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One More Time about Impatience and Theoretic Arguments of Petty-Bourgeois Revolutionaries

One More Time about Impatience and Theoretic Arguments of Petty-Bourgeois Revolutionaries

Several sites placed a lot of interesting and amusing things about our position after appearance of interview of our comrade Tyulkin on the Internet (and before its appearance), in the interview he told about negotiations of RCWP-RPC with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in relation to possible interaction on forthcoming elections to the Duma were mentioned. It's interesting for us because we heard a lot of new about ourselves, our position and our actions. This new amused us very much.

The most part of these articles is rather emotional. Frequently they are explained by the fact that comrades, as it is peculiar of all petty-bourgeois revolutionaries including supporters and followers of comrade Trotsky show truly children's naivety - exposing own impatience as theoretical argument (F.Engels warned against it - a person much more authoritative for the communists).

Let's be consistent.

Firstly, our negotiations are pasted a label "trade for deputy places". The RCWP really carries out negotiations with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, however, it's not a trade at all. We leave Zyuganov the right to refuse offer of the RCWP to include several conscious workers, trade-union leaders in lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation ("People's Emergency Volunteer Corps"). From our part we also reserve the right to give estimation to this refusal. Thus the aim of negotiations (if they will not end positively) is to show once again to conscious workers and the communists - members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation noncommunistic line of party leadership and "People's Emergency Volunteer Corps" (in case of refusal). Well, it will be good if suddenly they will agree and really include active workers who have shown their worth in practical struggle (personally I hardly believe in such decision). Working-class movement, its fighting component, will receive the Duma tribune. If it's good? For working-class movement - it is not bad. Now tell me - whether it's really "trade", if in the end interests of working struggle as a whole and not our "political" interests will win. At that at any outcome.

Secondly, they express fears that conscious workers having got into bourgeois, corrupted through parliament will appear before temptation and will regenerate. These fears give out uncertainty and the more so - disbelief in working class from the part of our scary critics. The RCWP is assured of itself and its working representatives who are capable to use parliamentary possibilities bolshevistsk-like for development of class struggle outside the parliament by showing example to the deputies of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, highlighting their inefficient parliamentary sitting.

As to the widespread statement: "All extra-parliamentary opposition carries out boycott", while the RCWP - no, let me disagree with it. Without the RCWP and ROT FRONT all extra-parliamentary opposition in reality represented by only two directions - liberal bourgeois and bourgeois-patriotic directions with elements of petty-bourgeois revolutionism incident to them. The RCWP treats with feelings of comrades with respect, however it doesn't consider emotions as argument for development of political line.

I'd say in summary that all aforementioned was mentioned and explained not once. Who wanted to understand - understood it correctly.

We accept and execute advises "to think over" ongoing game well, the same we wish to our emotional, impatient and naive companions.

The head of the Ideological Commission of Central Committee of the RCWP-RPC


From editorial board: Well, here you are influence of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on comrades from the RCWP - comrades from RKPR after the Central Revision Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation hint on some nonexistent "Trotskyism"... Zyuganovschina is an infectious thing. There's worse to come when the deputies from Workers' Party will appear in bourgeois parliament. They likely to catch such widespread illness as "parliamentary cretinism".

It is a joke, certainly.

Other thing is not a joke. It is good if Zyuganov will send all interrogators far away, thus he will give one more occasion to show all his bribability and unscrupulousness of parliamentary simulacrum of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

While if he won't refuse them? If two-three free crinkles in the Kremlin will understand that it's more favourable to break boycott of elections, than to get more cash for the Duma mandate from one more bagaryakov. Then it will turn out that the line of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and "People's Emergency Volunteer Corps" is not so noncommunistic? Because candidates from the RCWP included in the lists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will be simply obliged to line up with this line - it is impossible to go under the list of the party and agitate against its line at the same time?

Though we understand that Zyuganov's line is one and same. The RCWP will either expose it, or to line up with it - depending on the results of negotiations. Some r-r-revolutionaries convicted of unnatural communication with Trotsky's spirit call it trade that is not politically correct. We will call it flexible policy.

The question is very simple: what is better - to be naive or flexible? Petty-bourgeois r-revolutionaries prefer naivety - certainly, because of being naive. Flexible get into the parliament.

The second question: whether working-class movement has so much advantage from "workers' deputies"? In fact there already were such in modern history, the State Duma has been existing since 1994. It is high time to ask about the results. Though among flexible politicians similar questions are considered indecent - after all it is impossible to force respectful person to admit that there is no result from his formidable activity (nothing personal and no personal hints).

And - the third question, about boycott. It's already serious and essential. It is a question of reputation for the future. It is already declared publicly that every politician and every organization which will take part in fictitious elections commits a crime against the state - with all ensuing consequences. It is declared, in particular, by National Assembly. Probably, comrades don't know about it but the statement of NA of the Russian Federation was signed not only by representatives of "liberal bourgeois and bourgeois-patriotic" directions but also by such surely left politicians as A.Prigarin, K.Kosyakin, S.Udaltsov. What would we have, even if these signatures weren't there? It turns out that G.Kasparov, A.Illarionov, J.Mukhin, A.Krasnov, L.Ponomarev expose all decay of bourgeois parliamentarism, while advanced communistic forces in the name of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and RCWP - support the Kremlin in its parliamentary shell game. It looks badly. Naive r-revolutionaries try to warn against this "bad thing" their wise comrades.

Besides, National Rescue Committee has already unambiguously declared boycott represented by E.Limonov, A.Averin and S.Aksenov from "Other Russia", A.Baranov and A.Gusak from "Motherland - Common Sense" and... S.Udaltsov and K.Kosyakin. From which of unregistered parties? I will remind that at its formation ROT FRONT (at that time I also was its secretary, then I wasn't, probably, petty-bourgeois r-revolutionary) united 3 (three) structures: the RCWP, the Left Front and the Army of People's Will. The RCWP was the most numerous part but other two declared categorical support of boycott of elections in various ways.

I will remind that the Council of the Left Front made the decision to boycott elections literally one week ago, that is it joined it not only in the person of leaders but also as organization as a whole. As far as I know, similar decision was also accepted by the Army of People's Will. To tell you the truth, all waited for similar decision from the RCWP but, it appears, workers' party has other plans...

It could be a private question which doesn't worth crossing swords but the matter is that this question is, as Lenin spoke, arch-important! It is a question not of abstraction, not of theoretical relation to bourgeois parliamentarism but of already begun and passing at this very moment political campaign making Alpha and Omega of the current political period. This event is number one in the Russian policy of 2011! Both Putin "Popular Front" and Zyuganov "people's corps" is direct reaction to boycott threat. The train has not simply started its way, it's already getting speed, political reputation of many organizations, separate politicians and public figures is set on a chance. There will be no revision of positions, it's already late and indecent.

How else to express it? Just imagine - there is war, the Germans are under Solnechnogorsk and suddenly arrived Siberian regiments declare: "The Germans are not bad fellows? It's cultural nation, they have good beer, let's stop war. Perhaps we will agree". It's absurdity after all! And big work for tribunal...

That's all, banners are unrolled, battalions are arrayed. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation is on the part of the enemy. It is a pity but it's fact. Participation of the RCWP in fictitious elections will destroy its reputation that obviously is not worth a pair of unnecessary mandates even for very good people. These mandates are stolen from voters, citizens of Russia and partnership in larceny even with good intentions all the same means partnership.

I respect very much and simply I like good people from the RCWP but principles I can not relinquish my principles. I ask you to treat this question solemnly.

Anatoly Baranov, neo-trotskyist  

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