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Why Doesn't Zyuganov Declare Boycott to Elections?

Why Doesn't Zyuganov Declare Boycott to Elections?
Alexander Golovenko 23.10.2011

Struggle for the Duma mandates has already passed from a stage of comedy into illegal when participation in it turns into partnership in power capture. Having lost all sense of shame and conscience, "tandem" publicly makes plans for 12 years.

Prime Minister Putin tells what he will do after elections on March, 12th, 2012 as a result of which he will become the president. As well as the "working" president Medvedev whom he will appoint the prime minister. Clownish president Medvedev plans how he being the prime minister will diligently reform the government and the whole country together with it. They both spoke with complete abandon.

They are like a mad dog on a loose. They don't care the least opinion of 100 million voters because they have already decided everything instead of them. Public orders to provide "United Russia" with not less than 65% of voices are sent to the local authorities to regions from Presidential Administration, it is absolutely inadmissible intervention of officials into elective process.

Who still doubts that in such conditions elections in the State Duma, as well as presidential elections become indecent farce? That participation in them should be offensive for honor and dignity of every self-respecting citizen.

After scandalous elections in local authorities on October, 11th, 2009 Mr. Medvedev preferred to "vindicate himself" for the whole world. On the eve of visit to Germany he bravely assured the German TV reporters who politely blamed him in imperious arbitrariness to the advantage of "United Russia":

- If official, even having the warmest sympathies for this or that political force, tries to help it on elections, he commits a crime which structure exists in our Criminal code. He should bear responsibility...

Really, according to item 1 of article 10 of the law «About political parties» any intervention of surkovs, vice-premiers, ministers, governors, mayors of cities into affairs of parties isn't permitted. Item 3 says: "Persons filling the office of the state or municipal officials and persons on the state or municipal service have no right to use advantage of their official position in interests of the political party they belong to".

While what is happening in our country today? It is already counted up that regional lists of "United Russia" in 75 regions from 83 will be headed by these "persons filling the state posts". That is by vice-premiers, ministers, governors acting in a role of "steam locomotives". Where, in what other country executive power forms legislative one for itself?

All this is illegal from the point of view both of the Constitution which established in the Russian Federation division of authorities and laws on elections, on civil service, on parties...

However, to saddle people for at least 12 years "tandem" cynically tramples on all laws, going on open capture of power. Thereupon fair political scientists say that parliamentary elections already became illegitimate, hence the new State Duma will also be illegitimate. That is why all of them call the leader of the largest opposition party G.A.Zyuganov to declare boycott to this buffoonery which outcome is predetermined in advance.

What are the bases for it? Well, they not simply lie on a surface - they, as they say, exclaim.

1. Mr. Medvedev as the head of the state had no right to take "United Russia" under the guardianship as well as to conduct it to elections in the State Duma. It is the same ordinary participant of elective process as well as other parties.

2. With Mr. Medvedev's help power capture by "United Russia" has been taking place, by the time, it's not the ruling party by the law or under the Constitution. The CPSU was the ruling party in the USSR under the Constitution.

3. On May, 7th, 2008 Mr. Medvedev swore on the Constitution of the Russian Federation "serve truly to people", not to some party. He swore to be the guarantor of freedom and rights of all citizens of Russia but not of the party members of "United Russia". Now he in a pointed manner starts to use advantages of his position, all financial, police-administrative and information resources of the state in the interests of this party which got among people certain nickname...

4. Under the Constitution division of powers is established in the Russian Federation, therefore vice-premiers, ministers, governors have no right to head regional lists of "United Russia", the more so none of them are going to be the deputies. It is a cynical deceit of the population.

5. Under the Constitution of the Russian Federation no ideology in the country can be state including ideology of "United Russia". Rendering it protection and preference Mr. Medvedev breaks the law and erects ideology of "swindlers and thieves" in a rank of the state one.

The last question: if Mr. Medvedev has membership card of "United Russia"? For some reason we haven't seen his joining this party. Then what we are talking about in general? In any other country 5 points listed above would become the basis for impeachment of the president. While it's impossible in our country but after all there is Constitutional court led by 68-year-old respectful lawyer of the Russian Federation, professor V.Zorkin. Dear Valery Dmitrievich, why do you indifferently look how "tandem" forces the Constitution?

What are Gennady Andreevich's hopes? To get 60 mandates? As usual - on state financing of parties on a number of voices submitted? On free tips from a pocket of the tax bearer? After all, as it is known, the government annually allocates 20 rbl. for each vote given on elections. These hundred millions which are at the disposal of "secretaries general" personally are badly veiled form of their payoff. That is the essence!

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