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Voting on "Non-Elections"

Voting on "Non-Elections"
Leonid Kirichenko 12.10.2009

Long time ago Zhvanetsky gave recipe of general abundance - "all people should go to strike, sit down on the earth and to knock on it until everything will appear by itself". The irony of the recipe did not reached some people. In recent broadcast of "Echo of Moscow" ex-prime minister Kasyanov urged not to go to participate in elections "until existing system will not be changed, until we will be returned the right to participate in free elections". In vain hostess tried to talk Kasyanov over urging to perform civic duty. Substitution of concepts is very indicative. Constitutional law to elect authority even on liberal "Echo" is being substituted for the concept "civic duty". I remember, Shojgu went even further having offered persons who don't go on elections to deprive of the Russian citizenship. Probably, it was euphemism. After all the Constitution forbids to deprive of citizenship, while it allows to put to death. Citizenship ends with the death of the citizen.

Kasyanov prefers not to recollect that for cancellation of gubernatorial elections even Beslan's tragedy fitted in as pretext for authorities. While mass boycott of elections - fine pretext for cancellation of elections in general, as they are not necessary to people. After all authority will be "more professional and responsible" to vest itself with imperious powers. One shouldn't draw people away from raising Russia from knees over trifles.

Other part of opposition suggests to spoil bulletins with remarkable reasoning - "as we were not admitted to elections, all people should protest in our support". Leaders of opposition do not have enough mind to pretend at least that they worry about protection of rights of people.

As a result of continuous alteration of election laws they began to be pleasant to the authority to such an extend that it promised for hundred years more not to return the right to elect governors to people, going to play itself in "vesting with imperious powers". Let's notice that the president did not promise to keep remained suffrages for people.

What is the parity between the voting and its results in reports in present Russia showed elections of the mayor of Barnaul (passing simultaneously with Medvedev's presidential elections). Voting results on 70% of polling districts did not coincide with the real number of bulletins counted following decision of the court first instance. Judge Poluyanov recognized results of voting void on that basis. Certainly, senior companions of the next instance corrected Poluyanov, having considered that such scale of falsification is not sufficient for recognition of elections void. After all falsification world record has not beaten by Russia yet. It was established in 1927 in the African country Liberia when the working president received on elections 1550% of voices.

In these conditions many citizens considering that voting results will be defined not by voting regret that now there's no line "Against all" in bulletins. But it's not necessary to show authorities that such elections (and not only elections) do not suit citizens. It's enough to put ticks in all squares of the bulletin and so that there were no doubts in sensibleness of such form of voting to write something like former requirement of the vice-governor of the Kirov region M.Gaydar: "Return elections to people, shitheads". Expressions can be softer. Such form of use of the bulletin is lawful and that is not less important safe (if, of course, to write in printing letters). Unlike boycott of elections, unlike getting of absentee ballots, unlike refusal to take the bulletin, unlike taking of the bulletin away such voting (if it will be mass) becomes really observable phenomenon. It will be obvious to observers, journalists, members of election committees. Certainly, it will not affect the outcome of voting and television channels will keep silent but for the present it remains the only legal form of protest which can be at least somehow be noticed by society. After future replacement of bulletins with touch screens and other forms of electronic pseudo-voting it will also disappear. Grumbling in kitchens will be the only thing's left.

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