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Limited Modernization

Limited Modernization
Sergey Morozov 01.12.2009

The flower pot on a window sill can quite possibly mean that secret meeting failed. Especially in the country which is ruled by secret-service agents. If the pot on a window sill really means that secret meeting failed, then what a word "modernisation" means?

The word was obviously pronounced for population. By analogy to the national projects the first suspicion appears - new noise effect. Population understood noise effects already during "national projects". Each next noise effect will make lesser impact - and so on to zero.

Political strategists know about it. If noise effect - it will work for a month. The stocks of the country will serve longer. Therefore nothing will happen next four months. Next noise effect will have effect for two months. It runs out that there's no reason to carry out "modernisation" for making noise. Modernisation - very expensive concept.

One more thing - what could be more serious than "modernisation"? Unless "dictatorship of the development"? Doubtfully. Extremism. Each next effect should be stronger than the previous one.

Signal from outside? Actually they need modernisation of Russia less than everybody else. While fuel goes to Europe - no, there's not such nasty thing which couldn't' be justified by Europe. Yes, they don't like the Russians. Because at first it's necessary to justify their nasty things and then they want to shake hands with you. But all this is purely moral. Neither people, nor money is threatened by anything. Yes, the signal is possible: "It is necessary to guzzle less fuel. Otherwise problems are possible"... But it certain will happen not next months and to reduce consumption - is a serious but for the time not a deadly problem.

So, there was no signal from outside. What changed so seriously that it became necessary to resort to the term "modernisation"? We have the collapse of infrastructure which is going on for a long time already, for more than year we are undergoing crisis time... The first thing that can be considered as something serious is the idea that crisis can even not come to the end. Though economists know that "it couldn't happen so" but they calculated that fuel input of 5% is necessary for the growth of gross national product by 1%. While input growth is impossible because extraction falls...

The second thing - sharp falling of incomes. Crisis led to that some enterprises from profitable became unprofitable. Falling of incomes threatens stability of the power from inside - incomes fall irregular, someone will be the loser. This loser can shoot down somebody. Someone else will be returned quality.

Russia stayed in a stable condition. This very condition was broken. Reorganisation could be started not because someone wants to begin it but because differently is impossible - as well as war or becoming a gangster. People are not inclined to either the first, or the second, or the third thing. World crisis coincided with the in-Russian. Money shortage began. More shooting began. More offices and factories began burning.

"Course on modernization" is - first of all declaration of a problem. The problem is serious, as the decision we hear - "People, give money for modernisation, otherwise that's all!"

Running ahead is possible to tell that the end will come in any case. But not for all. To understand who will remain and who will not is necessary to understand the enviroment, whence this "modernisation" went out - to be more precise, what people from high echelons need and what they are afraid.

They see world from the top of the power differently. From the top of the power people with all their sufferings look as ants from a bulldozer cabin, so the attitude is corresponding. Каrabakh, Fergana Valley, the Chechen Republic - if to look at them from above, these lives cost nothing. The scale of the bulldozer driver and an ant hill. Though what's the need for bulldozer... Whether killing a cockroach, somebody thinks, if it's a boy or a girl?

To understand what's the reason of all these "modernisations" is necessary to look from their side. The Russian Federation? Blast it all. What can frighten people who can at any moment leave the Russian Federation? What can follow? What can catch them up even in as if "safe" Europe?

There remain little variants - it is necessary to find out what can be a threat to them on a planet as that without dependence on money quantity. Only the fact of growth of biological, basically mental pathology is possible to assume as a terrible real signal.

The Russian system as it is - is absolutely abnormal. The system will cripple mentality in mass scales - from top to bottom. Population goes made. As a result it gets out of control. It's also right in relation to representatives of the ruling system and employees of protection of system. The idea that it's possible to go mad one by one is denied by mass psychoses and existence of the Russian Federation long time ago.


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