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Why Do “Liberals” Persistently Make One and the Same Mistake

Why Do “Liberals” Persistently Make One and the Same Mistake
Eugene Polonsky 04.09.2013

 It would seem that after all falsifications of 2011-2012 it’s impossible to take part in next amusing "elections" arranged by the Kremlin? The more so to believe that oppositional candidate can win! But “liberal” supporters of Alexey Navalny pretend today that they have nothing in common with protest actions on Bolotnaya Square which main reason was mistrust to the Russian electoral system. That one of their main requirements was dismissal of Churov and reforming of election commissions. Having failed to achieve anything hamsters actively joined election campaign in Moscow. They convince the Moscow inhabitants of the need of high turnout. I.e. in maximum legitimization of these "elections". That this time there will be no Churov’s falsifications. If someone could explain why they are so sure?!

"Political scientists" and “analytics” promoting Navalny stubbornly prove us that the Russian power is afraid of Lyosha and his hamsters, that it’s weak and ready to concessions. After May, 6 – bringing sentence to participants of Pussi Riot group, Bolotnaya Square and the Duma lawmaking?! At first sight all this hysterical pro-Navalny activity reminds full madness.

However, I wouldn't start attributing it with mass psychosis which has affected "liberal" public. Though, of course, human nonsense is due no small part. Last 20 years showed that this defect – nonsense - is inherent in average to the Russian "liberal". Amazing weakness of analytical thinking and skills of construction of system - consecutive relations, infantility and alogism – these are the main features of "liberal consciousness". Add here emotional instability, thirst for demonstrative, I would even say, hysterical reactions, passionate belief in miracle and desire to pray at the sight of the next idol. Don't forget about cave anticommunism and hatred to all left discourse in general. Here you are portrait of the Russian "liberal" of the end of XX - beginning of XXI century.

It is clear that people with such set of qualities are doomed to be duped always. Though it’s not possible to explain everything which happens in connection with “elections” of Navalny by stupidity. After all, as they say, even monkey can be taught good manners. Especially if to apply a stick while training. Our liberals are unteachable in principle, in spite of the fact that they were kicked in the head many times - literally and in figurative sense. There should be some other explanation. It really exists - a tendency to treachery, conformism.

Oppositional "liberal" environment is flooded with a huge number of provokers, agents of intelligence services and simply with coward persons always ready to obey force. Aspiration to conciliation with the power is characteristic for liberals all over the world. It is connected with ideas of social Darvinism which densely impregnated their brains. As well as with horror of dark and not clear to them national mass which liberal intellectuals perceive as "aliens" and which they are afraid of. In Russia togetherness of "liberals" with imperious circles is especially strong. It arose since Yeltsin’s time and even earlier from the time of perestroyka.

Then party nomenclature become free of the USSR and communistic ideology used "liberal" intellectuals as a ram. As cover. It’s very convenient - on the one hand "liberals" realizing crazy ideas didn't stop before anything. On the other - if necessary it wasn't a pity to give them tofurious crowd for punishment as "enemies of the people". To make them fall guys. However, after final victory nomenclature which became oligarchy quickly got rid of "liberal" talkers who turned out business nullities in the majority. While relations remained.

Bureaucracy and "liberal" public (allegedly oppositional to the authorities) repeatedly stood together. It was so in 93, in 96, in 2000 and in 2008. Last time it happened literally a year and a half ago when a group of especially creative misters - "liberals" spoiled anti-Putin protest. Today we again see how double "liberal" agents provoke people to support Navalny on "elections" of the mayor. At they they understand perfectly well that he will never win. Strengthening of legitimacy of Putin's creature - Sobyanin - will be the result of faked "elections". As well as growth of authority of VVP.

Who is the emloyer of "liberal" barkers? The question is rhetorical. Thus Moscow hamsters woken by the provokers really got believed in their forces. Though there are no objective bases for it. What will happen to them on September, 9th, when the results will be declared? Either one thing or the other. Either terrible disappointment and discredit of every oppositional activity in Russia for many years as a result. Or, if hamsters will come to the streets, in absence of organization, ideology and people's support they will repeat bitter experiment of May, 6. Possibly, in heavier form. It is necessary to understand that if Putin wanted quiet succession of events, he could simply not to give AN voices of members of the party "United Russia", either he could not to give him prison sentence. While now it's paradoxical situation when Navalny being the convict temporarily released from prison and the candidate in mayors of the capital, poisons situation on Moscow "elections". Putin and his advisers shoudl understand it. Guys are not sillier than we are. It means they do it on purpose. To provoke disorders and to give pretext to repressions.

If you know why the Kremlin can do it so easily? Because there is in Russia the whole crowd of "liberals" - traitors, ready to sell themselves to the authorities at any time. However, such behavior is quite explainable if to take into account that "liberals" are representatives of bourgeois class. Thus Putin and Co is dearer and closer to them, than, for example, Udaltsov or Limonov. It is much more pleasant to them to make secret bargain with officials and imperious demiurges, instead of staying alone with mass of simple working people whom they are again ready to deceive and give to the Kremlin guardsmen for punishment. By the way, the Kremlin doesn't hide, that it uses liberal oppositionists in own interests, Volodin told about it few days ago quite impudently. The most ridiculous is that "liberals" didn't understand anything from his words as always (or pretended that they didn't understand). However, who would be surprised!

PS: All activity of the "liberal" public in Russia is objectively directed on strengthening of oligarchical capitalism and Putin state machinery. No matter what purposes some representatives put before themselves. Situation remains former at the best. At the worst – "liberals" carrying out role of ordinary provokers give additional scores to Putin's power.

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