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How to Choose the President of the Country? As Sausage: Under Quality Certificate

How to Choose the President of the Country? As Sausage: Under Quality Certificate
Gelman Moisey 31.01.2012

Source: "Promyshlennie Vedomosty"


Before putting new type of sausage or cheese or something else edible on sale, they are tasted by professional experts. They check how products correspond to certain requirements, including flavor and put scores following special scales. Like refereeing at competitions on ice dance. Such quality certificate is a version of widely applied method of expert estimations.


Sausage or cheese which pass examinations on taste and contents are given start in life — quality certificate. Certification is carried out with the purpose of assistance to consumers in competent choice of products, safety control at its use, protection against unfair manufacturing. While under certification is understood official acknowledgement of conformity of the products to established norms and requirements.


Testing by experts is carried out for estimation of quality of tea, vodka, cheese. One needs to pass a number of selection criteria in GAI to get driving license. While president and deputies whose quality influences destinies of voters, safety of the country, its future and many other things are chosen out of system of objective values regulating selection of applicants for throne and in legislators according to their public importance and use that is for satisfaction of these or that requirements of society, its groups, layers and individuals.


Instead of truly valuable selection criteria of candidates decisions of electors are influenced frequently by purely emotional and flavoring sensations. For example, cold tea given to the president Yeltsin before elections of 1996 in the face of tens millions televiewers. I do not exclude that it was thought over performance of psychological influence on "electorate". Such show, probably, touched hearts of many men who saw something similar between them and Boris Nikolaevich: a lack of attention from members of the family. Thrifty televiewers, possibly, then took pity on the head of the state — they treat their relatives more attentively. Therefore results of referendum earlier, in 1993 were provided without expert estimations.


During presidential election of 1996 psychological pressure on society from Anatoly Chubays's staff got aggressive enough forms with fobbing off of the candidate-foney in the first round which many fell for. Thus appeal “vote or you will lose” generated in subconsciousness of the inhabitant fear, instead of the desire to have objective grasp of the applicants – true and imaginary – on the post of "the father of nation”.


Then "political strategists" for the first time achieved notable success, having won morals, the law, common sense and political science itself. It turned out that political modernization in the country in reality appeared nothing else than statement of domination of wicked and immoral technologies of influence on the voter over the right and ideology of the social state proclaimed in the Constitution of Russia.


Events of last years show that it’s necessary to refuse from flat black-and-white images at elections of “servants of people”, from estimations by principle “if you respect me?”, good or bad, it’s necessary to oppose realized analysis and selection of applicants on a set of indicators to technologies of dumbing-sown of voters. Taking into moral, human, professional qualities. Relation to people, including relatives. Personality traits, for example, propensity to adventurism. Habits: if he drinks or he is nondrinker? Presence of the program of rescue of the country, instead of declarations about having it. Sources of incomes. And many other things.


Scales of such valuable parameters are known for long, those who wish to become, for example, cosmonauts or illegal immigrants-scouts are examined on the conformity to them. Actually we are talking about distribution of a method of expert estimations on selection of candidates in president and deputies with the purpose of their certification. As sausage. To receive full portraits. 


Expert estimations - is a set of data of professional character about real object being studied. Expert should know environment of the allocated object, future “servant of people” well, expert should understand purposes and to use criteria of choice correctly. They are necessary for comparison of objects on a degree of preference. One object is considered better, than the other if it corresponds to special-purpose designation on a set of criteria in greater degree. Therefore correctness of estimations is important. At the same time the concept “bigger degree” with reference to a choice of the president of the country cannot be defined quantitatively precisely. Thereof decision appears to be approximate, likelihood. Its accuracy increases with increase in a number of involved experts as at competitions on ice dance: the more judges, the less influence of the subjective attitude of one of them to not pleasant pair of dancers. After all the points are averaged.


The expert should be the professional. Otherwise there is no sense to address to his opinion. The voter is also a trade demanding training. Present position in the country is in many respects generated by low professionalism of voters in estimation of these or that persons and lack of knowledge about them, consequently many representatives of "electorate" substitute examination of applicants for the power for personal flavouring predilections.


Voters should be transformed into experts and to be supplied with measuring tools of estimation during elections to choose competently the best of candidates. For this purpose it is necessary to formulate accurately scale of socially significant values of the same president of the country — professional, public and human - according to its special-purpose designation and functional duties.

Sets of test signs being sometimes published in newspapers and magazines for self-appraisals can serve examples. They contain questions-criteria weighed by these or that quantity of points. Answering questions without paltering curious reader can independently define this or that property of his character on the sum of points he gets. For example, whether he is jealous and whether he is capable to two-time.


Similar criteria are applicable also to the applicants in president. After all they are also people. When there are a lot of candidates, experts-voters can figure out future winner after calculation of points. If it’s impossible to organize such game due to its difficulty today during elections, it is necessary to organize it before their carrying out. In a preliminary order. Then each voter having calculated points under the test table for each applicant in advance will confidently and soundly leave in the bulletin for voting objectively worthy one. On all set of socially significant features: professional and human. The more experts will come to voting boxes to make group decision on the basis of preliminary individual elections, the more chances to create at last normal state with effective economy supervised by competent decent people we will have.


It seems that it will be possible to write out quality certificates having verified perception of those who suffer to become guarantors of the Constitution with the published test table and "having weighed up" possible criteria of estimation of each of them having received algebraic sum of points on three-value scale resulted in this table.


Similar scale reminds scales of Themis. On what of two bowls will more "weights" appear and what for this or that expert-voter will the word “more” mean? For the sake of curiosity it is possible to try to answer these questions, "having weighed up" politicians specified in the table, candidates for presidency of the country and having selected the "heaviest" of them on the sum of positive scores. Having compared numerous results of selection, it will be possible to get average lowest passing score of each candidate in presidents on the coming elections on March, 4th of this year.




Scoring scale

0 – no opinion or estimation is problematic

-1 – negation

+1 – approval


Estimation criteria








Choose one or several applicants for estimation







If you want to see this applicant the president of Russia taking into account his professional and life experience?







If you believe in sincerity of his intention to make your life better?







If you agree with his intentions and program?







If he explains his program and intentions clearly?







If you believe in possibility of carrying out of intentions and program of the applicant?







How do you estimate his program:






-          For economy in the whole






-          in industry






-          in agriculture






-          in social sphere






-          for development of small and medium business






-          in reforming of state power






-          In national questions






-          In international sphere







How do you estimate communication of the applicant with people?







How do you estimate his appearance and behavior?







How do you estimate humanities and habits of the applicant?







Do you agree with political view of the applicant?







If you could work with him or under his supervision?







How do you estimate his intellectual possibilities?







How do you estimate mental and moral health of the applicant?







If you would like him to be your spouse or father-in-law?







If he could win corruption?







If he could create conditions for development of small and medium business?







If the applicant could organize effective work of authorities capable to make order in the country, to deduce the country from crisis?







If life of your family will become better with him being the president of Russia?







If he would have authority with:






Our country













How do you estimate competence of the applicant on his present post?







How do you estimate relations inside his family?







If you would vote for this applicant in the second turn if there’s other candidate?







Total sum:







I choose the president

(make a note)










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