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"To Fart" in an Empty Hall

"To Fart" in an Empty Hall
Edward Limonov 08.08.2013

I absolutely don’t understand why he behaves so carelessly in election campaign. What is it? If he is firmly convinced that no matter what he does, he would get away with it? That he wouldn’t be withdrawn from elections? That electoral commission of Moscow has instructions not to remove him?

It’s possible to assert that it’s really so with absolute confidence. Right and left were withdrawn from elections even for smaller sins in the past.

Let’s pay attention to these contributions taken from Yandex purse by his activists and then brought (all in one sum - 10 thousand rubles) to the election account of Navalny, it’s glaringly obvious that it’s a fraud. Because it is impossible to trace a source of money, the activist took money from Yandex purse, but who was it who transferred those money to Yandex purse? CIA, criminal authority, Alfa Group?

Most likely Alfa Group, after all mister Ashurkov worked in "Alfa Group and now he is Navalny’s confident. Chip off the old block.

Zhirinovsky who passed tens and hundreds elections, professionally noticed fraud. Of course, you can have no love to Zhirinovsky and certainly he has interest that Navalny looked bad, but Zhirinovsky knows oats in elections, he knows elective business, all its dark back streets.

Or the press secretary of the hero of bourgeoisie Anna Veduta proclaimed: "Several people, these are citizens Ashurkov, Lyaskin, Beskorovayny, Yankauskas contributed money cash through Sberbank branches... each of them contributed one million dollars..."

Nikolay Lyaskin took part in Chirikova's election campaign, then he placed people near the building of Leninsky court in Kirov, he wet under rains, now he is in Navalny’s staff. He is the hired worker. The guy is sensible, rather light, he always smiles, but where he got one million rubles? I don't trust this info. He gets salary from Navalny, I don't think that his salary is so great.

Or Konstantin Yankauskas. He makes impression of ambitious person, it’s really so, but where he – research associate of our rather poor Russian Academy of Sciences - got such big sum of spare cash? Million...

In my opinion, someone like Alfa Group gave this money, then the recipients counted one million and send Lyaskin with Yankauskas to Sberbank to make contributions.

Citizens who want changes very much are pulling your legs.

We shouldn’t support protégé of oligarchs, swindler Navalny – let him even not be chekist, just because the country got tired of Putin - security officer and also protege of oligarchs.

In the whole elections on September, 8 are like to fart in an empty hall.

Voice of America: "The Kremlin will send Navalny to prison as soon as elections will end."

It is Voice of America wish that he would be sent to prison. So that to dramatize situation. Actually after elections Navalny will be given conditional term and may be (it’s the first time I make such assumption) he even won't be judged on the remained criminal cases. After all Putin clearly expressed himself on Seliger, if still there’s something which is not clear?

Navalny deserved.

He takes part in performance of endarkenment of voters.

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