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Witness Berezovsky

Witness Berezovsky
Piontkovsky Andrey 08.02.2012

Boris Abramovich Berezovsky - a person of remarkable mind, iron will and inexhaustible energy. He managed to make impossible things not once. Once it came to his mind that it’s necessary to lead to power in Russia imperceptible greyish mouse faithfully serving to the extremely unpopular presidential family.

He drove across the country and persuaded governors to unite some months prior to elections into new pro-Kremlin party. He managed to persuade three-four of them - most of all got stuck in corruption scandals and one directly got mixed up in murder of the oppositional journalist.

In a couple of months that "party" brilliantly won parliamentary elections. What should have been happened within those months and why the great schemer invested money into seemingly hopeless business appeared so shrewd?

Well, nothing special. Only Basayev's inroad to Dagestan (hundreds killed Russian soldiers and hundreds killed Dagestani), explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk (about thousand victims), massed bombardments and full-scale war in the Chechen Republic (again hundreds killed soldiers, unrevealed great number of lost civilians), a lot of blood and death ahead. And in the end of a way Kadyrov with a gold pistol on buttocks and a tribute paid to him.

Berezovsky's telekillers headed by his favourite remarkable Russian patriot Dorenko led the party of “swindlers and thieves” and future lifelong national leader to power on this fertile background. Here you are – decisive macho appearing as Prince of Wales in uniforms of all combat arms or medieval shogun in kimono with black belt led us to victory could be seen on the screen. Air fleet bombed Bamut, special troops carried secondary “mopping up” of Shali. System "Grad" stands in the open field, Putin and Stalingrad are behind us.

Three parties, three sources, three components of putinism formed governmental majority in the Duma. Governors-corrupted persons, Zhirinovsky and masters of thoughts of the Russian intelligenzia — pro-Putin "liberals". The last realized, at last, their dream of the Russian Pinochete whose iron hand will enter “liberal reforms”, consensus and prosperity in Russia. Well, let a thousand die on the way to this light future, as it turned out even thousands people. After all people kill each other always.

Twelve years passed. Light future – the dream and matter of struggle of the best minds of Russia - definitively came. Liberals still serve in the Putin government and steal already not millions, but billions dollars. Once a year they go to Davos with moral-boosting lectures about Putin's 100 steps who in the next 12 years is going to lift our kingdom from the 120th to 20th place in a rating of civilized states.

Criminal revolutions devour not only their children, but also their fathers. Bright and talented Berezovsky too defiantly showed up against gray mouse background. Very soon he found himself in emigration. There he became wise about many things and understood what, as he said, “puke” he was. Memory blackouts about some key events of 1999 year disappeared.

Here you are what his colleague from “Front of Civil Freedoms” Alexander Goldfarb told two years ago from his words:

“Secret agreement between Basaev and Udugov on the one hand and the Kremlin top on the other was reached in the spring of 1999 on the threshold of autumn elections  — about small victorious (for Russia) war on Caucasus. Udugov even came to Moscow for that purpose. Berezovsky knew about the plan, even discussed it with Udugov and prime minister of that time Stepashin, but he was against the plan. Stepashin and Putin who by the time was responsible for the Chechen Republic being the secretary of the Security Council were the main supporters of it”.

This most important evidence of Berezovsky-Goldfarb about war crime of Yeltsin mode handing matters over to Putin is correlated also by other sources.

Boris Abramovich is a passionate and enthusiastic person. Once he did everything to lead Putin to power. Today, having realized, obviously, his fault before Russia he tried to rectify his fault a little. Bright angry letters with the requirement of Putin’s resignation one after the other are born by his pen. To patriarch Gundyaev-Mihajlov, to Putin, to the leaders of the Duma parties, at last, to all people of Russia. There is no answer.

Meanwhile Boris Abramovich has control over Putin's and own destinies. Short babbling out in one of little-known articles of Goldfarb is one thing. Widely published, the most detailed multipage, full of convincing details and references Berezovsky's report about his joint negotiations with Putin and Stepashin in the end of May of 1999 with Udugov about organization of a campaign of Basayev to Dagestan is absolutely different thing.

Even the most devoted admirers of Putin "stability" should be “shocked” by revealed to them secret of Putin mode birth. However, restraint of seemingly desperate in his anti-Putin determination Berezovsky is clear. Participation in these negotiations doesn't add benefits to him as well.

Yes, of course, he was against. But how was it expressed? If he persuaded his colleagues or addressed the president, society, at last, through his remarkable “Independent Newspaper” or the First television channel to prevent preparing crime or to stop it when stipulated plan started tis development?

On the contrary, with such knowledge and grief he continued after Basayev's campaign to clear furiously the road to presidency for "the main supporter of Putin’s plan” creating domestic party for him. He trustfully accepted official versions of explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk (mystically predicted three days prior by the speaker Seleznev)  and "doctrines" in Ryazan (where the first examination found out cyclonite instead of sugar) knowing perfectly well what the Kremlin top could do.

Not trying to impose own opinion, I will dare to make two observations. For the person so deeply feeling what’s going on at home all personal reasons should recede into the background in its fatal minutes. If such negotiations really took place, it means that today we are talking about the claims for lifelong dictatorship of one of the main military criminals of 1999.

Besides. Every post-Putin government – left, nationalist, liberal, military - will investigate circumstances of Basaev’s campaign in Dagestan and all events which followed it. One of these days Boris Abramovich confidently declared that he would come to Russia this summer. Necessarily will come. If not this summer, than the next one. And first of all on call from competent bodies investigating evil deeds of the previous mode as key witness. So it will be necessary to tell everything in details. It’s more advantageous to do it today.


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