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Party in Power Got What It Wanted. What about Us?..

Party in Power Got What It Wanted. What about Us?..
Baranov Anatoly 07.12.2011

So, new intermediate result of calculation of 38 percent of bulletins from the Central Electoral Committee convincingly confirms our previous forecast: percent of those who votes for ‘United Russia" inevitably creeps up to a magic figure 50%, but it doesn't hurry up to rise beyond - not to irritate. After all actually all celebrate victory - the party in power conceded constitutional majority, having reserved for itself arithmetic one that allows it to do all the same as earlier unless to pass constitutional laws will be more expensive now. Actually all basic constitutional laws which people tenderly name antinational have been already accepted.

Enormous by quantity and impudence falsifications won't be properly protested - after all the Duma parties have received their share of power and even have amicably improved their results. It will allow Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky and Mironov not only to speak about "victory", but also to receive rather serious money from the budget - approximately 1 dollar annually for each who voted for them. We don't talk about essentially increased capitalization of their Duma mandates - let's say all earlier sold out places in the lists will be now provided by deputy documents, these documents will give a bit more possibilities.

Tell me honestly, unless someone refuses such happiness?



on elections of the deputies in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the 6th convocation

Fair Russia - 2467373 - 13.07%

Liberal Party of the Russian Federation - 2389433 - 12.66%

Patriots of Russia - 187372 - 0.99%

Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 3743073 - 19.83%

Yabloko - 487486 - 2.58%

United Russia - 9235167 - 48.92%

Just Cause - 102672 - 0.54%


38.89% of ballots have been processed


Well, what are then all possible prospects of development of scandals on these elections through parliamentary opposition? It's clear, it has none. Therefore they will discuss for form's sake and will calm down soon, as it always happens always after elections even less successful for misters oppositionists.

Non-parliamentary opposition, apparently, appears out of legal policy. As usual actully.

We lost the main thing - turnout. The Central Electoral Commission drew turnout more than 50 percent that doesn't go in conformity either with evidence, or with common sense. But today there's no one to protest these figures - as it is already mentioned above, parliamentary opposition won't go on it, after all acknowledgement of people's non-attendance means refusal of real money which should go from the budget for the votes. So, the power thought all over here.

Non-parliamentary activists working as observers on the voting stations got engaged in finding out of frauds with reports and bulletins and simply missed fixing of turnout (to be more exact - absence) - special thanks for that to Alexey Navalny and Boris Nemtsov. Supporters of the first "gathered counters" for budgets of parliamentary parties, while the second - worked for turnout. Thanks to all - all are free.

One can't say that those who agitated for boycott were in minority inside opposition - that was almost all National Assembly, the Left Front and many other our comrades. There is certain result - turnout was all the same less, than usually and reaction of society to the happening was actually absolutely adequate. But whether we can prove that the turnout really hardly reached 15 percent, it wasn't close to fifty anyway?

It will be difficult to prove as the geeks from all Europe who were delivered here as "the international observers" have already reported about fine, purely and fairly carried out elections - well, there were all in all 650 "observers", approximately 1 for 150 sites.

But still here we are, we don't need to prove anything for ourselves - we saw all with our own eyes. Here you are the result of the poll on FORUM.msk:

Do you really think all happening on December, 4th "people's will"?:

Yes (55)

No (848)

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