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"Project Navalny" Becomes “End of Story” to Russia

"Project Navalny" Becomes “End of Story” to Russia
Baranov Anatoly 16.10.2013

Alexey Navalny initiated petition for law on introduction of visa regime with the CIS countries. He wrote about it in his popular LJ: "We enter visa (allowing) order of entrance for citizens of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Transition period - 6 months. Those who already are here, but won't receive visa during this term (Russia will decide how many visas to give out), will have to leave the country. I ask all who support idea of visa regime to support this initiative regardless of other political addictions".

Well, I won't repeat reproaches to Navalny which sound from the part of its liberal sympathizers, the more so I won't begin to collect stories how he avoided service in the army or how he got on training to America. Here we have different case. Earlier the few understand that Navalny in administrative prospect is not just zero, but even negative, now it is obvious to everyone.

First of legal cretinism becomes evident: we will adopt correct law and everything will become ok at once. Why? They should adopt law about good weather, as it’s cold outside. Unless anyone in corrupted through state of the Russian Federation will be stopped by visa regime? We always have visas with Nigeria, but Nigerians sell drugs on every corner. While we have no border and visas with Belarus, but don’t have any problems with the Belarusian migrants, the matter is not in mentality - Nigerian Blacks, by the way, are also very hardworking, diligent guys, only there’s no normal work for them. The same story with Central Asia, people from there will come with visas and those who won’t get visa, will join ranks of illegal immigrants. With all that it implies, by the way, in the form of crime, after all they will stay in Russia as criminals from the very beginning. Now we have some recording on the border, after introduction of visa mode, we will get pure illegality and full ethnic mafia directly resisting to the state. One more example, if wall on the border with Mexico strongly helped America?

The reason of labor migration from Central Asia and Transcaucasia is that the Post-Soviet modes formed there aren't capable strictly speaking to provide to citizens either works, or salaries, or piece of bread. It’s the main incentive motive of labor migration. Why there were no internal borders between the republics in the RSFSR in general and no problems with migrants? It was so because at existence of planned economy necessary number of workplaces, as well as average earning and consumption were calculated. If surplus of working force was observed in some region, the state built there industrial enterprises or provided labor migration to new objects of national economy in other regions, certainly providing not slavish, but absolutely equal for all conditions, with granting housing, social guarantees and other things.

The Soviet power very skillfully regulated migratory processes, at that it somehow managed without nationalism.

Well, how many factories were constructed in the Russian Federation for last 20 years? While we have plenty of different types of nationalisms now.

Meanwhile capital export even at imperialistic Russian management could quite provide labor to all republics of the CIS. The Russian capitalism generally invests only into personal consumption and capital export absolutely in other direction – western one. The Russian bourgeois doesn't want to invest into Russia, so much talking about reclamation of the North and what has been made? Meanwhile, large industrial facilities in northern latitudes could occupy every number of labor migrants without creating any social problems.

World exploiter class doesn’t need it at all, world elite suits that the Russian bourgeois has face of Polonsky and Ismailov, not the face of ancient Russian industrialists mastering Siberia and the North. The more so nobody in the world needs that the Russian capital would suddenly start working in Central Asia, future concessions are being divided there already by others.

Let’s return to legislative initiative of Navalny, it’s clear thing that introduction of visas puts an end to the CIS and at the same time to 3 centuries of development of Central Asia by Russia and 7 centuries of presence in the Caucasus. The whole world is simply astonished seeing how the Russians with squeal and joyful whooping refuse the remains of the great empire.

Unless they learn it in Yale University or later by self-training? "Very correct, very civilized and very European approach to a problem", - Navalny writes.

Well, they also closed vegetable warehouses. Let vegetables go supermarkets themselves conducted by Gaidar’s spirit and invisible market hand... I can imagine this comrade the Mayor of Moscow.

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