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Moscow Plants. Raising from Knees President-Like

Moscow Plants. Raising from Knees President-Like
Alexander Zimbovsky 07.08.2012

It is known that our president loves to be on about how slowly but surely he is raising Russia from knees (it’s usually held back what poses he forces it to have after that and what movements he induces it to do). During last All-Russia elections they supported position that the president wasn't liberal, he is different, he faces not "creative" but working class …

No matter what the guarantor of the constitution says, the market is market and to buy something, for example, the right to be a member of the WTO, the right to be a place by means of which world economy receives gas (I apologize, to be superstate), the right to keep money in the western banks, possibility to get real estate in the West being not afraid to loose it is necessary to sell something. For example, to sell the right to have industry in the territory controlled by you. So, let’s see what happens at the Moscow factories in general and in particular in the first summer of the third coming of VVP.

At the Soviet planned economy (nowadays declared inefficient) annually from 1975 to 1989 ZIL produced 195 — 210 thousand trucks. Trucks which were used not only in the Union, but also were exported to 51 countries of the world. When liberal economists (they say effective, the only question: wherein effective?) started ruling the country, production fell to one thousand cars a year. Average salary of the workers fluctuates from 7 to 10 thousand rubles. However, these figures were recognized superfluous. At the moment the new director, the director specializing on elimination of enterprises, is appointed. Writing off and sale of equipment is going on in full speed. Many workers have already received notices on axe, the others are waiting for their turn. Finally decision about ZIL will be taken by December.

20 thousand people worked at Moscow Machine-Building Plant named after Chernyshev (nowadays produces engines RD-33 for MIG - 29) in the times of the Union. Only 6 thousand remained by this year. It also was recognized wrong. More than one thousand people were dismissed for last months, the rest as well as employees of ZIL are waiting for the order to get out.

The first thing that you see at approaching of Tushinsky Machine-Building Plant – announcement about renting of the territory.

In due time "Buran" was produced at that very plant, in 2005-2006 equipment which were used for production of that unique device went to scrap.

Only advertisement of one of the tenants: “Grill bar "Buran”" reminds now about days of recent glory. Some time after destruction of the equipment necessary for aircraft industry the plant tried to work due to production of buses, trolleybuses, power installations, industrial complexes on utilization of tires, now it was also recognized high, inadmissible for “a power superstate” level of production. Now there’s less and less work to do at the plant. People are sent in idle times following two systems for choice. Namely, on a system “two thirds of the salary”, in this case the worker receives two thirds of salary and should stay on his workplace even if there’s no necessity in work. On the system “three plus two” the worker works three normal days and takes two days of vacation at own expense. However, the payment of idle time payment on both of these systems as well as the salary at the plant are delayed for months.

Generally, the diagnosis is clear, I want to ask only one, purely rhetorical question. What will happen earlier? Raising from knees will accept absolutely irreversible forms or people’s patience will snap?

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