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Today Putin’s Mode Was Sent to Fuck... Mother by 100 Thousand People on Bolotnaya Square

Today Putin’s Mode Was Sent to Fuck... Mother by 100 Thousand People on Bolotnaya Square

The main fear that Bolotnaya Square is not very suitable place from the point of view of geography: though being situated in the center, but detached; though big, but being far from all – appeared to be not justified. As I told yesterday, if 30 thousand people gather, they all the same will be heard. More than 100 thousand gathered... People can’t be place only on the Square, therefore they stood on bridges and on the opposite quay, closely in the adjoining streets - everywhere. Lot of people. All Moscow.

"I never saw such polite and benevolent to each other Muscovites, - the chairman of Editorial council of FORUM.msk Michael Delyagin participating in the meeting noticed. - I climbed through a crowd to a scene, I disturbed people and stepped on toes, not purposely, certainly – I didn’t hear any rough word, any baleful look. I don’t have "a flasher", I have bisuness to be done and people understood".

In the beginning of the meeting other, small fears started to come true - organizers tried "to pull a blanket" on themselves on the sly, but already from the third-fourth acting equality was restored. Already from the middle of the meeting it was led by Nastya Udaltsova, Ilya Ponomarev, I - from the Left Front.

We will later present a chronicle of the events. But the main thing – obviously, this time already all participated in it. By the way, the list the acting persons was added by Konstantin Krylov and other representatives of nationalists, so here a warp was corrected. All political forces and movements representing opposition had their word to be said.

Best of all people accepted the most radical appeals. I simply told that we had gathered not to help swindlers to take a few deputy mandates away from the thieves, but make so that not to see those bothered physiognomies at all. Judging by reaction of the square, physiognomies really made all thick. I reminded that it’s not a question of recalculating of voices, but about delegations of power - "misters" can go either to Paris, or London, or "to fuck... mother", only they should do it quickly. This offer was also apprehended with a bang!

People insisted that the deputies who passed in the Duma from "parliamentary opposition" handed their mandates over, but those somehow bypassed delicately the question - only Ilya Ponomarev agreed to do it. I stood bail for him: "He would".

We also read Medvedev's message in "Twitter", something like: "What’s going on there in Moscow?" Ponomarev got interested if we need such person as the president. People answered: "No, we don’t need him!"

At the end we received good news, my old friend - a deputy head of the Political council of "United Russia” Andrey Isaev promised that the voice of people from Bolotnaya Square "will be heard by the state". I trust, it will be heard. But whether it will be understood correctly? After all people expressed itself clearly - go to... well, you know the address.

What do you think, whether they will go? "Thieves' steamship", of course, is always at their disposal. The main thing that they don’t get delayed...

Аnatoly Baranov, participant of the meeting

To be continued...



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