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I Am Ready to Confess That Medvedev Is Good but He As Though Doesn't Exist

I Am Ready to Confess That Medvedev Is Good but He As Though Doesn't Exist
Delyagin Michael 24.05.2011

The overdue: to journalists who demand comments to Medvedev's press conference from me - I can't give them. (As an apology).


We have got used to respect the president.


As inutile officers say: "If you do not respect me - respect my epaulets".


We have got used to respect epaulets - in this case, status.


But it is very difficult to understand what president Medvedev meant by carrying out press conference and what for he wanted to gather it in general.


As they say in a ruling party, "I-phone wanted to make a party?" - I want to believe in it: somehow primitively.


Even on their, Kremlin measures - it is poor.


God knows what the aim of this public sitting and loud moving of lips is.


As the result foreign investors understood that Medvedev gives up. That Putin would become the president, Kudrin -the prime minister and Medvedev - "good guy on bad place".


They are foreign investors to understand nothing in Russia and to skim fabulous cream due to this failure to grasp.


Nevertheless - what did Medvedev tell?

I can't find a person who watched or at least listened to translation.

I am afraid that all audience of the president was in Skolkovo - at that because they didn't have chance to run away.

I have got used to abuse Putin: he is bad. He didn't use almost whole decade of choking in petrodollars to start development: it is the roughest, on the verge of criminal, negligence, malicious neglect of his straight official duties.

At least Putin exist.

At the very least, in the barbarous form and with human losses, with ridiculous atrocity to own and alien - he restored the Russian statehood after Yeltsin.

Yes, in the poorest and pities kind which is possible to imagine.

But revived.

He made it - because it's better to do what is necessary very poor, than not to do at all.

While what did Medvedev do? A road to the potato field and presentation hall of Skolkovo which became unfit for use one and a half year later?

Three years of playing in modernization?

Putin is bad but he exists.

I am ready to confess that Medvedev is good but he as though doesn't exist.

Putin's social type is simple and clear: hooligan from the yard who came to senses and rose above the crowd.

To submit to his is unpleasant but it is not shameful: he is bad but he is own.

While when you say aloud "to submit to Medvedev", the passer-by in parkway would ask amazingly: "To WHOM???" - it's the answer to the press conference which passed.

Simply imagine that nasty and serving no purpose Putin pronounces Medvedev's words that Khodorkovsky on freedom doesn't represent threat to society.

It's not the fact that Khodorkovsky after these words would appear on freedom - but people would start waiting.

Because Putin fulfills his promises often enough and his words have both sense and weight.

Now show me the person who would wait after Medvedev's words release of their figurant.

Because the signal which "modernizer of all Russia" sends to people besides his own will and will of his image makers is awful: "I am not real!!"

Coming back to a theme: I want to respect epaulets of involuntary commanders - at least epaulets, if I fail to respect them.

My entire problem is that I am disciplined person.

Though once, when Clinton acted in the State Duma I explained with pleasure to the colleagues from the American embassy why America is "truly blessed country" - "because it can be supervised even by Clinton".

It was pleasant to me to look at their hidden anger and hospitable smiles: they had nothing to oppose.

If now someone from them would call me on mobile - I won't take the call.

Because now I have nothing to oppose.

And they know it.


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