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Not Stability but Turbulence

Not Stability but Turbulence
Vladimir Garmatyuk 18.04.2012

Pilot - captain:

- Dear passengers, our liner

enters into a zone of turbulence.

Please, fasten seat belts. There will be no soft landing, we will crash down …


– May I ask a question?

- Yes.

- A-a-a, where do we fly to?

- I’ve told you. – Into turbulence zone!

- Well, if it is dangerous there, may be it’s better to change a course?

- No, it is impossible, I don't know other direction.

- May be it’s better to replace you?

- Well, but you asked for stable landing.

So fasten your seat belts and wait...


April, 11th, 2012. The prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin "reported" in the State Duma of the Russian Federation to subordinates (upon fact), list "deputies". The speaker got to a tribune being considerably anxious, but then he quickly got accustomed and started giving comparisons between bad life there “where we fly to” and good one that we have now.

If it’s bad there where came ahead found themselves, why then do we go there? If You understand? There is no sense to repeat what was told in V. Putin's report, but it’s possible to note some "achievements" of his government.

Russia lost the most part of industry of the USSR and instead of it for April, 1st, 2012 it got gold value in the sum of 513,9 billion mainly in dollars and euro. The speaker himself mentioned the worthy credit value and trust "security" has in the world:

- The debt of the USA exceeds 100% of gross domestic product of the country (at annual budgetary deficiency of 8,7% and inflation of 3,2%), while the debt of Eurozone – 90% (at average inflation of 3-5%)...

Thus, already today dollar and euro are bankrupts, their actual cost is multiply less (at least twice), the price of world currencies decreases constantly.

Yes, birth rate grows in Russia recently, but it’s not the merit of the government merit, it’s inheritance of the USSR (the youth which was born in the 80s entered genital age).

There Was Beef Farming in the USSR!

Neither you, nor your deputy Victor Zubkov “being from young age in agriculture” – don't know about it. As known Soviet satirist Arcady Raikin told:

– There were crayfish in the river and fish in Volga.

For example, there was a big cattle-breeding complex with 10 000 livestock where bull-calves were fattened in 20km from Vologda in village Vasilevskoe. During your presidency both complex and calves disappeared in the 2000s. The only bull – iron one – still remained on a high pedestal next to the fork to the village, it hasn’t been stolen as scrap metal, but all’s ahead. (There are no incomes in the village).

Pig factory farm “Nadeevo” containing 50 thousand livestock was opened in 1982 in 10 km from Vologda. In 2009 the debt of the enterprise made 500 million rubles and in 2012 it exceeded 1 billion roubles. (There are 500-1000 pigs there). The enterprise – bankrupt, it asks for new credit in 1 billion roubles, but no one gives it. Increase in prices for gas, electric power in summer will lead to the end of the enterprise. Then the end will come to villages Vasilevskoe, Nadeevo and many other.

Vasilevskoe, Nadeevo and other farms in the USSR delivered meat to Moscow, therefore there always could be found meat and sausages. If there was no beef farming, there would be no meat in Moscow and people would have to get it far away. There was beef farming!

Over 200 million tons of grain were produced per year in the USSR, but that was still not enough, they had to buy it abroad. While in 2011 Russia grew only 94 million tons - and that was superfluous. Grain was spent for production of forages for bull-calves, pigs and if there’s no cattle, there’s no need for forages and production of compound feeds. Therefore they sell grain. – If there’s something to be proud of here?! – Of that many Russian citizens have no meat products in their food ratio?

It is possible to bring one general result to what was told in the report. The power uncontrolledly parasitizes on society. The higher is the official, the more he takes from treasury. People have no control and management mechanisms over "servants". Theft and thieves are – in "law". Fearing for "feeding trough" the power spin a web of total control so that Russia is on the 120th place in the world on convenience of making business.

You ask offers: “How to improve business climate in Russia”?

I answer. If the base legal principle of presumption of innocence, trust is admitted. (It should be so). Than you should be consecutive in actions. – It’s necessary to establish the size of the minimum income for citizens, for businessmen below which it’s necessary to cancel immediately every control, every requirement of tax declaration, of reporting. Nobody has the right to "nightmarize" citizens and small business. What is possible to demand from an egg or a chicken? Touch them not carefully and they will cease to exist. Only adult chicken can have eggs. Those kopeks which people will earn they will spend for bread, at once the money as water will return to “mill wings” of economy.

Tax inspections, courts, police officers will get rid of pitiful troubles and queues. They will have more possibility to be engaged in large affairs.

Either citizens will acquire opportunity to work quietly, or the state will pay unemployment benefits, to produce poverty, crime and to feed prisoners.

In his report V. Putin "pleased" listeners with the fact that he leads the country to a "turbulence" era. What exactly is Russia approaching? - In Spain unemployment - 25%, in France retirement age is increased, Greece loses national sovereignty because of debts. Difference of incomes between rich and poor makes in Europe 5-7 times, in the USA 15 times, in Brazil – 39 times. Gap in incomes is fraught with social shocks.

Taking into account that Russia follows on their steps (in Russia difference in incomes already makes 16 times), all these phenomena in the country will accrue and become aggravated. Is it necessary to you?

V. Putin specified that his personal income for 2012 made 3, 66 million roubles or 305000 roubles a month. Minimum wage in Russia is 4611 roubles a month. V. Putin's salary is more, than minimum one in 66 times! Difference in incomes is not even 16 and not all 39 (as in Brazil), but 66 times! Vladimir Vladimirovich – you are ahead of all countries of the world.

If you declared from the tribune that you want to dedicated yourself entirely to service of Russia, start reforms from yourself. If you need to eat, drink, etc in 66 times more? Why do you 66 times better than other citizens?

18,1 million people in Russia today live below living wage. In fact, they constantly and daily are starving!

Bureaucrats are not ashamed of poverty of people who earn their living - incomes of officials in public service make tens and hundreds millions roubles annually. What do you, shameless “servant of people”, need this money for? Unless you are eternal?

It is bright personal example of hypocrisy – to call for one thing and to do other.

No offers to shift from dangerous “turbulence zones” were proposed by the new political-economical direction of speaker V. Putin or opposition. The Duma debate got limited to "technical" questions. The chairman of CPRF Gennady Zyuganov noted stable balance making assessment of "achievements" of the government. All aircraft factories in Russia produced 13 civil planes in 2011, from them 9 came to operation and 9 crashed down together with passengers. The leader of LDPR V. Zhirinovsky again made people laugh.

The prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, now already the President of the Russian Federation sends Russia to “a turbulence zone”….

V. Putin didn't tell that “a pit” is ahead of the country - further reduction of industry and agriculture, big unemployment, bigger stratification in incomes, bigger social tension, poverty of bigger number of the population, rise in crimes, alcoholism, drug addiction, diseases, mortality and other "gifts".

Uncontrolled hands of the power created in the country system of enrichment of oligarchs and monopolies, civil servants and officials, but there is no mechanism of protection for people against robbery. Modern economy of Russia is in times weaker and has no possibility to develop, it’s even not in condition to support in working condition that potential which has been created in the USSR, which today feeds and gives life to people.

In “turbulence zone” Russia will meet – lack of good roads in regions and cities, paid roads, dying off of villages and small cities, population extinction, rise in prices, increase in retirement age, poverty, reduction of doctors, teachers, introduction of paid health care and education. Everything that remained free – will be paid. A man will be tightly tied with property bonds, he will be turned into ignorant, malicious slave.

New: “Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power stations”, "Bulgaries", "Kursks", “Lame Horses”, "Kushchyovskie", “Kazan Champagnes”, "Evsyukovs", "Domodedovos", the Dumas, Astrakhan falsifications, “Shemyakin’s courts”, forest fires, burned down villages, crashed planes and other "gifts" from blind leaders and the power are ahead in “turbulence zone”.

“Don't ask me for whom the bell tolls: he calls for you”. (E.Hemingway)

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