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"They Will Catch, Calk and Then Try to Prove That you Are Not Nazis"

"They Will Catch, Calk and Then Try to Prove That you Are Not Nazis"
Аlexander Majsuryan 08.04.2010

Deputies of the State Duma from the party in power prepared a bill about the criminal liability for "approval or negation of crimes of Nazism". According to the bill, one could be imprisoned for the term of three years for such statements, if they will be stated in mass-media - up to five years.

There is an old joke: "A hare runs with all his might. It's been asked:

- Where are you running to?

- Haven't you heard a new decree is issued - they grab all camels and calk!

- It doesn't matter to you - you are a hare?!

- Aha, they will catch, calk and then try to prove that you are not a camel! ".

The same thing here. More and more new articles punishing for a word and exclusively for a word are systematically enter the law.

The best example - notorious 282nd article of the Criminal Code about "kindling hatred". Article, which as gangrene or a cancer tumour flourishes extensively giving more and more new malignant metastasizes.

Journalist Irek Murtazin in Tatarstan, as it is known, recently got real term for kindling hatred to such original "social group" as "power". Criminal cases for "kindling hatred" to such state institutions as militia, the federal Service for Execution of Punishment investigatory committee, etc. do not surprise anybody. After all any state institution, according to the logic of authorities, is "social group".

Now deputies-members of "Edinaya Russia" joyfully, under the banner of "antifascism" push into the Criminal Code one more "all-gathering" article which has every chance to occupy in the criminal law a place of honour of malignant tumour number two.

Misters members of "Edinaya Russia"! If you are crazy about sending someone to prison for "approval or negation" of Nazism crimes, begin this good business from the president - Mister Medvedev. After all during official visit to Finland he laid a wreath to a tomb of marshal Mannergejm. That is to the tomb of a person whom Piskaryovskoe memorial cemetery owes significant amount of the communal graves as it was the Finnish army which closed a blockade ring round Leningrad.

If, in your opinion, Medvedev's act is not "approval or negation of crimes of Nazism" and its allies, then what is it?

Misters liberal intellectuals (who have or have not enough brains to support this undertaking of authorities)! You should be aware that if new article of the Criminal Code starts working, you also will be imprisoned. For example, for not enthusiastic way of thinking about World War II (we have enough of it!).

So, they "will catch, calk and then try to prove that you are not Nazis".

From editorial staff: Laws limiting displays of freedom of thought remind new military doctrines of the Russian Federation. The weaker the army and military-industrial complex, the more terrible points of the military doctrine permitting usage of weapon of mass defeat in a priority order become.


One could recollect, the Soviet army didn't have at all such doctrine to use nuclear weapon the first. Then the USSR was considered as everything but not as an object of military encroachment. It was equivalent to suicide, at that it, probably, wouldn't come to application of the nuclear weapon. All the same the USSR had in the field of usual arms solid overweight over all European countries together.

Now in the field of conventional armaments we are somewhere at a level of the North Korea or Iran and military doctrine as regards to application of the nuclear weapon is very menacing - as that hare that is pressed in the corner, it lays down on a back and kicks hinder legs: "Don't touch!"

When we will not have any rocket capable to deduce a nuclear charge on a ballistic trajectory, I think, our military doctrine will allow to use the nuclear weapon the first even in conditions of absence of any threat, just in case.

Here you are the same in the field of the legislation against "thoughtcrimes" - the weaker the power, the more difficult to it to give reason for own presence at the Kremlin, the more aspiration "not to allow". As the president of Kyrgyzstan Bakiev who, leaving the country, declared state of emergency not thinking who will execute his decree and whether it will be executed at all...

After all article 282 has already punched all possible limits of common sense, it was already used for recognition of Vasnetsov's picture and citation from Lev Tolstoi as extremist, only by miracle the hand of expert community has not reached the Bible - the most extremist book of all times and people.

Though weakness of the power progresses so that 282nd article is not enough. It needs article for revisionism. Which, obviously, could be used to bring to court those figures who assert that the Poles in Katyn were shot by employees of People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs and not damned fascist invaders. As it was earlier stated in textbooks. Whether it is possible to deny Nazism crimes in Katyn? It's a question to judges as soon as new article will appear.

"There's nothing hiding the truth about that crime, nothing is closed behind seven seals about mechanisms of that crime, everything is opened and shown including in that million documents which are transferred to our Polish partners", - prime minister Putin told yesterday laying together with the Polish prime minister Tusk flowers on memorial to the shot Polish officers. However the Polish public doubts that all documents are transferred. It's quite serious basis for Office of Public Prosecutor to make inspection in relation to the prime minister as soon as the article will come into force.

So, let them enter more articles into the Criminal Code. We'll see, who and whom will judge using them.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk


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