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Putin: Barred As a Bear in a Den

Putin: Barred As a Bear in a Den
Каlashnikov Maxim 28.09.2011

Latest events show that the power seriously panic. In direct opposition with the West the mode is doomed. For the West Putin - is a strnager

Scandalous dismissal of the Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, first - rank representative of the western "fifth column" in the Russian Federation put all on their places. Full picture coordinating feverish destruction of the project "Just Cause - Prokhorov", Putin's hasty promotion in presidents, sharp demarches of the West, Kudrin's resignation and obvious prospects of global riot-crisis folded up in one click.

The power in the Russian Federation understood that for the West it is - bug-free material, it's intended for throwing on the scrap-heap. The power went on confrontation with the West. But from the beginning it is doomed to failure. If no miracle happen - Putin won't do absolutely inconceivable actions having exchanged personal safety for delegation of power in hands of the adequate, national conceiving circles aimed at development of the country and pulling it from the bog where it finds itself as a result of Yeltsin and Putin ruling


So, Putin appeared to be barred by hunters as a bear in a den. The West clearly let him know: you are for us - a stranger, you are a criminal whose head will be indicatively presented to the world on a dish. We don't need you any more and your "yards" without aircraft carriers, powerful army and aircraft - nothing. In the present world riches without force - zero. You should become indicative victim in performance "Victory of Democracy" which the West will put to distract electorate from the hardest crisis, at the same time having made partition of the Russian Federation a part of its anti-recessionary policy.

Thus all Putin's gang will go to the scaffold together with Putin. As mafia-corrupted clique. (Actually it tried its best for it, having lost any shame).

Putin's positions are undermined inside the Russian Federation. He has no distinct strategy of development of the country, while neoliberal delirium like "Strategy 2020" makes all sane people sick. Continuation of the policy of "stability" of degradation round oil and gas "pipe" is not the strategy.

People are really sick and tires of him due to the streams of idle talk and monstrous corruption of "vertical" half-and-half with frank administrative powerlessness. People are tired of accruing corruption, inequality, poverty and full hopelessness of life. Industrialists and landowners, representatives of hi-tech sector and transport workers hate the power because it steals and throws budgetary funds on senseless "pyramids of a century" - while they are imposed with excessive taxes which cover inefficiency and larceny of this power. Real business hates mode because it's not capable to cope with rise in prices for fuel and energy and it kills all productive sector. Plus everything that spins round it. Teachers and scientists, military men and workers of the Ministry of Interior, youth and old men are embittered. There's in the Russian Federation counterelite sharpening knifes on the present power.

Yes, weights are malicious - but apathetic. They don't go to the streets. It would seem it helps the present power to be kept. But, on the other hand, people will not protect this power if somebody from outside will attack it. Discontent in the Russian Federation is huge: it only lacks organizing and directing center. Yes, power structures and monitoring system don't allow such center to appear in the Russian Federation. While if it will be created outside the country by means of the West - we will see absolutely different picture.

If the West considers that the mode in the Russian Federation needs to be changed, such center will be created. Blow will be strengthened by that against a number of officials and hierarches certain sanctions will be entered: interdiction for entrance to the USA and EU, confiscation of their riches abroad as being corruption-criminal, etc. It will split at once establishment of the Russian Federation, will generate "the fifth column" in it. If to combine it all with demoralizing media campaign, judicial prosecutions and direct support of the groups of radicals necessary to the West in the Russian Federation - falling of the present power becomes a question of the nearest future. The more so mechanisms have been already worked out in Libya. (Actually even starting from support of "Solidarity" in Poland in 1981.)

The power got very much frightened, when "Just Cause" with Prokhorov at the head suddenly began accruing as a snow clod. Suddenly the party attracted completely not liberal elements - like bright, talented Eugene Rojzman who passed school of "Uralmash" and is capable by means of oligarchical resources to create groups "City without drugs" in tens cities of the Russian Federation.

The fact that Putin hasty declared himself the president was elementary step of desperate self-preservation. For in criminal-oligarchic gang created since Yeltsin power loss means loss of property and life...



The present power has noting to oppose the West. The Russian Federation - not the USSR with its huge reserves for struggle (they were not used by Gorbachev-followers even by a half). Technologically, financially, in the field of food supply - the Russian Federation is deeply dependent on abroad. Dependence is spread even on minds: both a top and hosts of its advisers - all are in skirts from import theories and sights and the West for them - something like a God which shouldn't get furious. Such oppositional system even with present, weakened West simply won't sustain for long.

As we have already understood, gas can't serve as the weapon. Oil deliveries can be perfectly replaced. Nuclear status? Whether the Russian Federation is nuclear power? A question is not idle. For 20 years many nuclear warheads simply broke down: after all they need to be periodically processed, updated both with plutonium stuffing and implosive which degrades in due course because of heat which is evolved by plutonium sphere. We can't be sure that for 20 past years the system of renewal of nuclear ammunition in the Russian Federation hasn't been destroyed (especially in view of those who now supervise the nuclear industry). Whether thousand warheads of the Russian Federation are not a bluff? May be only tens of them remain suitable? The matter is not in bad condition of rocket-strategy park (though it is also important) - the matter is what the remained rockets bear in themselves?

But even if there is still few quantity of suitable warheads in the country, if the power is ready to apply them in case  the same strategy as in Libya will be applied against the Russian Federation? You know the answer. It is very difficult to dare to open nuclear fire against the West where there you have your children, riches and representations about the best civilization on the Earth. We won't even talk about developing in the USA ABM, capable to reflect our few remained rockets.

Let's sum up: the black label is sent to Putin from the West. He understood that he was deceived when he was promised a place in a circle of "decent misters" and now they are ready to sacrifice him. At that he knows true price of guarantees of the West and arrangements on sad examples of Mubarak, Kaddafi and until then - Hussein, Milosevic, Pinochet. It's obvious to him that the rolling new wave of global crisis won't spare the country as rouble is already falling, the stock market dives, capitals have jerked away from here like a scalded cat.

Demonstrative resignation of Kudrin - the follower of Chubays - Gaydar, long-term agent of influence of the West of the high rank - step dictated by nervousness and despair.

While there's nothing to oppose the West! It is possible to look back only at the rests of the great country killed at first by Yeltsin and then - by his hyenas-successors. Putin appeared at the head of ruins and degradation covered with bright tinsel and bluffs. One can write the novel: "V.V. and Emptiness". What's the sense to dismiss Kudrin, if he should be changed by the same way neoliberal-monetarist, the suppressor of any life and development? There's no sovereign rouble system as that, there is no even representation about credit and financial system, there is no sovereign bank sphere, banks of the Russian Federation - dwarfs in comparison even with the East Europe analogs. "Bold" Sberbank (a quarter of all bank actives of the Russian Federation) occupied only 43th place in the world!

There's no one to lean upon. Own grouping - worthless mousy people with grabby hands. There's no personnel reserve. As well as normal system of its preparation. Own "brigade" - marauders. That's why he talks about necessity to raise taxation on rich but thus - to leave flat scale of taxes on personal incomes. The whole world frankly laughs at it loudly. Though it is impossible to do differently: it is impossible to take money from own people away.

There is no strong industry, there is no food safety.

It's the end...

If the present power doesn't find new - not imaginary, not theatrical but real support among people and in the sphere of real business - its days are numbered.

Lukashenko? Do you see the chance?

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