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Price of People, Their Lives and Dignity in Russia

Price of People, Their Lives and Dignity in Russia
Igor Olin 17.07.2012

Events of last days showed what a real price of human dignity and life in Russia is.

The Vakhitovsky district court of Kazan obliged the Ministry of Finance to pay 4 thousand rubles to compensate moral damage of the injured student of the Kazan University suffered from actions of policemen. Within 3 days of February of last year authorized operatives of the Security Company "Dalny" applied in relation to him physical abuse trying to get recognition in commission of hooligan actions. The student asked for 20 thousand for illegal criminal prosecution. However one day of tortures was estimated by the judge in a sum of 1333 rubles. To the credit of the judge it is necessary to say that the prosecutor refused to support the claim in general. So, somewhere between 0 to 1333 rubles – lay the price of human dignity in our country. The last figure, probably, is not such small – it nevertheless exceeds daily earning of an average Russian.

The president established the cost of the "welfare" saved up by the citizen for all his labor activity in the sum of about 160 thousand rubles in Krymsk and confirmed settled price of human life having declared compensation to a family for a victim in the sum of 2 million.

Metamorphoses of the state decisions and domestic legislation of the present look surprising from the point of view of these dry, sad but truthful figures.

Six people from the staff of the capital police who suffered on May, 6 at suppression of disturbance of public peace near Bolotnaya Square received apartments from the government of Moscow. Considering that the cost of the cheapest one-room apartment in the suburbs of the capital is about 5 million rubles we can draw a conclusion that a wound of six policemen is equated to 15 deaths of ordinary inhabitants. Inhabitant of Krymsk would have to live 31 lives to save up property in such volume. The Kazan student for receiving of the corresponding compensation from "Dalny" should be tortured 3750 (three thousand seven hundred fifty) days – till 2022.

Allocation of 300 million by the Mayor’s office of Moscow for payment of awards to police officers and military personnel of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation providing order during mass actions in May is comparable to the planned expenses on restoration of houses destroyed by nature in Krymsk – the president called the same 250-300 million rubles. Besides, mayor Sobyanin directed 3,2 million more on payments of lump sums of 10 thousand rubles to contract employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia who distinguished themselves during the same mass actions. The same sum - 10 thousand - is paid to each member of the family of four and less people having registration in Krymsk for prime needs. It turns out that from the point of view of the Russian state events on Bolotnaya Square where more than two tens policemen suffered are identical to the Crimean tragedy and oppositional marches on their consequences are equivalent to flood.

In a rich country where big awards are urged to testify getting up off one’s knees penalties, of course, can't be small. The law on meetings made maximum penalties for violations up to 300 thousand rubles for citizens, 600 thousand for officials having increased them at once in 150 times. Similarly they intend to raise penalties for slander – up to 500 thousand rubles.

That’s all at the fact that, for example, for concealment of information about existence of free ground fund from citizens the official should receive a warning or imposing of administrative penalty at a rate from hundred to three hundred rubles. For such price the official can swindle a small city, he can illegally take 100 land lots from the structure of lands of historical and cultural appointment away (penalty up to 5 thousand). For such price from hundred to five hundred employers presume to violate the law on labor protection, to evade from participation in negotiations on conclusion of the collective agreement. For such price at implementation of the state supervision experts can bring in 333 obviously false indictments (penalty up to one and a half thousand) and 500 management companies can break supply of the population with utilities (up to one thousand).

Really, what "trifles" in comparison with frightening slander and meetings!

It is widely known that in the national history the most naked truth quite often acted as “slander”. It seems to me, only such truth - "slander" can have quoted price.

Constitutional state is possible only where the law is clear, fair, is perceived by absolute majority of the population as necessary. Otherwise “law dictatorship” is nothing more than simple dictatorship. As any dictatorship, it will have bad end.

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