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Destruction of Yak-42 - Is Not Catastrophe, It's Murder

Destruction of Yak-42 - Is Not Catastrophe, It's Murder
Аlexander Roslyakov 12.09.2011

I was amazed with words of our president concerning tragedy near Yaroslavl: if our aircraft industry "doesn't do well", planes should be bought abroad, say, human life is more expensive! Though nothing else "does well" in our country as well: machine-tool construction, shipbuilding, agriculture, law-enforcement system ...

Earlier it did more or less well, aircraft was the most accessible and safe in the world - but now all is, as one can see, in the deepest degradation. While at the beginning of the present system it was promised that we would do so well that we will begin doing all better, in bigger quantities and so on!

All turns out to be on the contrary: speaking in images, we built the plane but received a coffin with music! It means that there was such a mistake made while construction of foundation that it's already impossible to get out of the problem! He says, human life is more expensive ... As if he were born yesterday!

Yes, life now - not to talk, of course, about life of pop or sports stars - cost a penny! To take work and then children from poor man away - easy meat. To deprive of habitation, to make vagabond and no court would protect - the most ordinary business, frequently it's done with participation of judicial establishment and police. Annually about hundred thousand people are killed - and nobody makes mournful face; for improvement of statistics they are enlisted into missing and suicide. At that the last, under reports, from time to time shot themselves using two headshots. At last one kilo of human flesh became cheaper, than one kilo of beef.

Unless our president never heard about it? While if he heard - why he keeps silent as if having sewed his mouth? Why he announces mourning after the death of 40 died hockey players and keeps silent about tens thousand rest? Anyway it means that he also "doesn't do well" and following his logic, valuing human life, he should be changed for import president! He is not the only for change! We should change all ministers, deputies - under whose control everything stopped doing well in our country, began to be replaced to the last paper clip with import! There are actual reason for it and the power should know about them but it keeps silent.

The main reason - that those who are capable of only stealing and showing off began ruling in the country. Fair and sensible leaders who do not bend in an arch before prevailed party caste of pure parasites, who do not give kickbacks to the higher heads - are expelled as class. They are expelled in the way which was not used even in times of the Soviet power referring to ideologically alien "specialists". Today they are driven away from everywhere. At such negative clearing off you can be sure that Boeings, Airbuses will continue falling, trains - descending from rails, ships - sinking, dams will continue ruining and so on.

That technological level for which we apply today demands at least minimum competent maintenance; our minimum is now below the lowest. At times when everything's being built for greater profit of owners by cheap and dark Tadjiks, is being served by them, besides lion's part of all is being stolen - we need to change planes for carts!

Last catastrophes in Petrozavodsk and Yaroslavl speak about full ruin in organization of flights and infringement of all norms of safety for the sake of greed which has crushed all. Not planes should be changed for foreign ones and this wild greed which kills us today!

On a strip with length of almost 3 kilometers Yak-42 could have flied up or braked safely twice. But it made neither this nor that. Why? Because everything that did the Soviet aircraft the safest in the world has been broken by those stealing with might prigs. The plane started run-out not in the beginning of the landing strip but from a boundary in 400 meters from it - it was short of those very meters to fly up or stop, if there was engine accident.

Experts will indentify what exactly failed in the plane but there's an axiom in aircraft: accident never has one reason, it always a chain of failures and errors. The first terrible error in this chain - to start from surely shorted landing strip. The one who allowed the plane to do it or, perhaps, dictated it to the crew - is the main accomplice or founder of the murder. What is more worse if that shorted run-out was connected with precautions connected with arrival to the Yaroslavl political forum of descended from the Moon Donno.

All the same the original cause of this murder is that it's more favourable to the owners of airlines to ruin one plane and one-two hundred people once in 5 years, than to spend money for expensive safety. Though it's unfair to blame only them for it. All live now like this - as in last day of Pompey: today you are alive, tomorrow you will give less bribes, than necessary, will not please the party heads, will not give enough money to the governor - and will lose your business. Therefore it is necessary to do all hastily, head over heels, as on fire - and to drag all as from the fire, not being afraid to get under accusation as in case of some "Lame Horse", "Bulgaria", Kushchevka or Sagra. Therefore prices for buckwheat or air tickets speedily shoot up: it is necessary to fill up purses as soon as possible - and tomorrow at loss of the plane or sector in agrarian manufacture to get away abroad. There are a lot of spare entrenchments for such potential fugitives there and they can't be extradited as from Don.

Well if you get under accusation - with money and good lawyer like Padva or Kucherena - it's not a grief. Today it's possible to live good even in prison if you have money earned by other people death, it is possible to live there with all appropriate conveniences, girls and goings on leave. You can stay there a bit having rest from hateful wife - and by means of purse and trump lawyer walk wherever you wish!

As this main reason of all our catastrophes isn't eliminated and can't be eliminated at such sleepwalker - we will have them henceforth. All his "advises of the stranger" thereupon - too little, too late. Though the president - not sleepwalker who suddenly decided to return from the good Moon to make correction of the native Earth - would also fail to change anything without demolition of this already established system. While it's the most undesirable thing. After all it is already personal risk - losses of a lunar yacht or a lunar palace, in comparison with it death of some thousand people, washout of some dam or crash of some aviation industry - fie!

It's already impossible to get away from this era of catastrophe as we are already gotten penetrating as a wound lie. It is impossible - and it will not be possible: technique is more and more obviously against it, it's indeed necessary to, having prayed to God, to travel by carts. Or to change all nation, as our Tu have been changed for Boeings, for foreigners - that, by the way, is already taking place. That people say later about us: yes, there were such people - alive, clever, they built planes and rockets; then they suddenly went mad and committed two headshots. We won't ever need Boeings and Airbuses on our funerals.



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