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Who to Whom and What Should Forgive

Who to Whom and What Should Forgive
Oleg Sultanov 09.08.2011

Dialogue of the president of Russia with correspondents often gives us - journalists - real possibility to remain within the limit of law carrying out our work. That is not to talk the same way precipitately about important political substances as it is, unfortunately, quite often done by the candidate of legal sciences Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev.

Let's imagine for an instant that I, newsdealer Oleg Sultanov, talking to someone on air, ascertains situation: "President Medvedev committed a crime in relation to Georgia and its citizens!" I think one wouldn't doubt that shortly afterwards our Office of Public Prosecutor and court would allocate me "a cozy" corner in a prison cell where I would stay with 30-40 criminals.

I don't want even to continue thinking over this gloomy thought ... While Dmitry Anatolevich, I will remind once again, the lawyer, in the interview safely forgot many legal principles including innocence presumption and developed his "majestic" thoughts to such limits that some listeners of these presidential revelations, probably, were uncomfortable at listening to them.

He asserts that "Saakashvili committed a crime in relation to the Russian Federation and to its citizens. Hundreds of our citizens, including our peacemakers were killed following his instructions. I will never forgive it to him and consequently I won't communicate with him ..."

The first part of this tirade, I believe, would pertinently sound in a lobby of the International tribunal, at that after imposing of a sentence by its judges to mister Saakashvili. But the head of Russia, probably, decided to be the first and sharply rushed off ahead of the international justice. It turned out to be ridiculous though it was a question of extremely sad affairs and the higher official of the state should talk about them tactfully and legally competently.

I can assume also that native Petersburg intellectual and our Dmitry Anatolevich sets himself up as it could be more reserved answering questions of correspondents, he could avoid using in his speech phrases wounding the ear.

So journalist A.Venediktov asked D.Medvedev to confirm or deny concrete positions referring to the theme of the interview and the president of the Russian Federation said in answer: "It's all bullshit!" You'll agree, dear readers, roughly and ugly. Or, may be, Dmitry Anatolevich suddenly recollected the name ("Bullshit") of one of the albums of a rock group of anarchist trend "Mongol - Shuudan"? Besides owners of some noble breeds of doggies can get offense; say, we nourish and cherish our four-footed pets, while you talk about some "shit" and so on. It is insulting ...

To tell you the truth I am also offended but not because of interpretation of the theme about Bobiks and Shariks but because of the brothers of the quill. I can't recollect that Dmitry Medvedev, giving interview to the Western journalists, used so badly sounding lexicon. If it means that it's possible not to choose expressions talking to our native correspondents and "all that" interviewers from the CIS? They are "own fellows" - why to make ceremonies?!

Such relation to the Russian and Georgian journalists I think doesn't do honor to the head of Russia. His answers to the request of the Georgian journalist E.Kotrikadze to confirm or deny the version about organizers of explosion near the embassy of the USA in the Georgian capital also didn't add D.Medvedev authority. The girl reminded that the version of official Tbilisi states that the explosion was organized by a certain special service of the Russian Federation and, ostensibly, leaders of some powerful states indignantly talked to mister D. Medvedev about it.

Here you are his answer to E.Kotrikadze: "... I tell you extremely openly: none leader of any country ever talked on that theme. Perhaps, it even will be a little bit insulting for Georgia but I will fairly tell: this theme is in general absent in the agenda of my negotiations with the European leaders, it's in general simply not present!"

Well, the journalists have to believe only that there's no such theme at all. Still there was an explosion near the embassy of the United States as well as other explosions, concrete criminals owned to its organization and were already stood convicted by the Georgian court for long terms of imprisonment. Some major of some military investigation service of some state was sentenced in absentia to 30 years of imprisonment, the major with absolutely not Russian-like sounding surname - Borisov. I think only he - this ethnic Cambodian - was capable to be engaged in recruitment of a fighting agency in the territory of Georgia. Russia, of course, has nothing to do with it, it has different cares.

First of all, it is necessary, proceeding from instructions of the president, to modernize economy. It's very difficult business if to consider that 90% of all largest Russian enterprises belong to the companies which are registered in offshore territories. One shouldn't forget also that following the results of our "innovative development" in the first half of 2011 external debt of the Russian Federation is estimated in $532,2 billion. For six months it has increased by $43 billion. There's nothing terrible in this fact. It is clear after all that today's astronomical investments in carrying out of future interplanetary, sorry, international sports competitions and hyperpolitical actions in the territory of Russia will pay off in spades and trillions dollars will start flowing into our budget. Thus well-being of the Russians will sharply raise and, quite possibly, our country will become example for all former republics of the USSR.

Then, probably, morally prostrate by sight of sporting and political greatness of Russia M.Saakashvili will fall down to feet of the president of the Russian Federation asking to pardon him. Certainly, the Russian power will forgive him because it by the time will be forgiven by our people for thousands victims, morally injured, missing people, physically crippled Russians during the period of placing constitutional order in the territory of the Chechen Republic ...

I think that before starting to teach state administration and democracy heads of other states our respected in Washington and in some European capitals president should analyze attentively how he riles the country. If he does it, he will see that now, after 20 years after the beginning of market reforms there's in the Russian Federation neither economic, nor political, nor social pluralism, there is no civil society.

To live more or less normally in our country, a person (or organization) should, according authority, permanently and brightly show fidelity to this authority which, besides, is bureaucratized.

Russia for the present has huge diplomatic possibilities for settlement, basically, of all political, ethnic processes and territorial conflicts in the territory of the former Soviet Union but only two mechanisms of "influence" - oil and gas gate and military threat - are as a rule used. It is clear that if the management of the Russian Federation considers only these two levers indicators of reliability and stability of the native state and its ability to influence regional and world processes, Russia won't live for long. Rockets, no matter whether we want it or not, rust, hydrocarbons run low because of ruthless exploitation of bowels, the national face gets wrinkled.

In interview D.Medvedev noticed that his Georgian colleague should be grateful to the Russian president that the last stopped armies and didn't admit capture of Tbilisi. Whether all greatness of Russia and wisdom of its president really consists in attempt of prevention of possibility to check up its "great-power" force on small Georgia? After all in this case even the hint on military intrusion on the territory of sovereign state looks immorally, it destroys without that feeble image of the present "modernizer" of All Russia on the world stage.

Dmitry Medvedev's answers during the interview given by him couldn't explain convincingly to the public of Russia and Georgia questions which worry them. I believe, it is connected with the fact that the president didn't manage to make analysis of a qualitative cut of the Russian-Georgian relations, didn't understand that character of benevolence (or - animosity) to our country is defined not by mythical aspects of its present hydrocarbonic and military "greatness" but by absolutely different things.

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