshold - immorally. Simply because it is a question of swindle from the part of the state which gets money from people who unequivocally won't live till the time when they can use them.


Really, they extend pension age in Europe but there, firstly, average life expectancy is about 75 years and even more. Secondly, pensions there give opportunity to live and not to survive. The German pensioners with the German pensions have already occupied the coast of Spain where whole settlements occupied almost entirely by pensioners from Germany, Austria and others appeared.


Actually in Europe they solve the question on prolongation of active working age of people - the continent grows old and extension of active life period bears big essence in itself. It's absolutely different in our country! First of all, nobody offers workplaces for 60-year-old people, people of such age for some reason still alive are simply forced to spend the rest of their days half-starving, due to casual, humiliating earnings. Secondly, in Europe they are talking of involving 60-year-old people into active industrial and economic activities, while in Russia it's the question only of economy of means of the Pension Fund.


Most of all our situation resembles the Ukrainian one where stage-by-stage extension of pension age occurs. But there situation was tremendously cynical - at first prime-minister Timoshenko increased all pensions before presidential election and then, when it was found out that there's no means to pay them, they extended pension age - I will remind that life expectancy in Ukraine is below the Russian one. In Belarus they also increased pensions before presidential election but then simply devaluated national currency. It's somehow more humane - at least there's no deceit with retirement term.


The deputy minister considers pension reform in Ukraine as positive example for Russia, probably in that meaning that there was not revolt there, they simply ate it up. In Russia we will also eat this reform up.

At that the terms of this process are impudent enough - in 2012 some president will be chosen and it is possible to start lawlessness from 2013.

The most interesting is the sum round which all this immoral fuss is going on, that is deficiency of the Pension Fund. 900 billion roubles - a bit more than 30 billion dollars. It is, of course, a lot but for our "raw empire" such money is a trifle. It is enough to enter ascending scale of taxation of physical persons and deficiency of the Pension Fund will immediately be covered by petrodollars which are now wasted for the whims of billionaires.

There is an impression that "party in power" simply wants to get two harvests from increase of pension age.

The first - to create difficulty and then to overcome it admirably. "Shatalov needs to define his position, if he wants to continue working in the government or to join "Right Cause", - the member of political council of "United Russia" Andrey Isaev told at the press conference of news agency RIA Novosti on Wednesday, having noticed that the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin already repeatedly expressed his negative attitude to increase of pension age in Russia. According to Isaev, the Duma committee which he heads, the party in power and trade unions are "categorically" against pension age increase.

The second - to extend pension age after elections saving thus round amount for the Pension Fund on dead men.

What could be said here? Thieves and that all...

Anatoly Baranov


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