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Nizhegorodsky-Chinese Standard. National Project of Medvedev in Action

Nizhegorodsky-Chinese Standard. National Project of Medvedev in Action
Sergey Pchelintsev 23.10.2011

In the Moscow region of Nizhny Novgorod authorities propose one-room apartment to a family of 9 people, at that they consider it quite lawful! In 1997 when families of 2 sisters - Akmuradova Larisa Aleksandrovna and Nazarova Galina Aleksandrovna - lived to the address: Burevestnik Street, 2 - 1, room 3, the house was recognized shabby and families were provided with the apartment in the wooden house with formulation "for time use".

Instead of providing with normal habitation authorities have been suing the families for 15 years, meanwhile 4 children (2 of them are boys!)!

At first that were courts on prolongation of "temporal term" of residence but since 2010 when as a result of arson habitation became unsuitable for living and families following personal agreement with the leaving company were compelled to move to the neighbouring house, authorities recognized it illegal and now try in every way to move large family... into one-room apartment!

Actually it's necessary to tell about attempts to receive apartment. For many years Nazarova G. A. waited for reception of apartment, she was already 4th in the queue but failed to get it and later the factory transferred all duties on distribution of habitation to a city and there Nazarova was put already... in the end of the queue! Actually, she has been waiting for the apartment for already 21 years but there are no hopes to receive adequate to her family living space. Now apartments are distributed with a speed about 2 apartments in the region annually. How not to recollect here the Soviet period when whole houses were given to people for living?!

Meanwhile, in 2010 the house on Burevestnik Street where Akmuradova L.A. and Nazarova G. A were officially registered was taken down and all family passed into the category of vagabonds! To be more correct, they are registered in the nonexistent house. At that nobody told them about it. For several months they even paid for 2 apartments. Though when they came to Housing and utilities department to receive residence certificate, they were at once told: "There's no such house!"

Children as needy should eat at school but now they can't do it since there is no residence certificate! Big problems took place at departure of the son in camp...

When authorities understood that it's necessary to do something, they allocated the family (actually to 9 people)...one-room apartment in the house on Bogdanovich Street!

17 sq.m. for 9 people - how do you find such Nizhegorodsky-Chinese standard? They even took offense, when women refused! There courts in Moscow - city one and regional and all amicably recognized it quite lawful! Their correctness authorities justify saying that the apartment on Burevestnik Street has not been privatized and, hence, the family now has the right for only 1 room. While in the family of Akmuradova and Nazarova there are 9 people, 2 sons - each of them has the right for separate room! Representatives of authorities are not confused by the fact that 1 of Akmuradova's sons is invalid: while the apartment given is situated on the 10th floor! On the contrary, at one of last courts when women reminded that they have 4 children, representative of administration of Moscow region Rybakov Е.P. declared with terrible condemnation in voice: "Why do you use children to cover yourselves?"

Women tried to achieve justice. They addressed representative of administration Suvorov but he was short giving "efficient" advice: "Take a room, sell it for 3 million and get separated!"

It's interesting to know who will buy one-room apartment for 3 million?

5 times (!!!) they went to Moscow into reception of the government of Russia but statements: "Sort out!" got therefrom again to city administration.

Officials persistently affirm: "1 room of 17 sq.m. is enough for the family with 4 children!"

Women addressed for the help into the Department for Protection of Children and we will watch succession of events closely.

Telephones for communication:

+ 7 902 683 9165 8 902 683 9165 Sergey Genadevich, coordinator of the department of Nizhny Novgorod

+ 7 908 239 6033 8 908 239 6033 Sergey Aleksandrovich, the coordinator of NOX

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