From Ukraine War Will Come to Russia

From Ukraine War Will Come to Russia
Sergey Israpilov 20.06.2014

What happened? Unless the Russian power has no other cheeks for beating? Russia at last blocked supply of gas to Ukraine for which the last wasn't going to pay all the same. It even limited import of the Ukrainian potatoes. However it seems that these tremendous measures didn't make influence on Kiev and it continues to pressurize the rebellious Southeast. Why?

Because the present Ukrainian power is in the heat of passion. It felt ecstasy from easy victories over badly armed militants and felt dizzily sweet smell of blood. Neither loud demarches in the UN, nor stop of gas supply whih it has stolen for future use – they will live somehow till September-October – will sare away it from the vitim. It can't be frightened by potato boycott. Moreover. Economic mechanisms are powerlesshere in general: in present situation junta all the same won't be able to develop economy, it understands it itself and only war promises it pleasures of victories and support of the society warmed by nationalism.

At the beginning of May in article "Barricades from own corpses?"

In the beginning of May in the artile “Barriades from Own Corpses” (http://www.iarex.ru/articles/47639.html) I wrote that the Russian support of Novorossiya of badly armed volunteers is senseless without political pressure, without threat of the beginning of full-scale war and without immediate ut off of gas. Well, it turns as I predited. In the yesterday's statement Igor Strelkov (the most resistant of the resistant!) speaks: "Nearly every day we leave one large settlement – we have no people and means to protect it. We can't beat off even one as we have nothing to oppose to the Ukrainian heavy arms and an be more or less successful only in defense. So, where an we optimism from? From own small suesses? They are purely tactical. Strategically we started losing long time ago. I see frank sabotage in treatment of the question of support of Novorossiya from the part of the Russian high-ranking officials. It is seen in everything. I believe that it’s quite conscious …"

It is good that Strelkov sitting in a siege in far Slavyansk hasn't enough Internet and time to read the Russian propaganda. His mood would worsen even more from reading it, after all today propaganda of the Kremlin inside Russia is directed on justification of non-introduction of armies to Ukraine and replication of fairy tales of how artful USA want to involve us in one more long war.

It’s sadly to understand that in fact money of "Gazprom" was used to pay war against the pro-Russian militants. "Gazprom" had been delivering gas to Ukraine for several months, it wasn't paid for it; but on money received from gas sale to its consumers Ukraine supplied and rearmed army.

What dis Russia reeive from introdution of armies and recognition of legitimacy of the Ukrainian elections and non-recognition of referendum in Novorossiya? Nothing! It wasn't given money even for gas. In few days new sanctions will be entered.

Drillings and furthermore war quickly turn crowd with machine guns into army. The Ukrainian army already passed stage of coordination and got fighting experience. Time when it was possible to throw it out from Novorossiya easily is already missed.

Whether it is possible to do something? Probably, deliveries of heavy military equipment would help the militants. But the Russian power won't provide it being afraid of the international "tut-tut" …

Autumn is a time of traditional political aggravation in Russia. What should we wait this autumn? Grief from almost already inevitable death of thousands of the Russian volunteers who believed in "the Russian spring". Death of thousands of peace Russians of Ukraine in passing. Terrible disappointment and political apathy in Russia. Tens thousands of the Russian refugees gradually getting used to poverty and hopelessness somewhere in Rostov. Falling of rating of the Russian power, beome high after the Crimea, to that level which it deserves now. That very Euromaidan in Moscow which suddenly will become force against general apathy. I won't be surprised if the Russian nationalists and patriots betrayed in Ukraine will become its ram.

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