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Through a Prism of "Recognition"

Through a Prism of "Recognition"
Oleg Sultanov 03.08.2011

Though long time ago the Roman poet Goratsy warned that "... be afraid to guess what will be tomorrow" politized Russians in threshold of forthcoming parliamentary and presidential elections confidently "guess" possible tomorrow's inhabitants of the State Duma's offices and the main thing - the owner of the throne.

Probably it isn't surprising as all political forecasts in modern Russia refract through a prism of actual, in my opinion, electoral system degradations in our "democratic" state.

In fact it should be absolutely on the contrary; in normal countries versions connected with prospective structure of legislature and future president should be refracted through prism of social recognition of parliamentary and presidential candidates.

Today I want to discuss more detailed concrete motives, as I see it, of doomed to failure efforts of Dmitry Medvedev (if of course he would undertake them) for preservation of present state status for next six years.

First of all, during management of president Medvedev our society became even more split, borders dividing rich and poor became better seen. These poles - evident illustration of controversies to populist slogans and statements of the Kremlin about improvement of life of all inhabitants of Russia.

Secondly, Dmitry Medvedev and his team didn't lift a finger to promote appearance (or creation) of authoritative public force in the country which opinion all categories of citizens will be ready to listen to.

Thirdly, many foreign policy views which serve the present president of the Russian Federation a start at making judgments of global international problems appear impractical. Failure of recent intermediary mission of D.Medvedev connected with settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict can serve as an example, it testifies of incorrect, erroneous understanding of tendencies of procession of events in the Southern Caucasus and the Middle East.

Head of such great (if to take into account the territory) as Russia has overlooked (or doesn't understand?) that the powerful USA aspire to complete control of hydrocarbonic sources in the Near-Caspian zone of the Southern Caucasus that will give the chance to regulate oil and gas streams in Middle East. All it is done not to help their European partners from NATO but for strengthening of deficiency of power resources in future in the People's Republic of China - the state which, I am sure, will soon become the unique real contender of the United States of America on the world scene. That is, by and large, the most important external problem of the "freedom-loving" USA is not Russia become weakened as a result of "democratic" reforms, not proud and rich with hydrocarbonic raw materials Iran but gaining majestic power China.

While we instead of resolute designating of strict position in relation to dangerous to us militarized "vanity" in the Southern Caucasus already now, in advance support (either morally, materially and militarily) one of the parties in probable forthcoming fight. At that we support the party of the aggressor, speaking thus about necessity of peace.

At such approach to "settlement" of international problem every similar problem gets special sharpness, especially if it is connected with tangible possibility of emancipating war.

So, even fluent analysis of results of internal and foreign policy of president D.Medvedev can be ended in confident conclusion that his policy led to deepening of social inequality in the Russian society, increase of precipice between rich and poor in it, expansion of the international conflicts. It is far not full list of "merits" which, if to analyze sensibly, exclude Dmitry Medvedev's repeated promotion on the higher state post of the Russian Federation.

At last critical moods in our country to the present president of the Russian Federation acquired even bigger social reflection when D.Medvedev in March of the current year awarded M.Gorbachev with the supreme state award of the Russian Federation - The Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called - in connection with his 80 anniversary. I will remind that this award can be given to outstanding state and public figures and other citizens of the Russian Federation for exclusive merits promoting prosperity, greatness and glory of Russia. Probably, according to mister Medvedev, Gorbachev's promoting prosperity of the USSR which brought him up consisted in statehood destruction, in organization of bloodshed in the Transcaucasia republics, in Tajikistan, Moldova, in unilateral destruction of high accuracy rockets SS-23 in 1987 and many other things which surely could be named treachery of interests of the Native land and people.

It turns out that present president considers ruin of the USSR not nationwide disaster but Gorbachev's merit, that why he awarded former first communist of a planet with the supreme sign of the state insignia. If it means that Medvedev approves treachery of interests of the Native land? Or, may be, he doesn't know what negative consequences for all peoples of the USSR Gorbachev's activity on the higher party and state posts brought, if he doesn't know how many destructions and devastations occurred, how many tons of blood of innocent people were shed?

... I am sure that Medvedev knows all these horrors, he is not a boy in the end. Though despite of it he awarded Gorbachev. It means he shares Gorbachev's believes, admires his actions. It means Medvedev and Gorbachev - one company and further comments aren't necessary.

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