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Ilyumzhinov Gives Kalmykia Away but He Will Stand to Death for the Post of the President FIDE

Ilyumzhinov Gives Kalmykia Away but He Will Stand to Death for the Post of the President FIDE

The head of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov leaves the post on October, 24th, 2010. As the press-service of the subject of the Russian Federation informs, it became known after consultations of Surkov with party leadership of "Edinaya Russia".


"My forth term on the post of the president of Kalmykia expires on October, 4th and I don't consider it possible to go for the fifth term", - Ilyumzhinov declared.


Thus Ilyumzhinov whose post already in 2005 was renamed from the president into the head of Kalmykia declared that he would obey to any decision of the country leaders. "We have power vertical and I am a member of a team. I will do as the power and "Edinaya Russia" would say. If they say: go and dig earth, I will go to dig... I am the official till October, 20th, on October, 24th the contract with me comes to an end, if it won't be prolonged, I will remain the inhabitant of Kalmykia. I have apartment there and I don't gather to leave it", - he declared.

- Actually Ilyumzhinov became "the soldier of the party" 10 years before creation of that very party, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted - Kirsan came to power as democrat but then he somehow quickly recoloured in "the steppe khan", he started to live on Steppe code and forgot that at the first elections he promised to make Kalmykia prospering and to lead its inhabitants to the standard of living of Switzerland. However for today Kalmykia remained one of the poorest regions as before. The party "Edinaya Russia" and system of appointment of governors instead of elections allowed Kirsan not to be responsible for the promises before the voters. For those who like to ask inconvenient questions there is an example of Larisa Yudina whose tomb already run wild. While Kirsan is alive, healthy and feels himself perfectly well - he even can, as he said, to dig. The fact that Ilyumzhinov isn't going to leave Kalmykia encourages especially - if the party doesn't order, certainly. Usually the party orders to hold a post in the federal government or, at the worst, in structures of management of CIS. There is also a post of president of FIDE - it's a status of the international official which gives immunity from prosecution at home.


"One would think what for Kirsan and his Kremlin patrons need this post of "chief on chess ", - Anatoly Baranov asks a question. - Karpov is better candidate for the post of the president of FIDE, than Ilyumzhinov, he is at last chess player, he would occupy rebellious Kasparov - what's the reason for the Kremlin to butt for this empty, in general, post, the more so domestic champions gave way to different Hindus? However, precedent is important. If the head of the international federation of chess can be removed with usage of democratic means, then it's possible to do the same with others... What about immunity? The matter is that ours "national leader" has been thinking about possibility of leaving policy for already long time. But where to go to? After all even having a lot of money, even staying abroad, he would be "given a royal pain in the neck". There is an exit - to occupy post of the head of some international federation which gives immunity from prosecution. Certainly, this post makes sense, if it's for sure given to the end of life - that is bought under the modern Russian standards. Say you "gave greens" and stay all life, supervise over chess, drafts, gorodki - it's not important. Here you are unpleasant precedent - they are going to ask Kirsan from the post of the president of FIDE... That is why the Kremlin "pledged" for Kirsan in FIDE though it ceased to be interesting for the Kremlin by itself and especially in Kalmykia long time ago. That is why Ilyumzhinov so easily agreed to give management of Kalmykia away but doesn't want to give management of FIDE away so much".


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