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Governor Gromov Is Completely Satisfied with Khimki

Governor Gromov Is Completely Satisfied with Khimki
The governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov is satisfied with the work of acting head of city district Khimki Vladimir Strelchenko. "I am completely satisfied with the work which carried out by Vladimir Strelchenko", - Gromov said on Thursday, answering a question of the journalists whom he would support on elections of the head of Khimki administration planned for March of the current year.
"Among the candidates there are people who at all correctness of works while building of a highway Moscow - Saint-Petersburg play cunning", - the governor added. According to Gromov, these candidates ostensibly support preservation of the wood in Khimki.
Khimki wood appeared also in the case which caused great public resonance on attack on November, 13th of last year of the journalist-ecologist Michael Beketov known for sharp publications to the address of authorities, in particular, to the address of Vladimir Strelchenko and his relatives. Meanwhile the mayor himself not once denied interest of authorities in attack on the journalist and even hinted in "Russian Newspaper" that attack on Beketov was actually directed against him.

From editorial board: Governor Gromov found his position in the question of priorities. Strelchenko - a good guy, he is right all over again. Defenders of the wood in Khimki - "play cunning". Editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov even received judicial claim from the governor - probably, it's also a part of "elective technology" of the regional administration?

If I were the governor I would not start asserting so categorically that the work of mayor Strelchenko "satisfies completely". There are spots even on the sun and mayor of Knimki (at least now) is not king-sun. Let's say, attempt at Beketov's life is already the third attempt on editor-in-chief of independent newspaper in succession in Khimki. The third is already statistics and to say that it's in no way connected with situation in the city, means to dissemble a little.
There was also in Khimki an ugly story with transfer of burial places of war heroes which didn't end in solemn opening of new memorial and face-lift of the old one. Yes, now there are in Khimki for 1 set of relicts of war heroes 2 memorial-burial places. Nobody answered distinctly till now a question - what was the reason of that disgrace? Versions with prostitutes who interfered with the rest of heroes, stories about expansion of Leningradskoe Highway which ostensibly these tombs prevented disappeared by themselves. At that nobody made representatives state different exotic versions of the event - they spoke and then found themselves in a pretty pickle.
So what is the reason of transfer of ashes of heroes? Society didn't receive any convincing answer.
There were also dispersals of meetings in Khimki which came to an end with loud scandals, imprisonment, beating and sentences. Obviously, successful suppression of mass actions is also effective work of administration? The governor approves it also, doesn't he?
By the way, there was a claim from citizens related to restrictions of a constitutional law on carrying out of meetings in Khimki and city administration failed in suit - in Khimki court. In the same court it also failed in suit related to wrongful actions of administration submitted by M.Beketov, E.Politova and A.Baranov.
Whether the governor should entirely approve actions of the mayor which had been already challenged by court even in his city? Perhaps, the governor does not understand people? As he admitted that his assistant in financial department Kuznetsov went to "new native land" with suspicion in theft on a large scale in 22 billion dollars...
Well, it's his business. The outcome of elections in Khimki is already predetermined, actually, present mayor Vladimir Strelchenko goes on elections surrounded by such applicants that he can be quiet. There are simply no candidates from real opposition on these elections.
All these literally right near the Moscow ring highway. As in other country where there are other laws and orders...

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