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Ruling Clique Turns Itself into Fake, but It's Already Its Problems

Ruling Clique Turns Itself into Fake, but It's Already Its Problems
Delyagin Michael 06.12.2011

Mass indignation of the Russians frightened organizers of counting of votes and forced them to raise degree of reliability of officially declared results. Long before the beginning of elections it was clear that "United Russia" would lose its constitutional majority, it's necessary to present it as proof of democratization, but it would keep usual majority to provide passing of all not extraordinary decisions.

Increase in representation of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was predicted; possibly, the state is rather afraid of it - that's the reason of unexpected result of already "written off" "Fair Russia".

I will underline: scales of falsifications, as well as in previous years, from my point of view don't give any grounds to speak about results of voting of citizens of Russia; it is correct to speak only about the results declared by a ruling clique and not about "elected", but about "appointed" deputies of shadow play or puppet theatre.

The State Duma remains meaning nothing in real management machine for propunching accepted without it decisions - not for nothing on December, 27th Medvedev will make public speech before it, by the time he won't be listened even by deputies.

If it would be necessary to stamp the decision demanding constitutional majority, the Presidential Administration will choose from three "oppositional" fractions the one which will likes more. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, I will remind, with delight served to "Edinstvo" in the beginning of the 2000s years when it was necessary to "whack" "Fatherland - All Russia". It's not necessary even to mention loyalty of LDPR, the head of "Fair Russia" is a former speaker of the Federation Council Mironov who loudly criticized many laws providing at the same time their acceptance.

I think there will be no unexpectedness: Putin will be appointed the president unless with smaller, than usually, percent of voices for him and the power having rejected modernization proclaimed by it will definitively lose legitimacy in opinion of people.

The ruling clique tired out itself into a trap having created conditions in which very few people believe in official results of elections and even in fact that significant number of voters went to vote. The ruling clique turns itself into fake, but it's already not its problems.

We know how the fakes throughout all Russian history end; we know also that the ruling clique in due time is going to occupy personal "Golfstreams" and to fly to its palaces and castles in the luxurious countries.

It's not clear only what hopes those whose castles will be taken away by the West while they would be making their last flight cherish - for example, Putin. But he could be intoxicated with the returning to formal power to such extend that not only desire to execute official duties, but also simple instinct of self-preservation will fail him.


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