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Мoscow “Cossacks” Will Become Informants

Мoscow “Cossacks” Will Become Informants

In South-Eastern district of Moscow they invented the way to bypass the Moscow legislation allowing Cossacks to patrol streets only accompanied by police officers. The prefecture of YuVAO issued standard provision about public and inspection control in the territory of the district. Cossacks will be included into a group of national controllers who have the right to make official reports about violations of public order, to reveal unauthorized trade, unauthorized construction, left cars, illegal advertizing, etc. They will send official reports to the administrative commissions of the district and can even give evidences against violators in the courts.

As ataman of the regional Cossack society "South-East" Sergey Shishkin explained to "Izvestia”, Cossacks would send also official reports to prosecutor's office. Certificates of the national controllers have been already ordered for Cossacks, 200 people all in all will patrol the streets. In total 1 thousand Cossacks live in YuVAO.

Meanwhile, as the deputy head of the council of the district of Lyublino Sergey Nesterov reported to "Izvestia" public and inspection groups existed in YuVAO earlier, they consist in general of former staff of law-enforcement bodies and military men. But only in December of the current year they decided to include Cossacks into the group of controllers-inspectors.

Cossacks will patrol regions in traditional blue form with red stripes. They will really receive certificate from the council. "But Cossacks aren't authorized to apply power or administrative actions, they can make only the protocol for the administrative commission," — Nesterov assured.

Neither in Moscow, nor in the country as a whole there is no law which would regulate activity of public controllers working separately from police, the chairman of the Moscow College of Lawyers "Nikolaev and Partners" Yury Nikolaev specifies. Therefore Cossacks in any case have no right to detain anybody and furthermore to check documents. If they will do it, Muscovites can complain in law enforcement bodies. Certificate of public controllers has no validity, it can help only to Cossacks that "the police by mistake didn't apply force to them", the lawyer is sure.

— Public controllers — is rather a crew of informants who will go on the area, write down everything and report the authorities and law enforcement bodies, — Nikolaev summarizes.


From editorial board: Actually it’s a good business to expand a circle of civil controllers. Why only retired cops and military men can become "public" controllers? Why the teacher or the worker can't be public controller? By the way, working teams would be in Moscow more logical, than crews of some nonexistent "Cossacks". Why not the crews of Streltsies or ushkuinniks? Or, let us assume, fascists?

Nevertheless the capital authorities decided to allocate exclusive group of citizens whom can do what other are forbidden. They will be easily identified on blue trousers with strip and theatrical requisite like lashes and other. They will have "crusts" of public controllers – the authorities have no trust as such to the society.

Well, nice history of the Cossacks comes to end very sadly: from free Don - to the crews of informers which will reveal small violations for police.


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