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Code Duello Doesn’t Allow Putin to Take Part in the Debates

Code Duello Doesn’t Allow Putin to Take Part in the Debates

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin won't take part in pre-election teledebates of candidates in presidents, but he can authorize his representatives to do it, the Press Secretary of the head of the government Dmitry Peskov declared.

"Participation of the candidate in president Vladimir Putin in television pre-election debate is attended with necessity of registration of vacations according to the current legislation that, certainly, won't allow him to fulfill a duty of the chairman of the government in full volume", - Peskov declared on Thursday to "Interfax".

I like it - not to follow article 41 of the law about presidential elections which demands to go on vacations for the period of campaign the future president Putin refuses to participate in debates. Say, he will need to register vacations then. You should register vacations then – meanwhile you neither carry out campaign, nor supervise national economy questions. But – it’s impossible in every way, you have only to leave the post just for a while and someone from colleagues will at once place his bum there, you will have to pick it out then.

As to Putin's intention to send authorized persons instead of himself, I recollect code duello:

1. Duel can and should take place only between equals.

2. The main principle and assignment of duel — to solve misunderstanding between separate members of the noble family without resorting to anybody’s assistance.

3. Duel is the way of revenge for insult caused, it can't be replaced and at the same time it can't replace bodies of judicial justice established for restoration or protection of the broken right.

4. Affront could be put by equal to equal.

5. A person standing below can break only the right of the senior, but not to offend him.

6. Therefore duel as revenge for insult caused is possible and admissible only between people of equal, noble origin. Otherwise duel is inadmissible and is anomaly, interfering into the sphere of judicial competence.

7. If there’s a challenge to a duel to a nobleman from the part of the commoner, he first is obliged to reject it and to give the last the right to search for satisfaction following judicial order.

8. If there’s an infringement of the right of a nobleman by the commoner, despite abusiveness of actions, the first is obliged to search for satisfaction following judicial order as he has suffered from the infringement of the right, but not from insult.

9. If, despite of it, a nobleman all the same wishes to fight, he gets such right only after formal written permission of the court of honor considering, whether opponent is worthy of the honour rendered to him.

10. Duel is possible between commoners, but it’s anomaly, it doesn’t answer its assignment.

— V.Durasov. Code Duello, 1912

It is necessary to understand that Putin doesn’t’ consider any of the present duelists equal. After all he is the only real applicant, all others - clowns employed by him. So, whether he need to duel with them?

Therefore for already 20 years big bosses don't enter polemic with press – they get limited to going to the law. The country is feudal, it could simply appear suddenly that opponent "isn't worthy of such great honour”? Really what could it be if each commoner starts to demand satisfaction from noblemen?

Well, as to Putin – whatever you may say, he is monarchical person though self-spread. It’s beneath his dignity to duel with ordinary szlachta. Therefore he will choose someone worthy from close nobility and that one will answer for all – there’ll be hell to pay.

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

PS. Now I know what was the real reason for closing of Yury Mukhin's newspaper “Duel” - for infringement of code duello....

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