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Duma Voted for Constitutional Rights of Only the Rich

Duma Voted for Constitutional Rights of Only the Rich

The State Duma of the Russian Federation after 11 hours of discussions in the second and third reading passed a bill to toughen fines for violations of administrative rules of organization and carrying out of mass actions. 239 voices pro versus 207 contra. Corresponding changes previously initiated by a group of deputies from the faction "United Russia” enter the Code of Administrative Offences of RF, as well as the federal law "On Assemblies, Meetings, Demonstrations, Processions, Pickets".

If someone doubted that such law would be passed? Thus it’s unprecedented that it’s been passed right on the eve of June, 12th. Let us think – to pass the law to the date of the meeting! Having 2 percent advantage "United Russia” will soon amend laws to the dates of concrete sentencing or on other occasions. Then it can cancel amendments when being subjected to a different case. If it’s possible to treat such "laws" as Laws?

There are two main arguments for increase in sizes of fines:

- precedent on May, 6th;

- fines in Europe are also not small.

Everything’s been already said about the first: police provocation, apparently, was agreed with the legislature and Administration of the President, otherwise the law was not accepted so quickly. There’s only one open question - degree of participation of organizers of the march in the provocation.

As to the second – it’s strange. In some countries of Europe fines are really big (ex Switzerland). But for 12 years of Putin's board the Russians haven’t achieved standard of living of Switzerland, although country produces plenty of money: we are equal on a number of billionaires to all Europe, while on average level we are lacking behind even Romania. At that average incomes in Romania are really medium, while our averaging is being deduced from the income of the pensioner old woman Dusya and Abramovich. That is real incomes of the majority are even less than in Romania.

So maybe it was necessary to begin not from fines, but from the rise of income up to the European level? Then start matching with fines ...

A fine making monthly salary of the Swiss and annual of the Russian is not a ban for the meeting. Just all meetings become either pro-governmental or liberal. If, say, meeting is sponsored by Prokhorov, it’s not a problem to add extra 10 thousand dollars to the budget. But it’s a problem for the Left Party existing on contributions. So, it means that they introduce not a ban but income qualification.

As one rich bastard told, if someone has no billion, he is not a man. Here you are – article 31 of the Russian Constitution becomes paid - for those who are able to pay their constitutional rights. England, 18th century.

However, the Constitution of the Russian Federation is not all right in general. Newly appointed minister Medinsky used to say: "Brother of Alexander III, the governor of Moscow, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich Romanov who was killed by terrorists was the first chairman of the Palestinian society. His work was continued by his spouse Elizabeth Feodorovna who after the revolution was brutally murdered by the revolutionaries, now she is one of the most revered saints. It seems that we have to think about it opening this exhibition. May be present here representatives of the authorities of Moscow should also think about it. For the names of some of these terrorists and their supporters are still present in the names of our streets, while we have no streets named after Sergei Alexandrovich or St. Elizabeth Feodorovna,"- Medinsky said. According to him, "their names should replace the names of torturers and murderers." Among the last the minister named Voykov who took part in the murder of the royal family (according to Medinsky, there are in Moscow five streets bearing his name and metro station "Voykovskaya"), Khalturin and Zhelyabov. Give their name to the streets on a map of the city, according to Medinsky, is like "now to call the street to in the honour of Movladi Udugov and Khattab”.

Note that current Constitution of RF states: "The Russian Federation - Russia - is a democratic federal law-governed state with republican form of government". Those revolutionaries whom the Minister of Putin's government equates to bandits and terrorists were killed in fight with monarchy in Russia for establishment of the republican form of government. As long as Russia - republic, revolutionaries act as defenders of the constitutional order, while monarchists – its opponents, at that it’s difficult to invent more serious state crime than attempt at the republican form of government.

The Minister of Putin's government can do it easily! Replace revolutionaries-republicans with monarchs and their families. Actually after such statement the Minister should be thrown away from this post. While he continues to stay and prosecutors remain silent. Obedient deputies do not write their queries. Though attempt of the governmental representative at the basis of the constitutional order - is obvious. England, 18th century. King, parliament, income qualification. Europe ...

However France is also a sort of Europe. But there beheading of kings is not called "murder." There was court session, verdict and punishment. As in Yekaterinburg, by the way. According to the laws of the republic.

There will be more. According to the laws of the republic.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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