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Mister N in the City M

Mister N in the City M
Ilya Gotsiridze 15.09.2013

I didn’t wish to be spit in Navalny: as well as many including those who spat I had secret hope that "may be suddenly he would arrange dissonance of elite". Well as in February of 1917: unless to support tsar. On the other hand, if not to spit now, tomorrow it will be too late to do it: they will obligatory "press". So…

The main result of last elections in Moscow is that citizen Navalny nevertheless didn't win, he lost. On all fronts. Let’s forget about falsifications: more serious things are on a game. Our nearly-mayor happily avoided direct participation in the plum of the protest of 2011 and I didn't become rotten as politician. Almost all "liberals" understood long ago that protest was wimped out: not for nothing "liberals" started pinning up each other. So, Navalny collected his flock first of all from those who feel sick seeing meanness of leaders of Bolotnaya Square. They don’t care that there are bad gossips about his frauds, they named them slander. It seemed that he is pure, courageous, violent, violent up to the end … Though, of course, everything was fine myth from the very beginning. Today this myth is ruined.

Everyone can independently see chronicle of absenteeism of the fighter with system. Here you are, for example, voices of city deputies from the power that the staff of the candidate flung arms up. Here you are small number of observers in New Moscow. Here you are case with territorial election commission in Otradnoye: one can send a letter to prosecutor's office – there’s no protocol on the area, while the Moscow State Election Commission declared about calculation of 100%. People roar in twitter: "Alexey, come to us!"… At last festive concert from which target audience waited everything, but not what it got. Even the power filled the city with OMON so that people got tuned in the seriously. So, no! Chorus of "senior companions" "persuaded" Alexey in advance that everything was grandly and nobly, without revolts and outrage. He, of course, listened to the "companions". After all he is responsible person, he sent policy from streets to ballot box.

I will additionally tell about "the truck of complaints": tactics of steady fight for revision of results of elections in courts should be adopted from more skilled in this question companions from the CPRF. As well as from other who is more senior. Let the authorities recognize falsifications. What of it? They will supply this decision with phrase that excesses supposedly "don't influence the results". It’s clear to all.

Last elections placed the hero under eternal suspicion in "cooperation", as in a joke: he run "between the streams", but didn’t get off the fence. It is visible. It is sad for an icon. Those who haven’t spit yet, are about to do it. Hamsters waited bigger result. One more meeting is cancelled: often and senselessly. Certainly, Mr. Navalny will hardly disappear totally: the project for certain will work during next elections into the Moscow City Council. Though he won’t reach yesterday's heights. Heated lava will simply stiffen and become habitual part of landscape. Even press praises him rather by inertia, to consol itself: say, good fellow, he swallowed humiliating result, we praised him not for nothing!

Thus might-have-been mayor for all hundred percent is project of the Kremlin. It’s as usually: elite really thought up something for 10%, 90% developed by themselves. If it’s important? Even if he wasn’t Kremlin’s project, he started looking so. Let’s leave explanation of the essence of this cunning game of the Kremlin for befooled mass to the professional political scientists.

P.S. Recently Limonov had either a tweet, or sermon in LJ saying that political scientists with their schemes of cunning plans of celestials are similar to ancient augurs, they only quack, lovely smiling to each other. Sometimes I also imagine similar things. For example: the power does nonsense and while original author is being cursed in the cabinets, the crowd of experts think up different cunning schemes explaining that it was not accident. Then inhabitants of cabinets choose from these imaginations the one which is better, more intricate and more beautiful. Voila! Nonsense became intrigue. This theory suits our hero.

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