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It's Too Early Today, It Will Too Late Tomorrow...

It's Too Early Today, It Will Too Late Tomorrow...
Basanets Pavel 19.04.2011

Situation in Russia is being heated. The power, its internal and foreign policy doesn't suit the majority of the deceived, become impoverished and deprived of civil rights population of the country. Desperate people are ready to the most radical actions. Events in the North Caucasus, raid of seaside guerrillas, numerous protest actions in all corners of Russia prove it.


Displays of discontent with power occur also in the form of drugs taking, alcohol drinking, suicides. These extreme measures - result of dissociation of people, first of all of Russian people. If we, Russian people, won't get organized, won't help and back up each other, we will be destroyed as well as other peoples primordially living in Russia. Because such country as Russia will be destroyed.


Political forces capable to express interests of the majority of the population, to organize, offer variants to find way out from "vicious circle" are in demand in society.


Official structures of power use all device of suppression so that neither new parties, nor oppositional movements will be registered and get support of the population. The power sees the main danger both in organized, not necessarily registered oppositional structures and in appearance of the Leader capable to bring people on streets of cities and villages. The leader whom, despite 20 years of lie and deceit, people could trust. It's axiom.


This fear dictates the next illegal imprisonment of colonel Vladimir Kvachkov. He is mortally dangerous to the power. Simple people trust him. Officers corpus of Russia trusts him.

Officially existing parties are incapable to express and reflect interests of people. The top of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation practically destroyed party, compromised itself with "making love" with the power.

State media and first of all television is the basic tool of making fools of people and keeping power in Russia. Direct dictatorship, censorship in mass-media and on TV channels, payoff of the leading journalists combining the first and the second most ancient trades, absence of alternative accessible sources of information allow the power to keep control over situation. At the same time, demand of the society for objective data leads to almost full rejection of the most advanced Internet users of the state mass-media in favor of independent sources of information.

Though the power actively masters Internet

Many sites positioning themselves as oppositional are frankly false, they lift discussion of minor questions, have brightly "national" character of "the fifth column", put liberal impotents already compromised themselves, appealing to the West as "saviors" of Fatherland". Further it can lead Russia to the Libyan scenario.

The main way of suppression of heterodoxy in Russia are numerous special services, Office of Public Prosecutor, investigation bodies, militarized groups of policemen. They act not within legal field but "by the codes of the underworld" - "own - stranger". They are given indulgence on any infringements of laws in exchange for fidelity and loyalty. It is favourable to the power that representatives of these structures were mucked in "by compromising material". Once again it is proved by latest scandals with the son of the public prosecutor Chayka, public prosecutor of Moscow Region Mokhov and earlier with the head of Investigation Committee Bastrykin. Devoted authorities - are unsinkable, untouchable as well as the power. It's enough to bring an example of the policeman of All Russia.

In Russia so-called "imperious elite" consists of maximum 100-120 persons. These are those people who supervise the basic financial streams, the country budget. Their own capitals have been kelp abroad for already long time. If people are so stupid that allow to "get it in", why not to do it?

Instead of personal fidelity "imperious elite" delegated subordinate officials all completeness of power over deprived of civil rights people. Treatment of those who stuck to national money using therapeutic methods - is unpromising.

Therefore these "servants of people" fear even Stalin's phantom as the devil holy water declaring about destanilization of country. I dare to hope that people will support those representatives of opposition who are ready to serve disinterestedly to people having tried coatee of Stalin and Dzerzhinsky on. They are ready to appear before the National court with the report for their actions.

Some words about opposition.

I do not consider opposition those who once staying in power have earned money on troubles of the country and then, being taken away from imperious trough, try to come back to robber people again. These hypocrites are known to all. As a rule, these are representatives of cowardly tribe of liberals which disguises but doesn't know till now what fairly earned rouble is. They impudently believe that their mission is to "steer the wheel" but not to work. I would call their "oppositional character" the desire of millionaires to become billionaires at the expense of the working people. No matter what the result will be. These misters as their comrade Belykh are always ready to serve to power if being invited.

Though people remember sidekicks of chubayses and yeltsins and I hope they won't allow to deceive themselves once again.

About left stand-alone opposition

Its representatives haven't noticed that people have grown from "short panties". It's useless to feed it with "horror films" about the mode, moaning about our past, retellings of crimes committed by the Kremlin kleptocrats.

We will come to power - and place everything on their places. No cattle who put hand in to the state pocket will be punished. No whore who passed antinational laws, scoffed at simple people will lose the chance to appear in a brothel...


Now people wait for answers to questions what life, we, the left, can offer them? What measures are ready to accept that there was no embezzlement of public funds, omnipotence and permissiveness of officials and special services? How will be 26 palaces of tandem used? How will the worker feel his closeness to the riches of the country? How will we struggle with poverty, drunkenness, drug taking, homelessness of children, with the fact that our youth has no prospects in present Russia?

People wait for answers to these and other similar questions. People want to know that we, the left, are not similar to them. People want to believe us, having glanced in our general future. They know about the present not less than we know.

Whether people have a chance? I am sure they have. If people, at last, understand: "Nobody will save us..." Neither America to which liberals refer to for support, nor "kind new-old tsar". Only we ourselves can provide normal human life to ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

To do it is necessary to believe in ourselves. To struggle. To rise from knees. To join hands with similarly destitute but fair people and, simultaneously coming to the streets of the Russian cities, not to leave them until we will see a dawn of future of our children and grandchildren...

When will it happen? It's for us to decide. Though it seems to me that today is too early, while tomorrow it will be too late. Especially, if we allow the power to take the piss out of us - a shell game - elections in the State Duma in 2011 and "elections" of the president in 2012. For sure it will be too late then...

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