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Relic "Helping at Childbirth" Was Brought to Moscow instead of "Vaccine and Medical Equipment

Relic "Helping at Childbirth" Was Brought to Moscow instead of "Vaccine and Medical Equipment

Great orthodox relic - cincture of the Virgin Mary - was brought to Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, the correspondent of state, existing on budget money news agency RIA News transfers.

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril headed grand welcome of the relic. Ten thousand pilgrims not only from Moscow and Moscow region, but also from Minsk, Brest, Voronezh, Stavropol, Belgorod and other regions of Russia and the near abroad countries gathered since the earliest morning near the temple and in streets adjoining to it. Bringing of one of the main Christian relics - Cincture of the Virgin Mary - to Moscow will bring peace and conciliation, spiritual revival of the capital, the mayor Sergey Sobyanin considers. As he said, millions Muscovites pray on Saturday in honor of this great and good business.

Cincture of the Virgin Mary is kept at the monastery of Vateopedi on the sacred mountain Athos in Greece. According to the legend, it possesses surprising force helping at pregnancy and childbirth, curing infertility and giving health to ill people. The belt of the Virgin was delivered to Russia on October, 20th. Moscow - the last in the list of cities which the relic should visit.

On Saturday at  nearby 15:00 the relic arrived by special flight from Kaliningrad to a capital airport Vnukovo-3 where solemn moleben was served.

- I resulted phrases from the report of the state agency on purpose that it was possible to feel to the end all the depth of obscurantism into which Russia plunges in 21st century thanks to the authorities, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov comments on the event. - I don't mention that worship every possible "relic" is a matter of believing and religious organizations which under the Constitution of the Russian Federation are separated from the state. Nevertheless, the ensemble, probably, really belonging to the mother of Jesus travels by special flights, with protection and other attributes of power as though it were not an inanimate object, but the head of the government. At that one couldn't say that citizens of our, in the past great country somehow especially fanatically worship miscellaneous "sacred subjects" and are in general especially religious. In so-called "Muslim" regions imaginary religiousness is generated mainly by fear to be called "outsider" when Islam is inoculated both by authorities and armed opposition. In orthodox areas religiousness mainly goes down from above, in both cases all occur in some medieval, archaic form. If it's Islam, all women will be draped in scarves and dark loose, if it's Orthodoxy - so there should be present worship "relics" and immersing into the most ridiculous superstitions.

"After all they quite seriously assert that it helps at childbirth, - Anatoly Baranov continues. - I won't believe that Sobyanin really trusts in help of the belt at childbirth and pregnancy which belongs to the woman died in antique epoch. I also don't believe that Mr. Gundyaev believes in such nonsense. It's different thing that Mr. Gundyaev should make obscurantist of himself playing his social role, Sobyanin should better get interested in conditions of maternity hospital and gynecologic clinics in the entrusted to him city, than to pretend he is a candlestick during ceremony which most of all reminds club of historical reconstruction. If it wouldn't be better to spend money for obstetric aid, than for travel of the belt? Let's remind that in summer of this year there was no vaccine from a hepatitis B which is used for inoculation of children aged less than six months in maternity hospitals of Moscow throughout two months. Polyclinics also have deficiency of vaccine from German measles. The Moscow authorities failed to equip all city hospitals with air conditioners till the end of summer. In the middle of the year the head of the capital public health services Pechatnikov complained that 60% of main holdings, buildings, public health services constructions are now practically in emergency condition, 70% of medical equipment became morally and physically outdated. While Sobyanin greets curative belts..."

- I wouldn't also say that citizens of our country are such feeble-minded, - Anatoly Baranov finished. - In Rostov-on-Don, for example, the belt was met by three hundred people, it's seen on a photo that expected flow of fanatics didn't happen, though the cathedral was cordoned as some stadium. The most numerous queue gathered near the bus with a sign "ladies'". By the way, situation with toilets in Rostov is bad, the mayor is under investigation - he built himself a house on the earth taken away from a zoo. I, by the way, saw (you will laugh, but I was on Athos) that there is the whole room filled with different "relics" in the Monastery of Vateopedi. That'll be great, having rummaged there, to find out some means from corruption of the officials and stupidity of citizens. Such relic, perhaps, would be good to bring to the country, the problem is - there's no such relic...


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