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Union of Conscience and Intellect As Synonym to Efficiency

Union of Conscience and Intellect As Synonym to Efficiency
Sergey Batchikov 28.04.2006

On the 20th of April the newspaper "Izvestiya" devoted the whole column to the answer to my critical article "Sodom and Gomorrah" published in the newspaper "Soviet Russia" on the 30th of March and on the 4th of April. The basic ideological theses with which the Deputy Head of Administration of President - Vladislav Surkov appeared on the 7th of February in the face of core group of "Edinaya Rossiya" were considered in the article.

M.Z.Jurev - large businessman, former vice-president of the State Duma and the author of some sensational publications set oneself to protect ideology of "Edinaya Rossiya", the deed for which I am extremely grateful to him. As I wrote in another article published in the newspaper "Zavtra" V.J.Surkov's program report had been sustained in style of quantum logic, each of its position enabled wide interpretation leaving the field for maneuver to "edinirossy".

The report has given some hope that the policy of the party in power will move to the solving of the main problems of Russia and even in the minimal consent with conscience. It is possible to call the main problems of Russia differently - the Dutch illness or growth without development or with antidevelopment but one thing remains obvious: in the country prompt degradation both in material and in spiritual sphere proceeds. We would like that the way to the solving of these problems will be laid through reunion of intellect and conscience, only in it we see the way out from the crisis.

What was achieved by M.Z.Jurev with fatherlike reproaches to "sovereign opposition" which ostensibly demands too much from authorities? Explaining in his volumetric article the "true sense" of V.J.Surkov's statements he reduced problems of objective reality to problems of way of life thus practically destroyed an opportunity of wide handling, the field for maneuver having deprived the reader of any hope for shift of "edinorossy" to the solving of the main problems of the country.

It is possible that M.Z.Jurev has held up that understanding of Surkov’s report which is spread among the influential part of "edinoross", reflects their handling of the items and the logic of the report. What choice has been made by them? Where "Jurev’s fraction" moves on the floor given for maneuver? It moves to that system of principles which is the clearest in the Russian policy has designated by A.B.Chubays.

Actually Mr. Jurev simply stated Chubays's credo in his own words, in softer and misty expressions, without power which Chubays possesses. Chubays in due time stated extremely clearly and like trotskisty rigid: "What will become with people, what social consequences can come – it doesn’t’ matter, who will survive - that will survive, social sphere in general doesn’t matter, it is necessary to suppress pity in ourselves".

The tongue itches to ask "chief priest” A.B. Chubays: and “don’t you pity crucified Christ?" This is the slogan of pure efficiency, not overburden by conscience - efficiency of the blond fox. What do we have for old men, orphans and invalids! Precious oil is spent on their heating and today it costs 70 dollars per barrel which could lie somewhere in offshore on accounts of the various companies with extremely limited liabilities. It turns out to be inefficient expenditure of resources …

Here it is - an essence of ideology of efficiency according to Chubays with which he tries to tempt healthy, young and cynical. Let’s reduce the number of children and old women, "saw" the saved oil and gas and each fox will have additional money for a fashionable small house on Rublevka, the small sum will remain for buying expensive car. This is ideology of education of new predators.

M.Z.Jurev agrees with this very credo, this very credo is categorically rejected by “sovereign opposition". The divergence here is not in trifles, not in the fact that opposition ostensibly childly wants "all and at once" and skilled and wise Jurev wants the same but understands necessity of gradualness. The difference is not in rates but in directions. We go in the different directions!

A.B.Chubays appeals to instincts of the fox: "push those who are falling!" Yes, some are being tempted, but such, fortunately, are few. The majority considers that all of us have together fallen down in a hole of crisis because of a circuit of incorrect decisions – we were directed and pushed by very skilful hand. Now we are searching for the way out from crisis - without accident.

Mr. Jurev explains the situation as the person being tempted by Chubays. All our people have already desired "to live beautifully". It writes: "In 1991 our Russian by the time still Soviet people rejected from the Empire in a pursuit of mirages of beer, jeans, a striptease and other tinsel of the western life". This is pure slander on our people or, probably, M.Z.Jurev's sincere error. This is the key point of our divergence with the party in power.

Our people did not even think of rejecting the Empire. It believed that reorganization would strengthen it. It was waiting not for jeans and a striptease from Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Those who followed them hoped that there would be more validity and conscience in our country, that Augean stables of the nomenclature will be cleared off.

People hoped that Jury Gagarin's smile would return to our country - and received a grin of Roman Abramovich! We have made a mistake and now think how to correct it - and Jurev convinces that the grin of Abramovich is exactly what we have waited for and that therefore everything goes well. Jurev explains our modern history in coordinates system of A.N.Jakovlev and A.B.Chubays. In his opinion we do not suffer at all from prostitution, pedophilia and a drug addiction mocking at conscience (as I wrote in the article).

No, in Jurev’s opinion people are glad because having proper incomes now they can taste "these blessings" – to do what they couldn’t do in damned "scoop". He considers that such phenomenon as prostitution, pedophilia and drug addiction in Soviet country "were fewer though basically not because of a high moral level of a society but because of absence of real money and life in general".

In fact here you are the whole philosophy of life, the whole religious conception about "who is a man". In his rebuff to "sovereigns" Jurev continually rejects conscience and proclaims primacy of vigorous gaining. Here you are the general line of the Russian authorities and whom he puts as an example for orthodox Russia: "The choice was done by our people and it was done not for freedom and not for validity, but for full counters, for bread and circuses …That is why the authorities are not ready to offer the country traditional values of our civilization … By the way, America … has passed the same way – enrichment first and then imperialism". Does it mean that the same way you see for Russia? Enrichment and then imperialism - as in America? The main thing by which Jurev tempts us is enrichment. This we are offered to study from the American sample!

It has delivered 7 million black slaves (at the beginning 4 slaves per one white colonist) and on their sweat and blood has saved money for industrialization. That would be necessary to do – Jurev hints! In that America the wise formula was born: "Money is melt from people as bacon from the cattle". It is offered to be adopted by us. For two hundred years America has been exterminating, burning out napalm, bombing by the precision weapon the native population on all most profitable slices of a terrestrial land - and Russian should master it!

Only then each Russian which has survived in this jungle will receive, at last, enough real money both for prostitution, pedophilia and drug addiction - full freedom without conscience and also full "justice" for predators. Not accidentally Jurev emphases that the first problem of authorities in Russia - to give bread and circuses to the population.

Behind this sending to the formula of Rome of times of its extreme decay the deep sense is covered. "Bread and shows!" - demanded from authorities Roman mob, lumpen-proletariat living on the tips of "social grants". The authorities corrupted geeks of imperial capital by these tips and used them in the political aims – one time to make revolution, the other to destroy opposition.

“Edinorrossy” also think by the categories presented by Jurev. No normal person will have in his mind a thought that healthy, working part of a society thirsts "for bread and circusses". That means that Russia is seen by "Jurev’s fractions" as Rome on a threshold of its decay!

This current of authorities counts not on civil feeling but on knocking up manipulated "social base" first of all in capitals. The "bread" for this base will be beaten out from provinces as it was done by the decayed Roman legions. What "circuses" did lumpens demand in Rome?

Firstly - shows of mutual murder of gladiators. Then they demanded even more exciting thing - the Christians torn to pieces by wild animals. Here we can find insuperable split among us. One part of our society took for a reference philosophy of those in Rome who pleaded for the effective organization of "bread and shows" and also of those who chewed this bread sitting on tribunes of the Collosseo, enjoying "show". While the other part of our society took for an ideal a light image of early Christians with their brotherly community. Those Christians who reflected in catacombs on rescue of mankind and were torn off on arena under laughter of chewing ones.

Yes, everything is softer by the time than in ancient Rome, everything is smoothed by petrodollars. But we speak about a vector, about ideals. Chubays and Jurev consider that authorities in Rome who managed to give the Roman people bread and circuses were effective. They considered themselves to be effective chief priests of Jerusalem who "skillfully organized democratic elections" sent the Christ to Golgotha (we don’t talk here about the effective organization of arrest).

These images rise behind conversations about efficiency and competitiveness according to Chubays. We say that it is efficiency of favorites, favorites of the period of decay. Efficiency for one instant - and a flood after that! The real efficiency is built not on a principle “push those who are falling!" but on love and cooperation, not on a robbery of a weak and on a dexterous exchange, but on unification and solidarity. Consequently namely the Christians in catacombs were effective. It was they who rescued Rome and then gave life to huge Christian civilization but not Roman “mayors” or perfects with their “bread and circusses”.

No market, even the most liberal one cancels conscience. I shall tell more, the conscience which has found an especial embodiment in catacombs in Roman Christians, impregnates efficiency in any greater cultures. The Babylon tsar Hammurapi in 1780 b.c. published the code of laws which had anticipated by following words: "So that strong doesn’t oppress weak, to render justice to the orphan, the widow and ailing". Hammurapi entered the history as exclusively effective governor.

Today the press of "edinorossy" for the sample of the effective governor imposes us Abramovich who is demonstratively losing enormous sums on the purchase of country houses and yachts, on corporate binges in Courchevel, celebrating on the 7th of January not Christmas but a "birthday of one simple good Jewish boy".

The Russian laws do not stand on their way but there is also court of Conscience! Conscience is deduced out of frameworks of intellectual space of "edinirossy" in principle. Here you are where we have total incompatibility of views! We are offered such type of legal society where the law eliminates a problem of conscience itself - and we reject such logic!

In their logic even "national projects" of V.V.Putin look strange as soon as they assume investments in the general, social business which does not give direct benefit to separate corporations. That is practically the president offers inefficient "business".

Today we are being pulled in the "war of civilizations", in new doctrine of effectively grown rich America. We are being pulled in also with the help of myths about "Russian fascism", blood-thirsty "Islamism", special actions to murder students from Africa and India and terrorism feeding in the Caucasus. We hope what it will not be possible to set us on to fight and this hope is based on the fact that conscience of great religions, including Islam, will be coordinated with conscience of the Russian culture.

That was shown by the long history of our interethnic hostel at a local level and the history of other peoples. In one of his articles well-known journalist A.N.Chekalin writes: "Triumphal conquest by Arabs - Mohammed's coreligionists – of the states of Mesopotamia, Northern Africa and Asia can be explained substantially that they proclaimed and introduced elements of justice into societies where the differentiation between the rich and the poor reached the sizes of break in incomes which could be compared on a sample of the difference of incomes of Abramovich and Russian Engineer – creator of spaceships. The Islam had rather quickly got accustomed and in the territory once occupied by Kharappskay civilization (present Pakistan) as Muslim governors returned to peasants-hindus the right to live in community operated by local council thus having relieved them from extortionate bureaucratic apparatus of tax collectors and other supervisors".

That was really effective and Chubays with his slogan of "no pity" - was inefficient in the long-term plan. We are told that for an ideal of the personality is necessary to accept that breed of people which "have emerged" during "charitable privatization". It is a special type of homo sapiens, capable to adapt to the conditions of any ruin and to benefit by it – as Abramovich in business or Zhirinovsky in politics.

These personalities are outstanding – if to approach them with criterion of favorites. For Russia which should be totally built this criterion doesn’t suit. We can’t stand without efficiency of Sergey Korolyov, Galina Ulanova, Lev Landau - and similar to them anonymous workers, engineers and managers who miraculously have extended and kept Russia at the time of ruin of the 90th years. But this human type is excluded from consideration in the intellectual construction of Jurev.

Our basic divergence is also contained in it. B.A.Berezovsky once named Abramovich ingenious tactician (though hardly his genius was more important than advices of Abramovich’s "kind fairy" - Tatyana Dyachenko). What is the basis of this tactics? Fast grasping reaction. And - unmeasured hedonism.

To grasp and don’t contradict to the mighty of the world. Spend money on "Chelsy" and yachts, enjoy "here and now", but do not think about orphans and about the country which is being ransacked and destroyed. If you will think of them, you will acquire strong enemies. Whether we really need such tactics today?! We need strategy which is not possible without the union of efficiency with conscience.

There was a time – Caligula and Neron can be treated as ingenious tactics but their strategy which eliminated conscience was obviously vicious and found out to be disastrous for Romans. Even in the personal plan it is impossible to agree with Chubays-Abramovich-Jurev philosophy. It brings out to the foreground adaptation essentially rejecting distant - ideals.

Here conscience is really not necessary otherwise you will be pulled to Christians in catacombs or may be even on arena to join hungry animals. This philosophy belittles a man both in big and in small, induces him to slide at the same level without greater power expenses searching for a quantitative prize and full comfort.

Once in the discussion Sergey Kurginyan told that it is a life philosophy at which "I" doesn’t vary qualitatively, only changes a modest cabinet to the magnificent one, a wooden chair to a leather armchair, "Zaporozhets" to expensive "Mercedes". If this philosophy starts to dominate in the society, it loses an impulse for further development.

Energy of development arises only when a man thinks of his own way as about quantum transitions from "I" to "I *" that is when "I" gets new human quality. The conclusion is that we are disjoined with Jurev not by logic and not by a quantitative measure. Distinctions are qualitative and basic, they come to light both in traditional logic and in quantum one.

We are offered efficiency in competitive struggle for a survival and we are - for efficiency of cooperation and solidarity. We are tempted by efficiency of pure intelligence and we know that it leads in deadlock. We are for the intelligence leaded by conscience. Russia stood on it overcoming the hardest disasters. We trust that it will be so in future.


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