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Political Corpse Attacks Eternally Alive

Political Corpse Attacks Eternally Alive

Candidate for presidents of the Russian Federation Michael Prokhorov suggested to hold a referendum devoted to a burial place of a body of the leader of October revolution Vladimir Lenin.

"My personal position - Lenin needs to be buried. But it should be done with respect to those people who have different opinion. I would hold referendum to make the decision", - the billionaire declared in interview to TV channel Russia Today.

"It is necessary that majority of our citizens could react consciously to this decision because it is very important part of our historical culture. It needs to be made, all together. If we decide so, let's exchange our opinions at referendum. We have just few such questions. The question about Lenin is all-important. We should leave our past, not forgetting it, for the sake of the future of our country", - M.Prokhorov explained his position.

- I think Prokhorov's body is almost twice longer, than the one of Vladimir Ilich, but in political plan he, of course, is a dwarf in comparison to Lenin, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov thinks. – Certainly, it’s a big temptation for every “king for a day” to lay hands on the most known person in the Russian history. Though it’s remarkable that Prokhorov suddenly recollected about referendum though in such ridiculous context, other prefer not to recollect at all. After all referendum under the Constitution is the higher display of the power of people, it’s more important than the president and parliament. Whether it is not strange that this body of the higher authority was never seen in action? Whether it is not strange that the law on referendum corrects the Constitution to such extend that referendum in Russia becomes almost impossible thing? Meanwhile a lot of questions to referendum gathered. Certainly, such senseless question as Lenin's burial place being lifted at the first referendum is from the category of mockeries both at the Organic law and people. However, this mockery has been lasting for already 20 years in our country.

"Well, as to Lenin's burial place and Prokhorov's intention to leave the past, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - Generally under the Constitution which guarantor Prokhorov wants to become, the Russian Federation is successor not the empires of Nibelungen, but of the Soviet Russia. It was V.I.Lenin was the first head of our state - not only the leader of revolution, but also the founder of the Soviet state. It’s interesting to me if it is possible to elect the head of the state a person who first of all intends to outrage upon burial place of the founder of the state, the more so he treats it as presidential promise. Whether it is not strange that none of the heads of the Russian Federation - neither Yeltsin, nor Putin or Medvedev ever laid a flower, some pitiful to a tomb of the person which power they inherit? While everyone though once stated his opinion on the theme, how to despit his burial place. Well, they are freaks, are they not?"

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