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It’s Necessary to Take into Prison for Appeals to Zyuganov to Hand over Mandates

It’s Necessary to Take into Prison for Appeals to Zyuganov to Hand over Mandates
Alexander Golovenko 20.12.2011

On Wednesday, December, 21st the sixth State Duma in uniform impulse will gather for the first session so that under supervision of the Kremlin troll Sergey Naryshkin to continue relay race of Gryzlov’s struggle for national happiness. It is still dunged by glamour: by dollar billionaires and millionaires, “champions in undressing”, singers, actresses and maturing sportsmen.

New favourite of "alpha male" - 27-year-old blonde and ascending pornostar of "Playboy" Mashenka Kozhevnikova whom he guided through the lists of his “party of power” is its main decoration. They say exclusively with a view of observance of a principle of checks and balances.

Thereupon it is necessary to bring urgently in the drastic measures to the authors of appeals to comrade Zyuganov to hand over the Duma mandates of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Up to the criminal. A year or two of compulsory labour would cool even the hotheads.

Really, it is impossible so live so any longer. In every corner of the Internet - mockeries and sneers. Say, how it could happen so, dear Gennady Andreevich? You have christened the State Duma illegitimate, you consider elections dishonest and unfair, but still take mandates? It as though you declared divorce with the spouse, but at nights still importune her.

I quite well represent condition of the main oppositionist of the country. How much can he listen to one and the same reproach from the journalists, opponents, in the streets, in the underground, in shops, from natives, relatives and friends? It already sounds from washing machine, iron and microwave. Unless it’s not brutal? Where’s our mercy and compassion?

If the secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation really should explain to every passer-by why he can't neglect goodheartedness of the head of the Time occupational government which has allocated him 92 comfortable chairs? For obedience, refusal of boycott of these absolutely illegitimate elections and unextinguishable aspiration to struggle for release of workers from oppression of the capital with the same success. No and no once again.

Only irresponsible shouters who don't understand that Joint-Stock Company "The Communist Party of the Russian Federation" long time ago became for Gennady Andreevich rather profitable enterprise, a source of his material welfare call for handing over of mandates. Therefore he entrusted the main PR manager of the party, member of presidium of the Central Committee Obuhov to think up some wise excuse. He said on the air:

- We officially wrote in our statement that elections were illegitimate from moral and political point of view. But from the point of view of Churov’s legality they are lawful. The observer can be sent away under that law which is accepted. It is possible not to show the lists of voters – according to Churov’s law. But even in such conditions we received 92 mandates. We consider that elections are illegitimate from the point of view of higher norms of the right, from the point of view of the international obligations of the Russian Federation, but on Churov’s law we received those mandates.

If you understand something from this casuistry – it means you are happier than me. Well, unless Mr. Obuhov would tell that under the lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation the lower chamber was added by a set of “commercial candidates” who paid million dollars. Classical example - Krasnoyarsk where three businessmen from Moscow appeared among first "three" of the regional list of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Let’s calculate now: at the price of mandate say 3 million "dollars", it’s about 2,400 billion roubles which "are already distributed" among participants of elective process - from the Kremlin towers to Presidium of the Central Committee.

The most outstanding fighters with antinational mode go further in the lists. As, for example, Vladimir Vladimirovich’s former best friend Victor Cherkesov who was his assistant in FSB. Or Vasily Lihachev - the former speaker of the State Council of Tatarstan, former deputy head of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, nowadays adviser of the chairman of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia and other oppositional statesmen … So what? All of them should return mandates? You should be laughing. Unless Gennady Andreevich look like the suicide?


I have already written that for extra feeding of the top leaders of parliamentary parties Vladimir Vladimirovich put them on state financing. Its size depends on the quantity of voices submitted the party multiplied by 20 roubles. So in the new year Joint-Stock Company "The Communist Party of the Russian Federation" comrade Zyuganov will receive not less than 250 million roubles from the budget. For nothing! For his staunch aspiration to send "tandem" on a garbage heap of history. So what? If it is necessary to refuse them as well?

On preliminary estimations, comrade Zyuganov will be given 6-7 committees from 29 in the State Duma. Whether you know what the State Duma committee is? No, you don't know. It, first of all, is the right to be the active participant of distribution of the state budget. It is possibility: a) to be closer to a body, to receive invitations to status actions and to show off on TV; b) to receive at the disposal a car with a flasher, own staff, raised salary and other bonuses and privileges; c) to lobby laws of “interested parties” and to receive bribes; d) to bargain with the government under bills; e) to give job to a number of relatives and acquaintances, wives, daughters, nieces, necessary people, criminals and so on in the committees or as own or public assistants.

Of course, there’s no saying about people and its needs. All the same legislative ball will be ruled by “party in power” of illegitimate Mr. Naryshkin, who has the majority of 238 voices, sufficient for pushing through of the most mongrel law. Zyuganov-followers will amicably vote against them every time declaring to the electorate that they don't have enough mandates for full blocking. So all questions to Putin...

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