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Electricity and Heat Become Luxury Affordable Only to One Third of the Population

Electricity and Heat Become Luxury Affordable Only to One Third of the Population

The ministry of economic development offered a new forecast of development of Russia supposing serious reorganization of schemes of financing of gas and electric power industries —in the next 18 years the Russian citizens should start paying for energy more than industrial enterprises. In 2014 the price for energy for population will start growing quicker, than industrial prices do and by the end of the period the difference in price for different categories of consumers will make 70% for electricity and 30% for gas. By 2030, according to the forecast, prices for gas for the population will grow 4,6 times and for electricity — 5 times.

Serious rise in prices for energy is necessary for updating of infrastructure of the state monopolies extracting it, however, by calculations of experts, sharp jump in prices can make whole industrial branches noncompetitive, therefore simple citizens should finance modernization of power extracting infrastructures.

From the 20s years rise in prices for industry should lag behind inflation. Thus individuals in nation-wide scale consume only about 12% of the capacity produced by the Russian power plants. According to the experts, similar rise in prices will allow only approximately one third part of the Russians consume energy at the former level, poorer population will be compelled to reduce energy consumption.


From editorial board: If to be honest, I always considered that our Prime Minister Mitya is such harmless idiot. He ate hamburgers with Obama, was happy to get I-phone as a child, he was bought second-hand yacht in Turkey –such zits-chairman next to dragon Gorynych.

While yesterday I understood that it was a mistake – he is not harmless. Not for nothing hу was chosen by dragon Gorynych from the whole list of other small reptiles, the same way as Gorynych was very successfully chosen from the same nutrient medium (successfully, certainly, not for us, but for those who chose).

Yesterday our I-phone suggested to take penalty in 500 thousand rubles from Muscovites and Petersburgers for going though red light and 250 thousand - from other Russians. Let the Constitutional Court explain why I should pay 2 times more for one and the same fault, than my brother living on the other side of MKAD. Following such logic Muscovites should be imprisoned for rape for 20, while, say, Dagestani and Chukchi should be only for 10...

The main thing which struck is the sum. What does 500 thousand mean? It’s, generally, family income in the state entrusted to our prime minister Mitya. I, of course, understand that for Mitya 500 rubles are the same as 500 thousand, but there are in the Russian Federation other citizens who feel difference. To deprive the whole family of annual income for traffic violation, let even rough, means to doom it to poverty, devastation and even hunger. It’s called, actually, genocide.

Well, I thought, Mitya just made a mistake, he told it in a fit of temper, actually, he is good fellow... While here you are – innovation from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. Two thirds of the population of the country will be compelled to reduce consumption. What for, Mitya? If consumption of energy for personal needs by all citizens are shitty 12 percent? It means that 4 percent will continue living as they are and eight percent will be reduced, say, to seven or six? So, it’s done for the sake of two percent?

It means that if for next 7-8 years industrial growth will happen, all country will have to start using splinters to get necessary electricity? At that it will be necessary to get it directly at the expense of citizens, at the expense of popular underconsumption...

Perhaps, it’s necessary to shoot for having electric kettle which consumes whole kilowatt?

All round the world electricity is the cheapest type of energy because it is extracted due to water falling, to a wind, to combustion of some shit... When you travel across Finland, you see that all woods are lightened - they live in farms which are quite far from each other and in each house is obligatory illuminated, that nobody, for God’s sake, lose his way. Houses are heated by electric convectors, saunas are electric, while wood oven is delicacy, it’s possible to say, luxury.

In the Soviet period, at damned stalinism industrial enterprises were obliged to heat nearby settlements and quarters at the expense of own electric power and heat. People tried their best for the sake of industry, but it never came to anyone’s head to force the workers to sit at splinter and to freeze at nights for the sake of cheap economy. Such cruel communists. People were necessary to cruel communists for their bloody experiments, therefore they built for people houses, took on average no more than 7 percent of income for communal services, provided them with heat and light instead of selling resources in foreign markets. So, they were brutal.

Here everything is clear - freedom. People of Russia - you are free, you can go from here whenever you want and not to shine. Too much gas, oil, electric power and different food are wasted on ungrateful people. Enough! You got used to eat three times a day and to watch TV in the evening. It’s harmful. It’s better when you come from work and to to to sleep on empty stomach, to increase birth rate.

By the way, switch off of electricity easily solves a problem of undesirable content on the Internet...

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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