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The Kremlin Decided to Give Lenin Jewish Grandpa and Burden Following Ethnic Laws of Reich

The Kremlin Decided to Give Lenin Jewish Grandpa and Burden Following Ethnic Laws of Reich

The Kremlin again started struggle against Lenin. Usually such struggle arises in the moments of some public fluctuations and leads to derivation of public attention. Then "struggle" abates till next time having ended in nothing.

So, they published letter of elder sister of V.I.Lenin where she informs that their maternal grandfather was the Ukrainian Jew who has passed in Orthodoxy to leave pale and get access to higher education. The letter of Anna Ulyanova - the first document which confirms old rumours about Lenin's Jewish origin. It is exposed in exposition of the Historical museum.

Lenin's grandfather "was born in a poor Jewish family and was, as it appears from his birth certificate, the son of Moisei Blank from a city of Zhitomir, - Ulyanova wrote in 1932 in the letter to Stalin who occupied Lenin's post after his death in 1924. - Vladimir Ilich always had high opinion about Jews. I deeply regret that the fact of our origin wasn't known during his life".

Ulyanova informed Stalin about origin of her brother to struggle against anti-Semitism which began growing again in communistic circles recently: "I heard that recently Antisemitic moods began to amplify even among communists". Therefore "we shouldn't hide" that fact that Lenin was the Jew.

However Stalin ignored her request and ordered her "to keep absolute silence" about it.

Anna Ulyanova's letter became accessible in the early nineties, however its authenticity has been challenging for many years and is challenged till now. There are 111 more documents at the exhibition many of which are presented for public review for the first time.

In the meantime there was a message that Russian Orthodox Church again discusses question of Lenin's bury.

"Surely, present position of Lenin's body exposed on general review contradicts our cultural tradition. It is impossible to ignore that fact that obviously criminal and immoral actions, including murders of many innocent people by principle of their social origin were made under Ulyanov's (Lenin's) instructions", - the head of Synodical Department of Mutual Relations of Church and Society archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin declared.

It was his answer to the letter in the name of Cyril which was directed earlier by the head of the social fund of creation in Moscow of churches, museums and other constructions for the relief of victims of political repressions of 1917-1985 Sergey Zuev. In the letter Zuev asked the head to support idea of carrying out of Lenin's body from the Mausoleum and liquidation of the necropolis on Red Square.

At the same time, the priest continued, "discussing theme of bury, it is necessary to consider opinions of different social classes and not to do anything that would generate conflicts and divisions in it".

- At first I would consider the problem in essence, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov commented on the news. - Even if to believe in authenticity of the letter of Anna Ilinichna, it turns out that Lenin would not be recognized the Jew according to Galakha in such state as Israel - his mother wasn't the Jew on Galakha as well as only her father was the Jew, not mother. While Lenin having emigrated to Israel would not be considered as the Jew at all. Though even under racial laws of Hitlerite Germany he could serve in SS with such share of the Jewish blood. While our Russian anti-Semites including members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation call hereditary Russian nobleman Ulyanov-Lenin "the Jew Blank". Probably, they confess nationality and surname not after the mother but after paternal grandfather.

"Naturally, - Anatoly Baranov continued, - Lenin's nationality is of no importance to the communists and in general to the left. Though here you are the question - if Presidential Administration which gives permission and consent to all similar actions decided to play an Anti-Semitic card in modern Russia? It's already common place that real high-grade fascism is being formed in RF. While nazism elements are something brand new".

- Connection of the popular archpriest with primordially Russian surname Chaplin to the Lenin-Jewish theme is not less significant, - Anatoly Baranov finished. - Mentioned archpriest reminded about cultural traditions of "our people". It's interesting, what people he means? The Russian people expose relicts for general review and worship. No one from the orthodox demands, say, to dig relicts of Sergius of Radonezh or to close for visits Kievan Caves Monastery where some tens of relicts have been gathered. Perhaps archpriest Chaplin have some own, special culture? Once he expressed displeasure with the way modern Russian women are dressed, other time he, on the contrary, invites known righteous woman Ksyusha Sobchak to visit Cathedral, then he talks about victims of sexual violence as about people provoking sins from tyrants... So, we can see, he is open-minded abbe and not traditional. He does the same - once again discusses theme of bury of the leader - the theme which everybody has had enough of. Well, bury him! Better - eat him up, gobble up according to some traditions. Prosperity would come at once...


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