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What Will Zyuganov Not Tell Medvedev on October, 24th?

What Will Zyuganov Not Tell Medvedev on October, 24th?
Аlexander Golovenko 24.10.2009

Actually I already know precisely what G.Zyuganov will not tell D.Medvedev at ostensibly promised meeting on October, 24th. It would seem that having made with other fractions a "revolt" Gennady Andreevich should squeeze out maximum possible of it. While what did he demand? Resignations of the chief of court CEC Churov, a pair or so governors, moreover vote recalculation. Enough to make hens laugh!

What would be the theme of conversation which oppositional leader enjoying authority of mass should propose at a meeting with the head of the state? In my opinion, for example, it should be illegality of CEC itself as a source of all falsifications-additions and especially - its retaliatory measures. Under the Constitution people is the supreme and unique source of power in Russia. It doesn't need any intermediary bureau to form the State Duma and local authorities. There is no such "ministry of elections", as Central Electoral Committee with its enormous repressive powers in any country - either in America, or France, or England or Germany. They get along without it trusting organisation and elections either to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or to temporal public organisations.

Not everyone will tell now, when and what for the present Central Electoral Commission was created? Meanwhile, these October days are high time to recollect that this "calculating organ" has - bloody family tree. After all it appeared "in the bloody autumn" of 1993 for fastening of usurpation of power by mad Yeltsin. Already being duly dismissed for anticonstitutional decree N1400 from September, 21st about dispersal of the Supreme body of RSFSR and system of Soviets, "in public drinking" signed other decree - creation of CEC and carrying out of elections to illegitimate State Duma and Federation Council.

Pay attention to the date - September, 29th. Thus, this document was signed by dismissed citizen Yeltsi and, so, had no validity. On October, 4th the decree was empurpled by blood of defenders of the Constitution shot by order of Yeltsin.

Thus the first revelation. There's no mentioning about CEC even in hastily cooked up by Yeltsin Constitution. It is nonsense - the body carrying out parliamentary and presidential election, declaring elections valid and handing over presidential certificates is unconstitutional itself!

The second revelation. It is clear that duties of CEC were not registered in the decree signed by seized power Yeltsin, there was nothing stated also about powers of its members on maintenance of equal, democratic, fair elections and their responsibility for falsifications. So, all repressive measures which appeared subsequently - finest wheeze and voluntarism.

The third revelation. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the Central Electoral Committee monopolised the State automated system "Elections" and became the only interpreter of the results of voting and elections. That is the department forming authorities from the top to bottom. All's upside down: the official from CEC usurped people's rights, rose under its will and supreme legislature.

What should the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and its permanent leader Gennady Andreevich do long time ago in these conditions?

Firstly, to bring up a question on illegality of activity of CEC in a present format and especially its retaliatory measures. To transmit it from submission of Surkov (yes, yes - Surkov) into submission of Federal Council.

Secondly, to achieve replacement of antediluvian urns for voting by automatic mechanisms. So that on could just press a button - and his voice would already be calculated in Moscow in the main returning board, which should be the name of the Central Electoral Committee compromised itself. It is easy, as all schools of the country where, as it is known, votings take place are computerized and connected to the Internet. All understand perfectly well: main falsification of results happens on polling districts, especially rural ones. Bulletins are being thrown in, reports are being rewritten, observers are not permitted to calculation of votes. Miracles always happen on the way of chairmen of the local commissions to regional electorals. Went there with one figures, returned with others - in favour of "EdRu". With an ulterior motive almost all governors including the president are bieng put at the head of its lists.

Thirdly, it is necessary to deprive the Central Electoral Committee of monopoly for system "Elections" and to make it, as it was considered by creators, public. For this purpose computers (automated workplaces) for observers of different level should be established in its bowels. One - for observers on the sites, other - in the staffs of parties, the third - in the same State Duma, Federation Council, Public chamber, etc. That the society in real time could observe the course of voting and summarizing its results. Instead of take on trust "estimated figures" which are being announced to us in some hours by the Central Electoral Committee confirmed by the Kremlin (or local petty tsar).

As last elections in Moscow City Council, in regions, especially national autonomies showed, elections are absolutely not necessary today. Reports with "estimated figures" go down from the Kremlin. The task of the local electoral committees - to copy them into reports accurately.

Still "the communist №1" could declare practice of "locomotive teams" illegal and unconstitutional, when governors are obliged on elections of different levels to head the list "EdRu" though they do not think to change their chair of "the tsar of region" for the deputy mandate. From their part it's a scandalous deceit and meanness.

"Locomotive teams" - the roughest infringements also of the law "About Political Parties". Officials up to Dudaev-Surkov have no right no only to regulate but even to interfere with party matters and election process. That is what comrade Zyuganov should, in my opinion, speak out - and not only at forthcoming meeting with D.Medvedev. But with him as with "strong lawyer" - first of all.

But he keeps silent about it and will not say it to the president. While simple replacement of former subordinate of Putin on work in Petersburg mayoralty Churov on Medvedev's "classmate" will give nothing.

Having put an end here, I called the acquaintance of mine - official employee in the State Duma who I know very long time. Read him my "insinuations".

- Here you are! - he burst out laughing in answer. - More likely the sun will ascend in the west, than Gennady Andreevich will give a hint to Medvedev about it. The task of opposition of His Majesty to shade wisdom and greatness of His Majesty and not to cast shade on its board. To demand?...

I do not know what about you, in the morning on 24th just in case I will check, where the sun ascends. Well, if not in the west, than, may be, somewhere in the south?

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