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"United Russia" Was Transferred as a Dog – In Good Hands

"United Russia" Was Transferred as a Dog – In Good Hands

At a meeting with activists of “United Russia" on Friday Medvedev agreed to head the ruling party and made a number of interesting statements: he told that he was always the conservative and not the liberal as it’s considered by many, he noted the need of party membership of the head of the state and told about prospects of members of United Russia and political system of the country as a whole. He even decided to join the party in view of that.

As in the marriage advertisement: good party is looking for the teetotal leader.

Unless this party is called ruling? The CPSU was the ruling one, there was a queue to join it. There was no such precedent that the one from non-party was offered a leading post!

Besides it again turns out unclear - Putin was chosen as the president as the party leader of "United Russia", while right after it he became the non-party. It turns out that he deceived the voters from Nizhny Tagil?

Now, it seems, the governors will also start leaving the party following his example, appointing deputies, assistants and secretaries instead? What about the deputies, the Duma majority? People say that Putin will organize a new party "Popular Front" – as he has already gained victory over citizens-voters, the front suits him. Unless all parliamentary majority will run to Putin now? Or it will stay with Medvedev? Medvedev then will also get the desire to appoint someone instead of himself - say Dvorkovich or Timakova. What to do in this case?

They say in old times younger brothers wore not only cloths after the senior ones, but also their wives. Thus “United Russia” found itself in a role of become hateful spouse – it seems Putin has got accustomed to it... What did they think in old times? If a man went away from an old wife to a new one, it’s bad. Today he betrayed wife, tomorrow he would do the same in relation to the party or even worse – to the Native Land. After all one can’t say that such thoughts are totally wrong.


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